Fail Fandom Anon - Imzy
Remember the pinboard google doc full of specs and feature add requests? This is basically that, but for Imzy's fandom community.
4 days ago
Apotropaic - Inception (2010) - Not Easy On My Knees [Archive of Our Own]
BDSM with very submissive top!Arthur and very dominating bottom!Eames. Nice dynamics and hot!
4 days ago
Attribution on the web / fuzzy notepad
outlining the problems with attribution on the internet, at a metadata / file name level
internet-culture  media:social-media-&-technology 
11 days ago
Aja! Hi! I'm looking for a fic - I know sometimes... - bookshop
18 days ago
astolat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - Timeshare [Archive of Our Own]
omg wonderful smart gripping take on the soulbonding trope and harry and draco having to spend the summer tied together at their respective domains. brilliant and hot and essential, as always *__*
ilushalott  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  hd:recs  hd:obsession  hd:telepathy-&-bonding  hd:this-means-war  hd:in-school  hd:hatesexftw  hd:best-of-the-best-of-the-best  hd:magical-mishaps-yay! 
19 days ago
astolat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - Matched Set [Archive of Our Own]
a beautiful mix of a) size kink with shameless bottom!harry and b) the hollowness of an 8th year in post-war hogwarts, with draco and harry trying to sound out their need to return to the school and each other, repairing the damage they've done. <33333
recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  hd:recs  hd:voldemort-is-dead-so-now-what  hd:corridors-&-classrooms  hd:obsession  hd:partners  hd:in-school 
20 days ago
astolat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - Slithering [Archive of Our Own]
“You look like—like something out of fairy tales,” he groaned, running a hand over his face. “God, I don’t believe I’m even saying this out loud to anyone, much less you.”

“I am something out of fairy tales!” Draco howled at him in fury. “I’m a fucking wizard! So are you! It’s no excuse for your fancying me!” // She kissed his cheek when he left, and then abruptly laid her hand on it, cupping his face and looking at him with a strange, half-familiar expression he couldn’t place until he got home and looked in his one uncracked mirror and saw it there on his own face: you made it out, too. They’d escaped the trap, with its waiting teeth, the one that had swallowed so many of the rest of their family. // this fic is absolutely magnificent; a tour de force of draco characterization from start to finish. (It's shalott, so, of course it is; but even so, the journey this fic takes draco on is one of the best and cleanest and most straightforwardly believable and compelling i've ever read in this fandom.)
recs  recs:fanfic  hd:best-of-the-best-of-the-best  hd:recs  hd:obsession  hd:let's-pretend-the-war-is-over  hd:partners  hd:parsssssseltongue  hd:magical-mishaps-yay!  draco♥  hd:journeys 
20 days ago
Death from Above
website that maps injuries and death due to U.S. drone strikes; seems to have no data after 2012?
politics  politics:race-and-culture 
23 days ago
An Open Letter to Our Community
racist attacks at the oregon shakespeare festival, jfc
theatre  politics:race-and-culture 
25 days ago
earlgreytea68 - Inception (2010) - Safe House [Archive of Our Own]
“Darling,” Eames huffed against Arthur’s temple, and then stroked his hand down Arthur’s back. Arthur didn’t move away, didn’t protest. “Darling, darling,” Eames murmured on a sigh. “Did you think there was any chance I wouldn’t wait for you? That I wouldn’t be there with your getaway car when you needed me?”
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  love~joy~inception  arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts) 
25 days ago
wildhoneypie - Inception (2010) - A Stash, A Weapon, His Name [Archive of Our Own]
IN WHICH: Eames tries to find a face that fits, tries to stop hanging out in alleys & wearing tank tops like a slutty DJ, and Arthur? Arthur just tries, really hard, at everything. // gorgeous, sharp fic about Eames getting in over his head with the wrong kind of work, and Arthur doing everything he can to save him without realizing how totally fucked he is himself. <3
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  inception:thisthisthis!  arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts)  arthur-leads-eames-on-merry-chases  inception:mindfuckery 
25 days ago
Shuri - PoC characters in the Harry Potter books/films/games
a (very short list) of all the known POC in HP, including characters whose racial identity isn't known but for which there is speculation
hp  hp:discussion 
4 weeks ago
Trojie - Inception (2010) - expensive holes to bury things [Archive of Our Own]
Eames is not, in actual fact, some kind of sex fiend. The reality is much more prosaic than that. It's just that he needs to be entirely on top form to forge, and that means having no niggling desires of his own that might override the characterisation of his forgeries.

