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Entitlement and Acquisition - Matt Gemmell
This is something that worries me about how app development is shaking out. The sense of entitlement when you buy a $5 app is nuts. I realize that App Store policies govern much of this culture with the lack of paid upgrades, but you cannot reasonably expect that you're entitled to years of future work for your very modest investment.

Buy software for its current functionality, not its potential functionality. Your copy of Sparrow works the same this week as it did last week.

I understand why people who made Sparrow an integral part of their workflow are upset. I'm not upset that I spent $3 on it, but I'm relieved that I never got around to relying on it and therefore I don't have to spend the time to replace it.
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july 2012 by bps
Who Gets the Mobile Money?
Developers need to get paid in order to continue making things. It’s not a hard concept.
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april 2012 by bps
This is depressing. I thought the iOS race to the bottom was bad.
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april 2012 by bps
Success, and Farming vs. Mining
Wil Shipley on steadily building a profitable business.
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april 2011 by bps
Yahoo! Groups : macsb
Mac Softwarre Business discussion, for small independent Mac developers.
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august 2005 by bps

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