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october 2013
NSFW GIF -- w/ fic: Untitled by spacemarried (Kirk/McCoy, 405 words, NC-17)
oh my fuck. ALL I can see is age reversed Kirk/McCoy, with hipster!McCoy who just looooooves getting fucked.

(Um, warning for porn? Age reversel, rough sex… McCoy’s like 18/19 and Jim is 24/25.) —
fic  fanart  gifs  nsfw  startrek  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  mckirk  slash  agereversal  roughsex  author:affectingly  author:spacemarried  artist:nmcgay  rating:nc-17  posted:2013-06  posted::2013 
october 2013
I Like My Body (When It Is With Your Body) by ricechex (Kirk/McCoy, 2399 words, NC-17)
Prompt from boneslegendaryhands: ♨ : It’s your character’s birthday. My character brings yours a cake and licks icing off of yours in celebration. (Pairing asked for was McKirk.)
fic  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  birthday  romance  fluff  food  author:ricechex  rating:nc-17  wordcount:1-5k  posted:2013-10  posted::2013 
october 2013
Minor Bleeding by slashsailing (Kirk/McCoy, 4830 words, NC-17)
Mirrorverse lite.

What would the Empire look like with Jim at the helm and Bones as his pretty consort? Well, it's probably going to be a bit dangerous, a bit sexy, and a bit of everything and anything that Jim Kirk wants it to be.
fic  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  mirror!verse  violence  dub-con  powerplay  pwp  author:slashsailing  rating:nc-17  wordcount:1-5k  posted:2013-08  posted::2013 
september 2013
Rivulet by severinne (Kirk/McCoy, Pike/McCoy, Pike/Kirk/McCoy, 9285 words, NC-17)
An alignment of chance during the Enterprise's first tour brings Pike back to his lovers for a short, indulgent shore leave.

Part 16 of the The Wind and Its Satellite series
fic  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  pike/mccoy  pike/kirk/mccoy  mccoy/omc  slash  threesome  pwp  exhibitionism  d/s  dirtytalk  dancing  series  author:severinne  rating:nc-17  wordcount:5-10k  posted:2013-09  posted::2013 
september 2013
Systematic Desensitization: or How Leonard McCoy Learned to Love His Ass by pippen2112 (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 2k+, WIP, NC-17)
A prequel to "Surprise, Surprise".

Leonard “Bones” McCoy wasn’t born a natural bottom. In fact, he’s had anything more than an objective appreciation for his ass. Luckily, Jim Kirk never met an obstacle he couldn’t overcome.
fic  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  pwp  bondage  bottomfromthetop  fingering  wip  challenge:kink_meme  challenge:strek_id_kink  author:pippen2112  rating:nc-17  wordcount:1-5k  posted:2013-09  posted::2013 
september 2013
Alpha Bound by slashsailing (Kirk/McCoy, 1588 words, NC-17)
I saw this prompt on tumblr: in which the OP talked about "Dominant Omega!Bones and Subby Alpha!Jim" and wow I just couldn't even.