Extractors worry about their emotional baggage bringing along projections. For forgers, it's physical presence. It's hard to shake off the phantom sensations of your own body. And if you're hungry, or sore, or, well, gagging for it, it gets distracting.

So yes, he has a small selection of reliable sex toys in his luggage. He doesn't use them all the time, or on every job.

It's just that when Arthur's around, he needs them more.
inception  inception:thisthisthis!  recs  recs:fanfic  eames-is-the-bamfiest-bamf  except-for-when-arthur-out-bamfs-him  inception:mindfuckery  arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts) 
4 weeks ago
Trojie - Inception (2010) - so what's it gonna take? [Archive of Our Own]
characterization through sex is one of the greatest thing ever, and this fic where arthur gets drugged and comes on to eames is SO GOOD. <3333 trojie fics = hot and excellent. this is like a mini-version of cosmic sandwich but with an even more self-aware A&E and it's so so so good.
recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  inception  inception:thisthisthis!  arthur-leads-eames-on-merry-chases  arthur-is-the-bottomliest-bottom  eames-is-the-best-boyfriend-ever  inception:mindfuckery 
4 weeks ago
Fics where Arthur and Eames meet online or have webcam shenanigans etc
Fics where Arthur and Eames meet online or through porn sites or some sort of internet webcam / chat service is involved:

Press New Game http://reliablemachine.livejournal.com/3849.html?style=mine ...
inception  inception:tropes  from notes
5 weeks ago
raitala - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - Shine, Even in the Darkness [Archive of Our Own]
huge sucker for deconstructions of soul bonds that I am, this fic was made for me. I love raitala's writing (and her art) and this fic is great. Not to mention smoking hot, classic H/D dynamic that doesn't really *feel* like a post-war epilogue-compliant fic which is probably the best thing I can ever say about a post-war epilogue-compliant fic. :D The characterizations of Luna, Fleur, and Hermione are all excellent as well. (Team Fleur! <3)
recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  hd:recs  hd:obsession  hd:veela!draco  hd:let's-pretend-the-war-is-over  hd:cheer-up-emo-kid  draco♥  hd:quidditch!fic  hd:telepathy-&-bonding 
5 weeks ago
Pottermore Masterlist: hd_fan_fair
This is really cool! It's a masterlist of all new canon entries at Pottermore *_*
hp  hp:discussion  meta 
5 weeks ago
youcantsaymylastname - Inception (2010) - I bet he made a handy chart to explain this mess [Archive of Our Own]
The one where Arthur is a were-Kraken! Because I guess there are now multiple fics in this fandom where Arthur is a cephalopod and that's great :D also has adorable gif art for ♡
inception  inception:canon-AU  inception:thisthisthis!  arthur's-life-is-so-hard 
5 weeks ago
mayachain - Inception (2010) - Exercises in being a Cobb [Archive of Our Own]
short, neat little fic about james and philippa growing up among dreamers — what they learn and what they reject. I kind of wish this was a lot longer and/or that the world was full of fics about james and philippa. <3
inception  inception:thisthisthis! 
6 weeks ago
Fahye - Inception - Autoimmunity [Archive of Our Own]
I apparently have never recced this according to pinboard which is a travesty, because this fic is (of course, given that it's Fahye) layered and incisive and brilliant. Eames, his backstory, and his learning to be who he is, presented so straightforwardly that it's amazing how deceptive, how self-deceptive, this still manages to be — how terrifying and easy it is to imagine Eames' sense of self dropping away all together, and, of course, how potent, effective, and hot Arthur and Eames together are as one hell of a reality check. //

