Ahhh, screw it! - Imgur
Reference sheet of what different kinds of screws and bolts look like.
screws  bolts  reference  chart  nuts  philips  torx  allen  from delicious
may 2014
Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming
Drawing 3D graphics using OpenGL's programmable (not fixed-function) pipeline.
opengl  tutorial  graphics  3dgraphics  programming  from delicious
march 2014
Real Myst for Mac OSX
A wrapper for running the GOG.com release of RealMyst (for Windows) under Mac OS X.
realmyst  myst  games  software  osx  macosx  from delicious
november 2013
Declutter decision making guide
“Questions to ask yourself when you are deciding what stays—and what goes—when decluttering”
decluttering  declutter  spring  cleaning  simplify  from delicious
october 2013
“““Amazing writing tip from Chuck Palahniuk: “In six seconds, you’ll hate me. But in six months, you’ll be a better writer. From this point forward—at least for the next half year—you may not use “thought” verbs. These include: Thinks, Knows, Understands, Realizes, Believes, Wants, Remembers, Imagines, Desires, and a hundred others you love to use. The list should also include: Loves and Hates. And it should include: Is and Has, but we’ll get to those later. ”””
fiction  writing  show  don't  tell  advice  tip  novel  from delicious
august 2013
What I Wish I Knew When Learning Haskell
Stephen Diehl's notes on world setup, GHC usage, monads, etc.
via:ddribin  programming  stephen  diehl  haskell  from delicious
april 2013
Pay as you go sim with data Wiki
'''This wiki collects information about prepaid mobile phone plans from all over the world. Not just any plans though, they must include decent data rates, perfect for iPhone, iPad and Android smart phone travellers, as well as mifi users.'''
via:rentzsch  cellphone  sim  wiki  from delicious
february 2013
On Answering Questions
“To presume you've already solved the issue that led to your question in the best possible manner is to have an arrogance that will only irritate the people from whom you seek guidance. :) Remember, you've only solved that level to the best of *your* ability.”
help  questions  from delicious
november 2012
Glowing eyes in bush
Cut eyes in toilet paper roll, put an activated glow-stick in it, stash in bush.
crafts  diy  decoration  Halloween  from delicious
november 2012
Little Free Library  - Home
A project to foment and showcase small, community-based, honor-system libraries.
reading  libraries  library  guerrilla  community  books  from delicious
august 2012
Apple II Fonts
“… the world's most complete Apple II text font, in TrueType format. Works on Mac OS X, Windows, or any operating system that supports TrueType.

Also … the corresponding keyboard layout for Mac OS X, called IN Number Zero. Option key enables access to inverse characters. Control-Shift enables access to MouseText characters.

Additional characters have been added to the font to support all of ISO-Latin-1, Windows ANSI, and MacRoman, as well as box drawing characters and other miscellaneous Unicode characters. These additional characters have been modeled after the actual accented characters on international versions of the Apple II where possible. MouseText is encoded at 0x80-0x9F, and at the appropriate Unicode code points where possible.”
via:ddribin  via:pinboard  RetroComputing  font  fonts  apple2  appleii  from delicious
august 2012
How to Watch “Battlestar Galactica”
Suggested viewing order, with suggestions of episodes to skip, for the rebooted “Battlestar Galactica”.
via:boingboing  tv  scifi  bsg  battlestargalactica  from delicious
july 2012
How to make bicycle handlebars light up
“…[H]ow to make LED bike handlebars using nifty LED tape.”
led  illuminate  light  light  up  light-up  mod  howto  diy  handlebar  bicycle  from delicious
july 2012
Classic Mac documentation
Apple's developer documentation, including Inside Macintosh, for Mac OS before Mac OS X.
Mac  OS  documentation  macos  inside  inside  macintosh  from delicious
june 2012
The guide to implementing 2D platformers | Higher-Order Fun
How 2D platform games position the character. Includes aspects such as slopes and ladders.
platformer  gamedevelopment  2d  platform  platformers  gamedev  programming  from delicious
may 2012
Working with Macintosh Floppies in the New Millennium
How to get programs and data from old Mac 3.5" floppies (400K, 800K, and 1.4 MB) into modern Macs.
