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AnandTech | The Mac Pro Review (Late 2013)
Great review of the architecture. The stuff about divvying up the PCI Express lanes is really interesting.
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january 2014 by bps
Daring Fireball: Lightning, the Epitome of Apple
The Lightning adapter epitomizes what makes Apple Apple. To the company’s fans, it provides elegance and convenience — it’s just so much nicer than micro-USB. To the company’s detractors, it exists to sell $29 proprietary adapters and to further enable Apple’s fetish for device thinness. Neither side is wrong.
december 2013 by bps
Reminder Issues in iCal with Google Calendar | Krunk4Ever!
Event alert/reminder syncing between Google Calendar/OS X/iOS is a complete mess — I'm just avoiding it.
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november 2013 by bps
How Apple Makes the Mac Pro
Great insight into the care that goes into these things.
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november 2013 by bps
The Justice Department Just Made Jeff Bezos Dictator-for-Life - Business - The Atlantic
I love that people are noticing what a destructive force DRM is in this sector. The publishers didn't learn a thing from the music labels.
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april 2012 by bps
What Amazon's ebook strategy means - Charlie's Diary
Great overview of why Amazon's position is so deadly. The lovely thing here is that doing the right thing for the consumer will help make this a competitive market again.
ebooks  amazon  apple  drm  from instapaper
april 2012 by bps

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