Or, Jim finds out something truly wonderful about Bones and maybe, just maybe, he's found his perfect match.
fic  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  alpha/beta/omega  omega!mccoy  alpha!kirk  pwp  author:slashsailing  rating:nc-17  wordcount:1-5k  posted:2013-08  posted::2013 
september 2013
To Be A Were by slashsailing (Kirk/McCoy, 6909 words, NC-17)
Werewolves aren't just something out of a fairy tale. Or an Omega 'verse story wherein alpha!Jim thinks he pretty much has his life sorted until alpha!Pike comes along and dares him to join Starfleet, then he meets Bones and mostly just focuses on trying to convince the grumpy omega to mate with him.
fic  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!kirk  omega!mccoy  rimming  au  werewolves  bonded  author:slashsailing  rating:nc-17  wordcount:5-10k  posted:2013-09  posted::2013 
september 2013
Satisfied by Mrs_Don_Draper (Khan/McCoy, 1871 words, NC-17)
Tumblr Prompt: Khan/Bones, Alpha/Omega, Khan is the only Alpha not currently doing anything vitally important other than sitting in a glass cage.
fic  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  khan/mccoy  slash  alpha/beta/omega  non-con  dub-con  author:mrs_don_draper  rating:nc-17  wordcount:1-5k  posted:2013-09  posted::2013 
september 2013
It's A Long Road To Recovery by BrokenBones and Kevikel (Kirk/McCoy, 30,000+ words, WIP, NC-17)
When Jim is released from hospital after Bones revives him, he is terrified of the darkness claiming him again, terrified that he'll never recover from what he's been through but he soon realizes that he's not the only one who has been drastically affected by the events that have passed. Together, he and Bones explore their relationship as they realize what it's like to love someone who is broken.
fic  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  drugs  bdsm  hurt/comfort  wip  author:brokenbones  author:kevikel  rating:nc-17  wordcount:25-50k  posted:2013-08  posted::2013 
september 2013
Us Against The Universe by milkywaymidnight (Spock/McCoy, 25,000+ words, WIP, PG-13)
Spock & McCoy struggle to keep themselves and their daughter, Jamie safe against a universe that seems to want nothing more then to tear them apart. Spock/McCoy established relationship, protective & dominating Spock/submissive, but still snarky & playful McCoy
fic  startrek:tos  bottom!mccoy  spock/mccoy  slash  wip  mpreg  d/s  romance  action  adventure  fluff  author:milkywaymidnight  rating:pg-13  wordcount:25-50k  posted:2010-05  posted::2010 
september 2013
Unsanitary by Akaiba (Spock/McCoy, 2172 words, NC-17)
Spock wants to try something new but McCoy is a little hesitant right up until he isn't any more.
fic  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  spock/mccoy  slash  pwp  rimming  author:akaiba  rating:nc-17  wordcount:1-5k  posted:2013-07  posted::2013 
september 2013
Between Acts by Spylace (Khan/McCoy, NC-17, 17452 words)
A fist to the face and John Harrison finds himself besotted with the visiting doctor to the Royal Children's Hospital. He then proceeds to forcibly woo McCoy much to the said doctor's dismay.

Part 1 of Intermission
fic  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  harrison/mccoy  khan/mccoy  slash  au  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!khan  beta!mccoy  series  author:spylace  rating:nc-17  wordcount:10-25k  posted:2013-07  posted::2013 
september 2013
Brittle by xenoamorist (Sulu/McCoy, NC-17, 5220 words)
“I want,” McCoy says suddenly in between gasps, his head light, “I want you to break me. Make me cry.”
fic  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  sulu/mccoy  slash  bdsm  d/s  humiliation  impactplay  author:xenoamorist  rating:nc-17  wordcount:1-5k  posted:2013-05  posted::2013 
june 2013
this is classified by 8611 (Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/McCoy/Derek Hale, 7111 words)
McCoy pinches the bridge of his nose, and wonders how he ended up in a hotel lobby in the middle of Manhattan at 2am with an oversexed SHIELD handler. (SHIELD!AU.)
fic  startrek:aos  bottom!mccoy  teenwolf  theavengers  crossover  au  kirk/mccoy  kirk/mccoy/derek  slash  threesome  violence  wordcount:5-10k  author:8611  rating:nc-17  posted:2012-12  posted::2012 
april 2013
Reveille by severinne (Pike/McCoy, NC-17, 35411 words)
A horseback riding excursion in the Mojave gives Pike and McCoy the opportunity to test the breadth and limits of trust.

