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Aja - Inception (2010) - And I laid traps for troubadours [Archive of Our Own]
By day, Arthur and Eames are mild-mannered dreamshare criminals.

By other increments of time, Eames ferries souls across the River Styx, and Arthur?

Arthur is the anxiety-ridden Angel of Death.
me:fic  inception  inception:AU  type:au  year:2016  length:<7k  archive:ao3 
february 2017 by bookshop
Aja - Inception (2010) - Hopeful Romantics [Archive of Our Own]
Bestselling author Lila Bordeaux has a secret — and it isn’t that her name is actually Arthur.

No: the world’s most beloved romance novelist doesn’t believe in epic adventures, ridiculous coincidences, unbelievable fantasy, or love at first sight. And he definitely doesn’t believe that dreams come true.
You might call him the Jewel of Denial.
inception  inception:AU  me:fic  length:7k-15k  archive:ao3  type:au  mood:-silly 
february 2017 by bookshop
Aja - Inception (2010) - Priorities (and other such nonsense) [Archive of Our Own]
This is like 14 different (mostly Arthur/Eames) ficlets, most using photos for prompts or something similar, collected from 2010 through 2016 (so far).
me:fic  inception  arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts)  length:<1k  year:2010  year:2016  archive:ao3 
february 2017 by bookshop
Aja - Inception (2010) - The Member of the Wedding [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur is getting married. He just doesn't know to who yet. (A genderqueer/gender-shifting/demon soulmate AU, sort of.)
inception  type:au  angstception  inception:AU  me:fic  year:2016  length:15k-40k  archive:ao3  mood:-horror  mood:-dreamy  girls-are-awesome 
february 2017 by bookshop
Aja - Inception (2010) - Leave No Trace (Exception) [Archive of Our Own]
These are the rules of dreamshare: Get in, get out, leave no trace behind.

Eames knows the rules, and he follows them.

Until he doesn’t.
inception  arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts)  me:fic  year:2015  length:<2k  archive:ao3 
february 2017 by bookshop
Aja - Inception (2010) - A very merry un-birthday to you [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur puts his scalpel down. "No," he says. "What's today?"

Eames studies him for a moment. "I don't think I'll tell you just yet. See if I can jog your memory."

Years ago, this kind of game would have annoyed Arthur endlessly, especially when Eames was the one attempting to play with him. He used to think their work was of paramount importance and that anything this juvenile just got in the way of efficiency and good time management. He knows the job well enough now to know that's a ridiculous conceit, and himself well enough now to admit that his work ethic was a cover. He mostly just didn't want to give Eames encouragement to think Arthur enjoyed playing.

He knows by now that was a ridiculous conceit, too.
inception  arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts)  love~joy~inception  me:fic  year:2015  length:<2k  archive:ao3 
february 2017 by bookshop
Aja - Inception (2010) - Pink is the new kind of lingo [Archive of Our Own]
Wholly inspired by this Tumblr post: "imagine your OTP: person A works at starbucks and is stuck in strawberry acai hell and has been making Pink Drink damn near non-stop ever since Buzzfeed wrote an article on it, and person B is the poor soul who orders the Pink Drink that is The Last Straw."

Seriously have you ever heard a prompt that called out more keenly for an Arthur/Eames response?
inception  me:fic  inception:AU  type:au  length:<5k  arthur's-life-is-so-hard  year:2016  archive:ao3  mood:-silly 
february 2017 by bookshop
Aja - Inception (2010) - Acceptance [Archive of Our Own]
OH GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS A THING I ACTUALLY DID here is uh a tiny notting hill AU continuation I guess. psst this is a sequel to I Seem to Be a Verb and makes no sense without having read that.
inception  me:fic  year:2016  type:au  inception:AU  length:<2k  archive:ao3  type:RPF  mood:-silly 
february 2017 by bookshop
Aja - Inception (2010) - Ship Your Enemies Glitter (and Gold) [Archive of Our Own]
The only thing that hurts worse than losing a gold medal is knowing that what you want most is the guy who took it away from you.

In which Arthur is a Tragic Figure; Kristy Yamaguchi never had to deal with this shit; Brian Boitano would definitely not do any of this; Eames can't stop making everything political; injury takes time to recover from, but betrayal takes even longer; and figure skating might just save everyone after all.

Note: This is a work in progress; it is multi-chaptered; it will be updated and finished. :)
inception  inception:AU  angstception  me:fic  length:15k-40k  year:2016  archive:ao3  mood:-fluff-and-angst  type:au 
february 2017 by bookshop
Aja - Inception (2010) - And dance by the light of the moon [Archive of Our Own]
He feels Eames’ gaze sink into him. If they kissed now, Arthur thinks, he’d be giving him exactly what he wanted.

He thinks about doing it anyway and then hates himself. “I didn’t really think therapy sex was your style,” he says.