3.5  inch  3.5  SuperDrive  FDHD  floppy  drive  floppy  disk  floppy  Mac  Macintosh  from delicious
may 2012
“San Francisco has lots of privately-owned public opens spaces. I’m organizing a few for attendees looking to escape Moscone West, and for non-attendees looking to meet up, collaborate with fellow developers, or just hang out.”
via:rentzsch  san  francisco  wwdc  from delicious
april 2012
Life imitates xkcd: Earthquake
“…when the seismic waves are about 100 km out, they begin to be overtaken by the waves of posts *about* them.” Cue news story that mentions this really happening.
defictionalization  news  earthquake  xkcd  from delicious
april 2012
Free On iTunes (2012 version)
The old Free on iTunes page is gone. This replaced it. As of March 2012, this one includes music, “featurettes” (podcast episodes promoting TV and movies), TV episodes, apps, books, and podcasts.
apps  App  Store  iOS  App  Store  iBookstore  iTunes  Music  Store  iTMS  iTunes  Store  TV  episodes  TV  shows  videos  albums  songs  TV  podcasts  movies  TV_shows  applications  iTunes_Store  iTunes  free  from delicious
march 2012
Every Time Zone
Tool to determine what date and time it is in a different time zone at a given date and time in your time zone.
via:cbarrett  via:twitter  tool  visual  tool  visual  tz  time  zone  conversion  travel  tools  timezones  visualization  timezone  time  from delicious
march 2012
A curated source of articles that get pushed automatically to your Kindle. Uses the “personal documents” feature, newly supported in Amazon's Kindle for iOS app.
Dave  Pell  mailing  list  curated  articles  content  kindle  from delicious
december 2011
AppleCare Support - Older Software Downloads
Archived downloads of software update for Apple's older operating systems and other programs.
software  apple  mac  macintosh  downloads  history  oldcomputers  archive  system7  appleii  apple2  from delicious
october 2011
Editing and Proofreading Marks
For marking up corrections to a printed piece of writing.
editing  proofreading  markup  from delicious
october 2011
DPI Calculator / PPI Calculator
Compute the dots-per-inch of a screen of a given diagonal dimension in inches and width and height in pixels.
from delicious
september 2011
RSS feeds for Apple Store Refurb pages
Third-party RSS feeds for the Apple Store's refurbished section.
mac  apple  store  refurb  refurbished  from delicious
august 2011
tpp: text presentation program
A slideware program that uses ncurses to display the slides in your terminal.
tpp  presentation  slideware  commandline  from delicious
july 2011
Python Regex Tool
An online interface to Python's re module, making it easy to iterate on a regular expression with a sample text.
python  regularexpressions  regex  regexp  tool  from delicious
july 2011
instantwatcher.com - Movies and TV to Watch Instantly on Netflix
A site that covers when movies and TV shows come and go from Netflix's streaming feature.
netflix  video  streaming  movies  tv  television  from delicious
june 2011
Free books on iTunes
The page on the iTunes store for free ebooks in the iBookstore.
itunes  ibookstore  free  books  ebooks  from delicious
june 2011
Insanely Great Mac Software Archive
Insanely Great Mac have saved copies of a dozen of the classic extensions, control panels, and applications for the old Mac OS.
mac  macos  software  archive  mirror  retrocomputing  from delicious
june 2011
Mac Driver Museum
Old drivers for old Mac accessories. The “Input” section has links to the other sections: http://macdrivermuseum.net/input.shtml
software  mac  macos  driver  old  archive  from delicious
june 2011
Treatise on Font Rasterisation
Everything there is to know about rendering text. Required reading if your application displays any text at all.
font  glyph  text  rendering  raster  rasterization  rasterisation  rasterizing  rasterising  hinting  TrueType  aliasing  antialiasing  ClearType  via:twitter  via:ccgus  from delicious
may 2011
Frequently Given Answers written by JdeBP
Jonathan de Boyne Pollard expounds informatively on various topics. For example, “‘when Hell freezes over’ means right now”, and “there is no such thing as a 3.5 inch floppy disc”. You may consider it unnecessary pedantry, but you'll still learn something.
answers  rants  fga  fqa  faq  knowledge  information  til  from delicious
may 2011
Seagate Product Finder
Seagate and Maxtor model number decoder ring (note the form on the left side). Tells you the model brand (e.g., DiamondMax), capacity, and interface type. Handy if you have a drive whose label gives its model number and serial number but not capacity.