A/N: The thirteenth part of The Wind and Its Satellite
fic  bottom!mccoy  pike/mccoy  slash  angst  horsebackriding  pwp  vacation  bdsm  d/s  bondage  dirtytalk  wordcount:25-50k  author:severinne  rating:nc-17  posted:2013-03  posted::2013  startrek:aos 
march 2013
I Do It All For You by affectingly, canistakahari, daunt, seanchaidh (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 7007 words)
It's supposed to be a routine mission. Have a dinner, negotiate a trading agreement, then point the Enterprise at the second star to the right and straight on till morning. It doesn't happen that way.
fic  fanart  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  non-con  aliensmadethemdoit  humiliation  bondage  gags  violence  hurt/comfort  challenge:roundrobin  author:affectingly  author:canis_takahari  artist:daunt  author:seanchaidh  rating:nc-17  wordcount:5-10k  posted:2013-03  posted::2013  startrek:aos 
march 2013
Your Turn by caera1996 (Kirk/McCoy, NC-27, 2273 words)
Written for the following prompt from the Bottom!McCoy Kink Meme: "Kirk/Bones, rimming with Bones being worried that Jim will think him perverted for wanting it."
fic  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  rimming  challenge:bottom_mccoy-kinkmeme  challenge:kink_meme  author:caera1996  rating:nc-17  wordcount:1-5k  posted:2012-10  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
october 2012
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july 2012
Release by severinne (Pike/McCoy, Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 7760 words)
McCoy is waiting on the precipice between two captains and two lovers, but Kirk is tired of waiting.

A/N: The eleventh story of The Wind and its Satellite
fic  bottom!mccoy  pike/mccoy  slash  pwp  chairsex  angst  wordcount:5-10k  author:severinne  rating:nc-17  posted:2012-07  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
july 2012
Hidden Past by anon (Kirk/McCoy, R, 1927 words)
Prompt: Ive seen many fics where Kirk used to/ works as a stripper or whatnot, but ive never seen one of Bones working such a job.
Id really like to read one where Bones used to work as a stripper or a (well, i hate the word but..... yeah) whore. please?
fic  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  au  stripper  prostitution  angst  dirtytalk  challenge:buckleup_meme  challenge:kink_meme  wordcount:1-5k  author:anon  rating:r  posted:2012-03  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
march 2012
Bottom!Bones icons by norfolkdumpling (Kirk/McCoy, Pike/McCoy)
Yeah...does what it says on the tin.

I was talking with [info]canis_takahari about how beautiful bottom!Bones is and how he should take it at all times, and then...these happened.

Mostly Kirk/McCoy with a bit of Pike/McCoy
fanart  icons  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  pike/mccoy  slash  artist:norfolkdumpling  posted:2012-03  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
march 2012
Leave My Body by seanchaidh (Kirk/McCoy R, 8472 words)
What should be simple negotiations are complicated by a requirement for a show of dominance; the suggested method isn't ideal, but luckily Bones has an alternative in mind.
fic  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  bondage  shibari  d/s  bdsm  aliensmadethemdoit  challenge:km_anthology  wordcount:5-10k  author:seanchaidh  rating:r  posted:2012-03  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
march 2012
(You Won’t) Fall for That by 1lostone (Spock/McCoy, NC-17, 17,909 words)
In the middle of shore leave, the drunken bet seemed like a lark: “Get Spock laid.” Leonard found himself laughing just as much as the rest of them. What a ridiculous idea.
fic  bottom!mccoy  spock/mccoy  slash  romance  humor  angst  jealousy  dub-con  challenge:help_midwest  wordcount:10-25k  author:1lostone  rating:nc-17  posted:2012-03  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
march 2012
As You Wish by mackem (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 4202 words)
Jim knew full well what orders did to Len.

Written for the third round of [info]km_anthology. The prompt was “service kink”.
fic  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  pwp  servicekink  challenge:km_anthology  wordcount:1-5k  author:mackem  rating:nc-17  posted:2012-02  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
february 2012
The Brightest of the Planets is Mars by sangueuk (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 6300 words)
Much to his annoyance, the sight of Jim a little beat up turns McCoy on. He doesn’t like these feelings and hides out in his office. Jim goes to find him.

a/n: for [info]km_anthology 2012: This is the 4th fic in my ‘Planets in Alignment’ series – links below – this is set six months into the first mission. Reading the previous stories will greatly enhance your enjoyment of this part but is not necessary, though it helps to know that in my version of the Empire, kissing is strictly taboo.
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  wounds  scars  challenge:km_anthology  wordcount:5-10k  author:sanguefic  rating:nc-17  posted:2012-02  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
february 2012
Better Living Through Retail by canis_takahari (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 3850 words)
Jim decides to get Bones an X-box for his birthday. This backfires on him a little when it comes time for Birthday Sex. Luckily Jim is nothing if not resourceful.