Eames’ lip curls up. “Oh, but I bet you’re used to being the exception, aren’t you, sweetheart?”
inception  me:fic  angstception  year:2015  length:15k-40k  archive:ao3  arthur's-life-is-so-hard  mood:angst 
february 2017 by bookshop
homesickblues - Inception (2010) - Corked [Archive of Our Own]
The one where Arthur's the new sommelier at a world-class French restaurant and Eames is the famous chef who makes Arthur's life impossible. // Just an absolutely stunning, classic, immersive AU with all the hard-to-reckon-with elements of inception intact. Painful, gorgeous, romantic, and honestly very informative!!! And Arthur and Eames are beautifully in love.
recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  inception  inception:thisthisthis!  inception:AU  inception:absolute-best  love~joy~inception  mal-can-spin-my-top-whenever-she-wants  angstception 
january 2017 by bookshop
osaki_nana_707 - Inception (2010) - I Have Your Secrets [Archive of Our Own]
adorable gen ensemble fic in which Philippa has a huge crush on Arthur, and the others have to try to extricate him from it, which they do in the least-subtle way possible. Honestly this made me super happy. ENSEMBLE FIC + FOUND FAMILIES. <3
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  inception:thisthisthis!  love~joy~inception 
january 2017 by bookshop
presque vu
haha more recs! inception fandom is just an endless supply of recs, basically.
inception  recs  recs:lists-by-others 
december 2016 by bookshop
do you have any inception fic recs?
idek how i wound up here but this is a Good List :D
inception  recs  recs:lists-by-others 
december 2016 by bookshop
oceaxe - Inception (2010) - Ecumenical Worship [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur became further aware of two important points. One, he was hard. Two, there was an answering hardness behind him and that hardness belonged to his colleague, whom he’d been capably putting off for years now.

He stilled himself. It was vital that he escape without Eames waking up. He willed his erection down but it wasn’t listening, far too fascinated by the warmth of the body pressed up against Arthur’s back, the firm length lying all along the crack of his ass. Arthur took a slow, deep breath and was horrified to note that Eames smelled terrific; pheromones galore. Perfect. // NOTHING TO SEE HERE JUST HOT DELECTABLE CHRISTMAS MORNING SMUT. :DDDDDD
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  inception:thisthisthis!  arthur's-life-is-so-hard  arthur-is-the-bottomliest-bottom 
december 2016 by bookshop
msmorland - Inception (2010) - One for Each Night [Archive of Our Own]
oh my gosh this is a gorgeous little hanukkah fic in which Arthur and Eames are in a FWB relationship but they've fallen into a rut!!!! But THE SPIRIT OF HANUKKAH WILL SAVE THEM. Seriously this was such an unexpected gem.
recs  recs:fanfic  inception  inception:thisthisthis!  arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts) 
december 2016 by bookshop
Avacyn - Inception (2010) - untitled library love story [Archive of Our Own]
"It never gets old, does it," says the American, after a few minutes of dead silence. They've taken the letters out of the box - they'd been tied up neatly, for over 150 years, into two little bundles - one Laetitia-Maria's, one Nathaniel's. Eames is holding Maria's, gently, looking through them, pausing to unfold a few but mostly just taking in the sheer volume, the weight of them in his hands. He knows what the American means, and no, it never does get old, the feeling of holding these documents in your own hands, looking at writing so familiar to you, reading the words of someone you know so intimately, the knowledge washing over you again and again that they held these in their own hands, they wrote these letters, the very same ones I'm holding now.

He looks up and meets the American's eyes, and they share a smile - brief, awkward, but a smile nonetheless. He's an academic like you, Eames reminds himself. You might even end up liking him. // oh god i loved this fic, this soft little rare book library + vintage love letters AU, SO MUCH, it's so beautiful and quiet and poignant and precious and it made me so happy.
recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  inception  inception:thisthisthis!  love~joy~inception  inception:AU 
december 2016 by bookshop
thinkingaboutelephants - Inception (2010) - Storm [Archive of Our Own]
Nice, quiet fic about Arthur and Eames being privately married in dreamshare, but battling things like jealousy and the stress of keeping their relationship a secret. Loved how intimately they knew each other. <3
recs  recs:fanfic  inception  inception:thisthisthis!  arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts) 
december 2016 by bookshop
deinvati - Inception (2010) - Box It Up [Archive of Our Own]
It was 10:30 am, which meant that Arthur-in-the-morning was starting to make way for Arthur-after-lunch.  He wasn’t completely after-lunch yet, obviously, but it was on its way. You could watch it coming, like an avalanche: slow and inevitable from a distance and decimating up close.  

