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Software Defined Networking (SDN) with OpenFlow 1.3, Open vSwitch and Ryu
UPC Telematics Department
- shows use of ryu.lib.hub (timers and threads)
- creating ICMP dest_unreach message
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july 2018 by brad73435
A Survey of Software-Defined Networking: Past, Present, and Future of Programmable Networks - IEEE Journals & Magazine
Katia paper from 2014... interesting material in "Research Challenges and Future Directions" section right before Conclusions.
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june 2018 by brad73435
PAST: Scalable Ethernet for Data Centers
We present PAST, a novel network architecture for data center Eth- ernet networks that implements a Per-Address Spanning Tree rout- ing algorithm. PAST preserves Ethernet’s self-configuration and mobility support while increasing its scalability and usable band- width. PAST is explicitly designed to accommodate unmodified commodity hosts and Ethernet switch chips. Surprisingly, we find that PAST can achieve performance comparable to or greater than Equal-Cost Multipath (ECMP) forwarding, which is currently lim- ited to layer-3 IP networks, without any multipath hardware sup- port. In other words, the hardware and firmware changes pro- posed by emerging standards like TRILL are not required for high- performance, scalable Ethernet networks. We evaluate PAST on Fat Tree, HyperX, and Jellyfish topologies, and show that it is able to capitalize on the advantages each offers. We also describe an OpenFlow-based implementation of PAST in detail.
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may 2017 by brad73435
Smart Firewalls
"Guarding Your Business A Management Approach to Security" by Raj Rajagopalan
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july 2016 by brad73435

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