John Dwyer 21sr Century Renaissance Man
Great interview with John Dwyer that gets into the weeds.
johndwyer  ohsees  theeohsees  theohsees  ocs  from twitter
october 2017
Do You Know Your Soy Sauces?
I always have to search for this.
soy  cooking  food 
june 2016
The Zebra | The Players' Tribune
This is tremendous. More great officiating stories.
hockey  kerryfraser  from twitter
june 2016
Is Your Computer Stable?
Good practical advice for burning in a PC.
pc  homebrew  from instapaper
february 2016
Letter of Recommendation: Sleep, ‘Dopesmoker’
I can't believe the NYT published this great David Rees piece.
music  dopesmoker  from instapaper
january 2016
Google Maps-style USGS etc. maps.
january 2016
BBC Arts - They're called The Hitmakers... but what the hell do music producers DO?
You’ve seen a hundred people link to Tony Visconti’s tour of “Heroes”, but don’t sleep on it.
davidbowie  music  from twitter
january 2016
Spectre by Radiohead
Radiohead's Spectre theme is somehow both very Radiohead-y and very Bond-y.
radiohead  jamesbond  from twitter
january 2016
Star Trek: The Next Generation In 40 Hours
One of these days I'll watch TNG a little more methodically.
startrek  tv 
august 2015
Tilt Ends Game — Women take a place at the pinball table
Great article about visiting a women's league and exploring pinball.
pinball  from twitter
august 2015
Ta'izz (Idle Words)
Maciej's travel log continues to be great.
yemen  from instapaper
may 2015
A Millennial Revenge Fantasy
I can't tell how much of this is nostalgia. The Gen X / Millennial divide is a hot debate around these parts.
millennials  from instapaper
may 2015
David Simon on Baltimore’s Anguish
Incredibly fascinating insight into what changed in policing in Baltimore and how it may be affecting the city today.
police  baltimore  davidsimon  from instapaper
may 2015
How to Spell Pittsburgh
Pittsburg was official from the US Board on Geographic Names from 1890–1911. People were unhappy.
pittsburgh  from twitter
april 2015
Penguins Playbook: Breaking Down the Breakout
The Pens breakout worked so well for a third of the season. Then this happened.
hockey  penguins  from twitter
april 2015
Tilt Ends Game — Tracing the History of Pinball from Illegal...
Great short doc about Expo last year, the Sharpes, and competitive pinball.
pinball  from twitter
march 2015
How To Talk To Girls On Twitter Without Coming Off Like A Creepy Rando
I see some of this behavior from dudes who are surely well-meaning. The best advice in here is "maybe, don't."
creepyrando  from instapaper
february 2015
Pennsylvania Postcards - an album on Flickr
Amazing set of postcards from all over the commonwealth.
january 2015
Switzerland’s currency: Shaken, not stirred | The Economist
The recent policy change for the CHF is fascinating, esp. wrt how quickly everyone needs to adapt.
switzerland  economics  currency  from twitter
january 2015
I should make this choice more often.
davidfosterwallace  video 
january 2015
Nuts and Bolts: “Thought” Verbs
This is a fun exercise — seems like the equivalent of "show, don't tell".
writing  from instapaper
december 2014
Things That Make the Librarian Angry
This stuff is so frustrating for library users, but I can only imagine how frustrating it is for librarians.
libraries  from instapaper
december 2014
Input: Fonts for Code
I've been using Input for a couple months now and 👍. Customized with --asterisk=height --i=serifs_round.
fonts  coding  from twitter
november 2014
33 thoughts on reading
Great advice about how to prioritize reading. I need to especially internalize giving up on books that I'm not loving.
reading  from instapaper
october 2014
Closer Look: iOS 8's MAC Randomization
This feature looks like it's a bust so far. The SSID fingerprint must be extermely accurate.
ios  security  from twitter
september 2014
To fair-minded proponents of #GamerGate
A considered evaluation of the more reasonable complaints that led to this so-called debate.
games  from instapaper
september 2014
Generative eBook Covers | The New York Public Library
Very cool idea to generate non-generic art for book covers.
books  art  from instapaper
september 2014
Green Arabia
Another terrific story about Yemen.
yemen  from instapaper
august 2014
What Is Public?