Written for the third round of [info]km_anthology. The prompt was “inflatable toys”. This fic takes place in the Bones-breaks-a-leg-‘verse and is thus a sequel to Run (I'm a Natural Disaster) and Nowhere With You. Bones and Jim are about a year into their marriage.
fic  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  au  pwp  birthday  humor  toys  gaming  bondage  challenge:km_anthology  wordcount:1-5k  author:canis_takahari  rating:nc-17  posted:2012-02  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
february 2012
Let Me Hear Your Body Talk by jlh (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 2600 words)
It takes the promise of sex toys to get Leonard McCoy to go to a mall during the Christmas season, but go he does, and never let it be said that Jim Kirk isn't a man of his word.

Part of the Harvard-verse. Takes place just before Christmas, 1982, right after the mall trip in "I'm All Lit Up"
fic  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  pwp  gags  toys  dirtytalk  challenge:km_anthology  wordcount:1-5k  author:jlh  rating:nc-17  posted:2012-02  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
february 2012
tell me what you want me to say by canis_takahari (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 1200 words)
follows: hourglass.

The moment McCoy gets to Kirk’s quarters that night, he’s stripped naked, pushed face-first into the wall, and bound at the wrists.

“You were good today,” murmurs Kirk, idly testing his knots.
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  pwp  bdsm  bondage  sounding  wordcount:1-5k  author:canis_takahari  rating:nc-17  posted:2012-01  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
february 2012
I gave you all by canis_takahari (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 1020 words)
follows: renovation.

The mountain of decorative pillows on the bed strikes McCoy as completely unnecessary, especially considering most of them need to be piled on the floor when it comes time to actually sleep.
fic  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  pwp  domestic  humor  wordcount:1-5k  author:canis_takahari  rating:nc-17  posted:2012-01  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
february 2012
han solo would be proud by canis_takahari ( (Kirk)/McCoy, NC-17, 610 words)
follows: run (I’m a natural disaster).

Leonard isn’t looking when he hurls his phone away. He doesn’t want to see where it goes because then if it rings again he’ll feel compelled to hunt it out. If it’s lost, then he can legitimately ignore it.
fic  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  mccoy/self  slash  other  au  pwp  masturbation  wordcount:<1k  author:canis_takahari  rating:nc-17  posted:2011-12  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
february 2012
the one where Jim and Cupid work together to work over Bones by canis_takahari (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 207 words)
spikeface* really enjoyed the one where Jim meets Cupid and they basically raise hell for like three weeks straight. You always write amazing shenanigans, and this was one of the few crossover fics where it made complete sense to me that the characters clicked as immediately and amusingly as they did.

Plus, you know, those sex scenes were awesome. I loved Jim's manic glee when he realized that Cupid could conjure any toy Jim wanted from thin air.
fic  xena  crossover  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  pwp  toys  humor  wordcount:<1k  author:canis_takahari  rating:nc-17  posted:2011-12  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
february 2012
New Year's Kiss by vickyblueeyez (Spock/McCoy, NC-17, 4117 words)
McCoy was not too happy about being dragged to Starfleet's New Year's party. He wanted nothing to do with the dancing, the countdowns, the kisses or anything else. Little did he know, this was going to be a New Year's to remember.
fic  bottom!mccoy  spock/mccoy  slash  pwp  romance  newyears  wordcount:1-5k  author:vickyblueeyez  rating:nc-17  posted:2012-01  posted::2012  startrek:aos 
february 2012
Days of Saturn by sanguefic (Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Pike, Pike/McCoy, NC-17, 10,350 words)
The Academy - It’s the winter solstice, bang in the middle of the week long Saturnalia celebrations. McCoy was hoping to keep out of trouble by working double shifts at the hospital 0 then Captain Pike summons him for his annual review and a little festive ‘fun’. Imagine McCoy’s surprise when Cadet Kirk is also present.

written for [info]space_wrapped and vaguely for prompt # 103: : Pike gives McCoy to Kirk for Christmas and it’s what they both want.