seagate  maxtor  harddisk  harddrive  hdd  harddiskdrive  modelnumber  decoder  from delicious
may 2011
An excellent resource for information about audio recording and engineering techniques.
wiki  tutorial  howto  music  audio  sound  recording  audioengineering  daw  from delicious
may 2011
How To Choose The Best XML Parser for Your iPhone Project | Ray Wenderlich
A comparison of eight different XML parsers for C and Cocoa Touch, showing both their strengths and their speed.
xml  iphone  parser  c  objective-c  programming  sourcecode  from delicious
january 2011
Khan Academy
Free video lessons on just about everything you can think of in math and science.
math  mathematics  science  video  tutorial  free  from delicious
december 2010
Amazon.com: Where's My Stuff?
The page on Amazon.com where you can view your order history and see what stage of delivery everything is in and when they predict each shipment will arrive.
amazon  orders  tracking  shipping  from delicious
december 2010
Amazon Filler Item Finder - Find Cheap Filler Items for FREE ...
Another Amazon filler-item finder, recommended by David Kaminsky (who found it with a Google search) last night on Twitter. I'm not sure how related this is to Chrome's omnibar finding the other one.
amazon  free  shipping  filler  suggest  suggestion  recommendation  tool  via:twitter  via:dk103213  from delicious
december 2010
Amazon Filler Item Finder
Enter the amount you need to get to Amazon's $25 free shipping threshold, and this will suggest items at or a little above that price that you might buy in order to get there. Via Reddit (a long time ago) and Chrome's omnibar (this morning).
amazon  free  shipping  filler  suggest  suggestion  recommendation  tool  from delicious
december 2010
Starbucks Drinks Simplified (kinda)
A Starbucks menu cheatsheet. Includes hidden gems such as the “short” size (smaller than “tall”) and serving-temperature options.
starbucks  coffee  espress  hidden  menu  secrets 
october 2010
Johnny Cash on Armistice Day
Sings a little bit of “Blowin' in the Wind”, but mostly gives a short speech about Armistice Day and performs a special poem about war and peace. I wish all the TV channels would show this every Armistice Day.
johnnycash  armisticeday  armistice  wwi  video  via:tumblr  via:cbarrett 
september 2010
Working with GitHub
Tutorial from Jeff Johnson of Lap Cat Software. Should be handy next time I scrape together the interest to engage in another punching match with Git.
git  github  tutorial 
august 2010
GCC 4.2.1 Warning Options
Options to request or suppress warning messages in GCC. This is the documentation I cite in my popular blog post on C/Objective-C compiler warnings.
programming  gcc  c  objective-c  warnings 
july 2010
Simple Desktops
Mostly minimalistic, mostly well-designed desktop pictures.
free  wallpaper  desktop  background  backgrounds  desktops  gallery  via:twitter  via:ddfreyne 
july 2010
NIST WebBook
Reference database and calculator for chemicals and their properties.
properties  reference  chemical  chemistry  compounds  database  calculator 
july 2010
Vox :: The Lightweight Music App for Mac OS X
Player and converter for many different formats, including module files. Much simpler and cleaner interface than PlayerPRO, plus it works.
free  freeware  mac  macosx  osx  music  audio  sound  player  converter  opensource  software  mod  s3m  it  xm  module 
march 2010
CDN Catalog
A list of freely-hosted JavaScript (e.g., jQuery) and CSS (e.g., CSS Reset) resources that you can directly link to instead of hosting them yourself.
cdn  catalog  resource  javascript  css  webdevelopment 
march 2010
A list of reasons why Xcode's “Refactor…” menu item may be disabled
First, it must be straight C or Objective-C—no C++ contamination (not even in the extension). If that's satisfied, build, and if it succeeds, you should then be able to refactor. (A successful build during a previous Xcode session does not count.)
programming  mac  osx  macosx  iphone  xcode  c  objective-c  refactor  refactoring 
february 2010
Clang Static Analyzer: Source Annotations
How to annotate your source code so that the analyzer can do more and better checks.
clang  staticanalyzer  analyzer  staticanalysis  programming  c  objective-c 
february 2010
Automatically localize your nibs when building
An Xcode shell script phase to apply strings to xibs at build time, rather than at run time. An appealing twist on the Shipley solution to localization.