Eames doesn't dream but reality blurs sometimes when he's falling asleep in his own bed, and sometimes when he's waking up. There are so many people within him now, he thinks, that if his subconscious were asked to populate a dream, it might recognise him as foreign and attack him at once. Even if he wasn't forging a thing. All the people whose personas he's ever stolen might appear as projections and reach out their furious hands for him, and he'd die, and maybe he wouldn't kick out. Maybe that's another way you can reach limbo.

He wakes up in a nice hotel in Florence and there's sunlight streaming through a crack in the curtains, but he still gets that awful early-morning dread that rises when you stand up too quickly, and his skin feels so thin it could tear with the slighest pressure.

He goes to the bathroom and splashes his face with water and then looks up at the mirror, even though he knows it won't help. He can always find his true face in mirrors, if he looks hard enough, no matter how many layers deep he goes. It's not a guarantee of anything.

"My dear Rosencrantz," he murmurs.

And after a long pause: "My dear Guildenstern."

He closes his eyes; the dread floods back and for a sickening moment he can't remember his own name.
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  inception:thisthisthis!  eames-is-the-bamfiest-bamf  inception:mindfuckery  inception:backstory  inception:absolute-best 
6 weeks ago
kenopsia (indie) - Inception (2010) - Lion Thing [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur will let people do almost anything to him if he's got their full attention. If he can't have what he wants, he might as well have something. He's giving his shifter roommate Eames an ulcer. // A really nice, complex unfolding of mutual understanding between Arthur and Eames in an AU-verse where Eames is, mildly, part lion and Arthur is a sub searching for a BDSM relationship without really knowing what he wants. The sex is hot but the intimacy between A/E falling in love is even hotter. <3 Eames is utterly fantastic in this <333333
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  inception:thisthisthis!  eames-is-the-best-boyfriend-ever  arthur-is-the-bottomliest-bottom  arthur-when-will-you-realize-(vienna-waits-for-you) 
6 weeks ago
waspabi - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - Stately Homes of Wiltshire [Archive of Our Own]
“So, I’ve waited this long to ask: how the fuck was it?” Ron pushed a pint across the table towards Harry. Hermione sipped thoughtfully at her cider and watched them both.

“It was…” Harry frowned down at his pint. How was it? Odd, definitely. Annoying. Slightly surreal? “Fine,” Harry said. He turned to his beer, which was cold and wheaty and never had a feud with him for eleven and a half years and then made him confused and oddly sympathetic on and off for four.

“Is he as much of a prat as ever?” Ron asked, his eyebrows going sympathetic. “Did he order you around? How many bigoted things do you reckon he said per hour, like on average? More or less than four?”

“Taking the piss out of my terrible assignment? It’s all right.” Harry smiled and flicked little pieces of torn up napkin her way. It’s true that if Ron had been assigned the Malfoy case, he’d have taken the piss significantly more than Ron had been doing. “Anyway, I think the number’s…” Harry trailed off. “One?”

“One an hour?” Ron made a face. “Damn. I really had my heart set on six.”

“I win,” Hermione said, beaming. “The washing up is all yours, Ronald.”