This is part 3 of ‘The Planets’ series. Each is a standalone, but the dynamics between characters truly works best if you know what came before.
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  slash  pike/mccoy  dub-con  powerplay  challenge:space_wrapped  wordcount:10-25k  author:sanguefic  rating:nc-17  posted:2011-12  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
february 2012
I've got soul (but I'm not a soldier) by sullacat (Pike/McCoy, Spock/McCoy, Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Spock, Pike/Spock, Kirk/McCoy/Spock, NC-17, 2836 words)
Mirrorverse AU, based loosely on the 1963 epic 'Cleopatra'. Leonard is a man caught between many masters.

Notes: Written as for Kink_Bingo's December challenge: Mini Fills. A blackout of twenty-five 100-word drabbles. Technically they can all be read as one-shots, but taken as a whole, they make up a story.

alternate link:
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  slash  au  pike/mccoy  spock/mccoy  kirk/mccoy  kirk/mccoy/spock  threesome  dub-con  non-con  breathplay  worship  publicsex  pegging  toys  clothing  roleplay  roughsex  painplay  fisting  challenge:kink_bingo  wordcount:1-5k  wordcount:<1k  author:sullacat  rating:nc-17  posted:2011-12  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
december 2011
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december 2011
Gestures of the Heart by vickyblueeyez (Spock/McCoy, NC-17, 5082 words)
Cadet McCoy believed Professor Spock was out to get him due to him always giving him such a hard time. To "get him off his ass" he asked his friend Nyota for help. "This is a hand gesture in Vulcan. It means that you aren't intimidated by him. This should get him to leave you alone." Too bad the gesture for that and to show sexual interest were strikingly similar.
fic  bottom!mccoy  spock/mccoy  slash  firsttime  teacher/student  misunderstanding  wordcount:5-10k  author:vickyblueeyez  rating:nc-17  posted:2011-12  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
december 2011
Strangers in the Fog by autoerratic (Spock/McCoy, NC-17, 3000 words)
Spock conducts an experiment. Leonard goes along for the ride.
Notes: Story takes place on Argelius II from TOS episode "A Wolf in the Fold" but I pretty much rebooted it. This turned out sadder than I'd originally intended so I hope it still works.
fic  bottom!mccoy  spock/mccoy  slash  pwp  angst  wordcount:1-5k  author:autoerratic  rating:nc-17  challenge:spockmccoy_kink  challenge:kink_meme  posted:2011-12  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
december 2011
Winged Desires and Veiled Persuasions by imachar (Pike/Boyce/McCoy, NC-17, 13,000 words)
McCoy is feeling a little neglected at Spock and Uhura’s wedding reception, the Admirals make him feel much better. Almost unrelieved porn, seriously – a little conversation here and there – but pretty much just porn.
fic  bottom!mccoy  pike/boyce/mccoy  pike/mccoy  slash  threesome  pwp  wordcount:10-25k  author:imachar  rating:nc-17  challenge:happy_trekmas  posted:2011-12  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
december 2011
A Goddamn Christmas Miracle by therumjournals (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 4330 words)
Written for [info]space_wrapped. This is a trequel. It follows A Very Profane Christmas ([info]space_wrapped 2009) and Perverse Christmas Cheer ([info]space_wrapped 2010).
fic  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  poetry  felching  christmas  wordcount:1-5k  author:therumjournals  rating:nc-17  challenge:space_wrapped  posted:2011-12  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
december 2011
Nowhere With You by canis_takahari (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 7100 words)
Jim’s annual Hannukah traditions include ice fishing with his brother Sam in Iowa, growing a beard, spending the holiday with his entire family at the farmhouse, and eating his weight in latkes. This year, he’s also bringing Bones to meet his mother for the first time. It’s a challenge to keep Bones from imploding in a ball of anxiety. Luckily, Jim is a fan of challenges.