Really interesting to think about where social norms have yet to catch up in a more global place.
anildash  public  from instapaper
july 2014
“Looking out at the barren landscape and tiny terminal, a single question wafts into my mind.

“What the hell am I doing here?””
yemen  from instapaper
july 2014
New York City after global warming
“When the tide goes out,” he said, “I’ll be sitting on a goldmine.”

Paul Ford is killing it on Medium.
globalwarming  from instapaper
june 2014
I Know Times Are Changing — The Message — Medium
Anil Dash's knowledge of Prince evidently knows no bounds. What a great story about what it took to make a seminal pop song in 1983.
prince  anildash  purplerain  from instapaper
june 2014
How to Watch the World Cup Like a True Soccer Nerd «
Primer on formations and personnel usage. World Cup is almost here.
soccer  futbol  from twitter
june 2014
Diary of a Corporate Sellout
Andy Baio talks about what really became the archetype of selling your indie service to the big guys. In hindsight, it's surprising to see how long it took for people to become wary enough.
upcoming  yahoo  waxy  from instapaper
may 2014
The Internet With A Human Face - Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference Talk
This talk gets at a couple important things that are being pushed aside in the (justified) rage at the NSA: (a) crossing national boundaries and jurisdictions makes enforcing any sort of privacy really thorny and (b) corporations are doing and will do the same as the government if it makes money — they're pissed that they don't have the latitude to gather data with the same abandon.
advertising  internet  surveillance  from instapaper
may 2014
The Moby-Dick variations
There seems to be some work to be done to determine what makes a work. Neat idea.
literature  from instapaper
may 2014
Penguins Forward Depth: Was It An Issue?
Interesting take on the possession numbers for the Pens depth forwards.
penguins  hockey  from instapaper
may 2014
15 of World's Best Urban Bike Infrastructures
There are some incredible cycling structures in the Netherlands.
cycling  from twitter
may 2014
What is Gregory Polanco Worth? | FanGraphs Baseball
Good take on how to buy and sell risk on long-term contracts.
baseball  contracts  from twitter
may 2014
Rob Scuderi: Past and Present - PensBurgh
The numbers seem to back up the gut feeling on Rob Scuderi. Hrmm.
hockey  penguins  from twitter
may 2014
Security/Server Side TLS - MozillaWiki
Best practices for configuring TLS, with examples.
security  web  ssl  tls  https 
may 2014
PA pedalcycle laws
Pennsylvania laws for bicycles.
cycling  laws  pennsylvania 
may 2014
A re-introduction to JavaScript (JS Tutorial) - JavaScript | MDN
JavaScript needs something like this: a handbook mostly about best practices.
april 2014
L.P.D.: Libertarian Police Department : The New Yorker
“I put a quarter in the siren. Ten minutes later, I was on the scene. It was a normal office building, strangled on all sides by public sidewalks. I hopped over them and went inside.”
publicmoney  from instapaper
april 2014
Four Strikes And You’re Out | FiveThirtyEight
Top and bottom of the zone tough for third strike or fourth ball calls.
baseball  umpires  from twitter
april 2014
Pinburgh 2014 Results: D division
Looks like I ended up tied at in D. Didn’t finish last! Pinburgh 2014 was a blast.
pinball  pinburgh  from twitter
march 2014
Street Fighter: The Movie — What went wrong
So many things went wrong. I feel like I need to watch the movie, but I feel like I don't want to see Raúl Juliá in that way.
streetfighter  movies  from instapaper
march 2014
Ken Jennings Talks to Arthur Chu About Mastering Jeopardy! and Facing the Haters
I ended up liking Arthur a lot. It seemed like his strategy turned him from maybe a couple-game winner to a ten-game winner.
jeopardy  from instapaper
march 2014
Exposed Brick — Medium
"Luckily, I’ve got $10,000,000. But I’ve also got a hard stop in about 38 seconds. Why don’t we docusign the digital paperwork right now? I mean, we’re in the same room, so we could just sign the real papers, but I don’t carry a pen. Like I said, we keep it lean. It’s part of our ethos. It’s who we are. You know, sustainable."
vc  from instapaper
march 2014
AnandTech | The Mac Pro Review (Late 2013)
Great review of the architecture. The stuff about divvying up the PCI Express lanes is really interesting.
apple  mac 
january 2014
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