It always started with the jacket, which was gone by 9:00 at the latest.  He hung it if possible, of course, but sometimes the best option was the back of a chair or, god forbid, the arm of a couch.  Eames had no idea what he did if neither of those things was available.  // Absolutely sizzling hot suitporn in the purest sense — characterization built around wonderful close study (and close reading) of Arthur's wardrobe choices and on-the-job day-to-day behavior. This is SO GOOD, I'm so in love with all these concrete details and all the things they reveal about both Arthur and Eames. And, like, 6.5 years into this fandom I have no idea how fics on this simple theme variant can still pack such a punch but this one not only does so, it manages to achieve an outright catharsis in the final line. Ahhhh, I love this so much.
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  arthur's-life-is-so-hard  eames-is-the-best-boyfriend-ever  love~joy~inception 
december 2016 by bookshop
earlgreytea68 - Inception (2010) - Silver Bells [Archive of Our Own]
Like that warm cup of perfectly steeped tea on a cold day. <333333 Arthur and Eames are in Boston and in love and EGT has never been more enjoyable. My HEART.
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  arthur-when-will-you-realize-(vienna-waits-for-you)  love~joy~inception 
december 2016 by bookshop
Callie4180 - Inception (2010) - Sparkle [Archive of Our Own]
a really incredible, gorgeously written story that somehow manages to combine fluff, angst, competence!kink, sizzling sexual tension, detail-filled character study, a dark mindfuck, inception universe worldbuilding theory, and Arthur and Eames falling in love, all in under 5,000 words. WOW.
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts)  eames-is-the-bamfiest-bamf  except-for-when-arthur-out-bamfs-him  angstception  inception:mindfuckery 
december 2016 by bookshop
dreambastion - Inception (2010) - Walk A Mile Outta My Head [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur/Eames BDSM; this is a really sharp negotiation of BDSM dynamics that also functions as a wonderfully written character study of them both. Really enjoyed this.
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  inception:thisthisthis!  recs:thisthisthisthis  eames-is-the-best-boyfriend-ever  arthur-is-the-bottomliest-bottom 
december 2016 by bookshop
kenopsia (indie) - Inception (2010) - Don't Call Me Legion [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur had not, strictly speaking, attempted to summon a demon. Despite his best efforts, he could not seem to convince the demon of this. // bookmarking this delightful fic so i don't lose it again!
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  inception:thisthisthis! 
october 2016 by bookshop
Trojie - Inception (2010) - loaded [Archive of Our Own]
no one writes smoking hot characterizaton through porn like Trojie, and this whole informal series of relationship development through kink is incredible. But this one, the combination of gunplay and ~loaded~ metaphors and intimacy, is just utterly the best yet. <33333
recs  recs:fanfic  inception  inception:thisthisthis!  recs:thisthisthisthis 
september 2016 by bookshop
poseidon - Inception (2010) - flashback [Archive of Our Own]
nice little cobb-POV fic about the team moving on with their lives post-inception. Hints of Cobb/Saito and A/E on the side.
inception  recs  recs:fanfic 
september 2016 by bookshop
dremiel - Inception (2010) - Passive Surveillance [Archive of Our Own]
cute hot little fic about two international criminals exchanging foreplay while talking in (ridiculous) code over an NSA-surveillance-heavy line. :D
arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts)  inception  inception:thisthisthis!  recs  recs:fanfic 
september 2016 by bookshop
Trope: Clothes
Woefully missing "Protect This House" and "Fashion is all about eventually becoming naked" but yes
inception  inception:tropes 
september 2016 by bookshop
Dozens of recs for the "spy" trope
The inception scavenger hunt provides tons of trope fics. Not sure what the difference is between these and the "James Bond" recs that turn up later in the challenge:
inception  inception:tropes 
september 2016 by bookshop
the mating dance of bright-eyed thieves
in which ariadne observes eames and arthur's unorthodox mating ritual—beautifully written, and i can't believe i never recced this before!
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  inception:thisthisthis!  arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts) 
september 2016 by bookshop
sadkjfhhhaiodfh ok I need some help here please... - bookshop
fic where arthur and eames are sort of reluctant to start a relationship but then they do and lose themselves in each other with full abandon and have those sorts of wonderful tender, almost heartbreaking conversations/moments when they are together and ugh
inception  inception:tropes 
september 2016 by bookshop
this is just the inception section (with links!) from the other day's loooooong-ass saucery fic recs post :D
recs  recs:lists-by-others  inception 
august 2016 by bookshop
over 1200 fics of 20k length or more
not hyperlinked, almost wholly m/m slash, HUGE, lots of arthur/eames novellas :D
recs  recs:lists-by-others  inception 
august 2016 by bookshop
Apotropaic - Inception (2010) - Not Easy On My Knees [Archive of Our Own]
BDSM with very submissive top!Arthur and very dominating bottom!Eames. Nice dynamics and hot!
august 2016 by bookshop
Fic Rec Spreadsheet - Google Sheets
list of fic recs, inception + other fandoms, that have been recced in the inceptionchat slack!
recs  recs:lists-by-others  inception  inception:meta 
august 2016 by bookshop
Aja! Hi! I'm looking for a fic - I know sometimes... - bookshop
inception:tropes  inception 
august 2016 by bookshop
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