cocoa  programming  xcode  interfacebuilder  nib  xib  ibtool  localization  l10n 
december 2009
So you crashed in objc_msgSend
What to do in the debugger if you've crashed *while* sending a message to an object.
programming  macosx  mac  osx  cocoa  howto  objective-c  objc  objc_msgSend  crash  debugging  xcode 
december 2009
eMusic's Daily Download
eMusic gives away one free song per day, seven days a week. These are available to the public—you don't need an eMusic subscription.
emusic  mp3  store  free  music  songs 
december 2009
Free albums on Amazon
Amazon MP3 Store's selection of free albums. Some are singles; watch for these, as they're a good way to get duplicates from the intersection of the free songs list (buying by track) and the free albums list (buying by “album”).
amazon  amazonmp3  mp3  store  free  music  albums  from delicious
december 2009
Free albums on Amazon
Amazon MP3 Store's selection of free albums. Some are singles; watch for these, as they're a good way to get duplicates from the intersection of the free songs list (buying by track) and the free albums list (buying by “album”).
amazon  amazonmp3  mp3  store  free  music  albums 
december 2009
Free songs on Amazon
Amazon MP3 Store's selection of free songs. Updates every week; new items get added, and old ones get removed. Usually around 1000 songs at any given time.
amazon  amazonmp3  mp3  store  free  music  songs 
december 2009
Free on iTunes
The iTunes Store's selection of free items. Almost always includes three free songs and a free music video (which change every Tuesday); usually includes some TV episodes as well.
itunes  store  itms  free  music  songs  musicvideo  musicvideos 
december 2009
Dangerous Cocoa Calls
Mike Ash lists some methods in Cocoa that you should either avoid or handle with extra care.
programming  mac  osx  iphone  cocoa  cocoatouch  nstask  nstimer  nshost  nsbundle  nsimage  nsdate  cocoadistributedobjects  via:rentzsch 
november 2009
cdecl—C declaration parser/unparser
Converts C declarations to and from English. “That’s right, now you can totally nail that API that requires a block taking a pointer to a block taking a block taking a pointer to an int returning an int returning a pointer to a block taking void returning int!”
programming  coding  c  c++  c99  objective-c  objc  objc2  blocks  function  array  pointers  pointer  functionpointers  parser  unparser 
november 2009
Dave's Mechanical Pencils: The Great Blue Challenge
Comparing the erasability and non-repro quality of several different blue mechanical pencil leads.
mechanicalpencil  pencil  lead  leads  blue  col-erase  erasable  erasability  non-repro  non-photo  art  drawing  sketching 
october 2009
A tool to tell your VCS about renaming you've done, after you've done it.
guess-renames  vcs  versioncontrol  hg  mercurial  tool  toolchain  programming  free  opensource  gplv2  software  freeware 
october 2009
fill the void – ibtool: Localization Made Easier
How to use ibtool to update strings in a nib without replacing the nib outright. Unfortunately, only preserves size changes; doesn't effect new ones (AFAIK).
cocoa  development  localization  programming  internationalization  i18n  l10n  ibtool  interfacebuilder  nib  xib 
september 2009
Embedding an Info.plist in your executable
In some future version of Growl, it might be cool to add support for a variation this for command-line tools, such as growlnotify, using a different section name.
programming  mac  macosx  osx  info.plist  plist  ld  sectcreate  mach-o 
august 2009
Implementing Your Own Cocoa Bindings
The only correct way to implement custom Bindings, as in a custom view or controller. (Hint: Don't override the NSKeyValueBindingCreation methods!)
programming  macosx  osx  cocoa  custom  bindings  howto  NSAutounbinder  NSKeyValueBindingCreation 
july 2009
A class to make it pain-free for you to implement NSCoding support in your class, as long as you use KVC-compliant properties.
mac  osx  macosx  programming  free  opensource  sourcecode  reusablesourcecode  cocoa  nscoding  license:mit 
july 2009
How To Read C Declarations
With this knowledge, you, too, will find it easy to read “int (*(*vtable)[])();”.
programming  c  c++  objective-c  objc  obj-c  declaration  declarations  declarator  declarators  pointers  pointer  tutorial  howto 
june 2009
Yapper, a Jabber/XMPP interface for Growl
Runs on your Mac, receives notifications over XMPP, and forwards them to Growl.
growl  xmpp  mac  osx  macosx  free  software  opensource  license:mit 
june 2009
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