“No, one… total. Maybe one and a half?” Harry thought about whether the crack Malfoy had made about the word ‘serviette’ counted, and decided it did. “Two and a half, tops.”
recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  hd:recs  harry/draco  hd:obsession  hd:let's-pretend-the-war-is-over  hd:life-among-the-muggles  hd:auror!fic  hd:cheer-up-emo-kid  hd:voldemort-is-dead-so-now-what 
6 weeks ago
Oodles, kavsdick - Inception (2010) - The Man of One Thousand Faces [Archive of Our Own]
This could go very wrong,” you say, finally stopping. You turn your face to the moon. Not the sun, but close enough. You, too, stick your hand in your pocket. You pull out the small dark compact and open it up, staring at the cracked mirror inside. Two faces stare back at you, yours and his. // fantastic little fic of the classic inception lost-in-limbo fragmented soul mindfucks variety. I've missed this side of the fandom. ♡
inception  inception:mindfuckery  angstception  recs  recs:fanfic  inception:thisthisthis! 
7 weeks ago
PoorWendy - Inception (2010) - Rhodochrosite [Archive of Our Own]
lovely, poignant little fic where Arthur meets a girl who reminds him of Mal. <3
inception  angstception  recs  recs:fanfic  inception:thisthisthis! 
7 weeks ago
Trojie - Inception (2010) - knife to a gunfight [Archive of Our Own]
Yesssss one of my fave inception writers writing one of my fave tropes. Short, messy, hot, and brimful with characterization: Arthur always puts him so deep inside himself, it's like he has to wake up again afterwards. // Happy inceptiversary to me. (Also pinboard note for people who like fics where Arthur tops, since I get asked this a lot, most of Trojie's fics have a really fluid dynamic with top!Arthur.)
recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  inception  inception:thisthisthis!  arthur-leads-eames-on-merry-chases  eames-is-the-best-boyfriend-ever 
7 weeks ago
achray - The Night Manager (TV) - Managed [Archive of Our Own]
lol this is the only way the plot of this ridiculous series makes any sense.
recs  recs:fanfic 
8 weeks ago
Tag: OOC
a fandom-focused literary magazine???????
publishing  fandom 
11 weeks ago
How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist — Medium
Instead of viewing the world in terms of availability of choices, we should view the world in terms of friction required to enact choices. Imagine a world where choices were labeled with how difficult they were to fulfill (like coefficients of friction) and there was an FDA for Tech that labeled these difficulties and set standards for how easy navigation should be. // this is all so good, a paul fordian look at how social engineering becomes design architecture.
internet-culture  design 
may 2016
Women Are the Invisible Victims of PTSD | Motherboard
Women with PTSD often don’t show the same set of behaviors as men with PTSD, so they’re often misdiagnosed
politics:gender-and-sexuality  politics:disability-and-health 
may 2016
Bots | A Working Library
great essay about the gendered assumptions being built into "female"-assigned AIs.
media:news&culture  media:social-media-&-technology 
may 2016
Noel Wells: A Q&A With the Comedic 'Master of None' Star | LADYGUNN
I found SNL to be fairly conservative… It’s very much a boys club, in a rigid, unimaginative type of way. I was cast as the “cute girl” and I was treated like I was dumb and didn’t belong. And I admired so many people there, so to be invited in but then kept on the outside was devastating. It was the loneliest year of my life, and I’m pretty sure I got into comedy because of loneliness. When it ended, I felt very much like a bad breakup. Deep down, I probably saw that SNL wasn’t right for me, but I would have tried to stay with it longer, even if it killed me. But when they dumped me, I really had to get clear about what I wanted and my values and the type of work I wanted to create, and I recognized I’d be able to be much more successful in more meaningful ways without the show looming over me.
media:news&culture  politics:gender-and-sexuality 
april 2016
the bottom!draco emporium-- Daisychain!Draco
omg did you guys know that Daisychain!Draco STILL EXISTS ON THE INTERNET omg omg
hd:as-classic-as-it-gets  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  harry/draco 
march 2016
lettered - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - IDK My BFF Hermione? [Archive of Our Own]
ok i swear i read and recced this years ago but whatever here we go again. Draco Malfoy is clearly Up To Something, or so Harry thinks. :D
recs  recs:fanfic  hd:recs  recs:thisthisthisthis  hd:obsession  hd:let's-pretend-the-war-is-over  harry/draco 
march 2016
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