Sequel to: Run (I’m a Natural Disaster).
fic  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  au  humor  hannukah  wordcount:5-10k  author:canis_takahari  rating:nc-17  challenge:space_wrapped  posted:2011-12  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
december 2011
Blood Ties [Big Bang] by sangueuk (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 112,000 words)
Vampire!Jim owes the McCoy family a debt of honor. Over the centuries, he finds himself drawn to various re-incarnations of McCoy, male and female. Will Jim atone for his sins and be able to persuade McCoy to be his, thereby ending his eternal loneliness, or will he be damned to continue his immortal life alone?

The story begins in 18th century New Orleans, and continues through Victorian London, modern day Los Angeles and Virginia, war-scarred, early 22nd century Iowa and finally, 23rd century Iowa and San Francisco.
fic  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  het  au  vampires  bloodplay  dub-con  drugs  genderswap  genderswap:alwaysagirl  angst  crossover  challenge:startrekbigbang  wordcount:>100k  author:sanguefic  rating:nc-17  posted:2011-11  posted::2011  girl!mccoy  kirk/girl!mccoy  startrek:aos 
december 2011
Never Gone [Big Bang] by kimuracarter (Kirk/McCoy, Spock/McCoy, NC-17, 24,478 words)
On the verge of happiness, Leonard McCoy is taken from his new life and brainwashed to be the perfect solider. And it would have worked if not for the tenacity of Jim Kirk who wouldn't just let him go. It's a race across the world from the government agency that doesn't want to lose their asset and another enemy from the past.
fic  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  au  action  violence  challenge:startrekbigbang  wordcount:10-25k  author:kimuracarter  rating:nc-17  posted:2011-10  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
december 2011
The Doctor and the Flyboy by black_k_kat (Sulu/McCoy, NC-17, 2500 words)
After a few hours of the gym, neither Sulu nor McCoy have much restraint left. They don't care much, either.

Prompt: Loving Top Sulu making love to happy bottom McCoy
fic  bottom!mccoy  sulu/mccoy  slash  pwp  wordcount:1-5k  author:black_k_kat  rating:nc-17  challenge:bottom_mccoy-kinkmeme  challenge:kink_meme  posted:2011-11  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
december 2011
Is It Surrender Or Merely Abdication? by weepingnaiad (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 9100 words)
Leo’s been running for five years, changed his name so many times he doesn’t even think of himself as Leo anymore, but Imperial Captain James T. Kirk has finally caught up with him. He wants what’s his and Leo’s out of options. Jim inadvertently reveals himself to Leo, giving Leo a power he’s never realized he had. It takes nearly twenty years, but Leo gets his vengeance and, in the process, gets what he’s always wanted but never dreamed he’d have.
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  mpreg  dub-con  manipulation  wordcount:5-10k  author:weepingnaiad  rating:nc-17  challenge:kink_bingo  challenge:hc_bingo  posted:2011-10  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
october 2011
It’s About Having Faith by weepingnaiad (Pike/McCoy/Boyce, implied Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 3067 words)
For [info]abigail89’s request of Pike/McCoy/Boyce – bottle of bourbon. This ended up being a bit of h/c with Bones needing some TLC from Pike & Boyce because Jim’s gone off and gotten himself in some serious trouble and it looks like he’s not getting out of it this time.
fic  bottom!mccoy  pike/boyce/mccoy  slash  threesome  doublepenetration  hurt/comfort  angst  wordcount:1-5k  author:weepingnaiad  rating:nc-17  posted:2011-10  posted::2011  startrek:aos 
october 2011
Or The Doctor Gets It by tprillahfiction (Spock/McCoy, NC-17, 6498 words)
Spock and McCoy are captured by aliens and made to copulate or die. They do so, the only way they know how: Bickering (mostly McCoy bitching) the entire time.
fic  bottom!mccoy  spock/mccoy  slash  pwp  aliensmadethemdoit  non-con  dub-con  rimming  awkwardsex  voyeurism  humor  wordcount:5-10k  challenge:spicedpeaches  author:tprillahfiction  rating:nc-17  posted:2011-10  posted::2011  startrek:tos 
october 2011
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october 2011
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