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API Design
Great stuff here by Matt Gemmell. Put the thought in at design time, and you'll have an easier go of it down the road.
objectivec  cocoa  api  programming  from instapaper
may 2012 by bps
Hold Me, Use Me, Free Me
Good summary of memory management rules.
cocoa  objc  programming  objectivec 
may 2009 by bps
json-framework - Google Code
This framework implements a strict JSON parser and generator in Objective-C.
cocoa  json  objc  programming  api  objectivec  opensource 
may 2009 by bps
AquaticPrime: Secure Your Shareware Applications
Neat framework and support tools for license key generation.
aqua  licenses  osx  cocoa  php  opensource  security  frameworks  crypto  development 
july 2007 by bps
SIMBL (Smart InputManager Bundle Loader) allows you to build hacks for Cocoa applications and apply the code selectively based on an application's unique identifier. It's not really all that smart, or even clever, but it's smarter than just blindly loadin
osx  cocoa  software 
june 2006 by bps
OgreKit -- OniGuruma Regular Expression Framework for Cocoa
Regex package for Cocoa. I wonder if there's any English documentation...
cocoa  osx  regex  libraries 
august 2005 by bps
Unofficial Cocoa-dev FAQ
Answers some common Cocoa-related questions.
faq  cocoa  osx  reference  objc 
august 2005 by bps
CocoaDev: CocoaDev
A Cocoa development wiki.
osx  cocoa  wiki  reference 
august 2005 by bps
Mike Zornek: MegaManEffect
If you're a fan of MegaMan 2 (which has arguably one of the best video game scores ever), you'll be in stitches after seeing this.
osx  opensource  megaman  graphics  cocoa  software  nes 
august 2005 by bps
Cocoa Dev Central
Decent collection of Cocoa tutorials.
osx  cocoa  objc  objectivec  tutorial 
may 2005 by bps
Unit testing framework for Objective-C under XCode.
software  osx  cocoa  objectivec  testing 
march 2005 by bps
Ruby / Objective-C bridge for Cocoa.
osx  ruby  cocoa  objc 
march 2005 by bps
Cocoa Dev Central
A promising site for Cocoa developers.
osx  cocoa  objc 
march 2005 by bps

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