Blame bad incentives for bad science | Science News
“Real evaluation of scientific quality is as hard as doing the science in the first place,” Nosek says. “So, just like everyone else, scientists use heuristics to evaluate each other's work when they don't have time to dig into it for a complete evaluation.” // or, why we should be just as skeptical of science as everything else
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that o.O tampon / clueless state rep / periods anecdote so you don't lose it again
7 days ago
kenopsia (indie) - Inception (2010) - Don't Call Me Legion [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur had not, strictly speaking, attempted to summon a demon. Despite his best efforts, he could not seem to convince the demon of this. // bookmarking this delightful fic so i don't lose it again!
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24 days ago
Leif & Thorn – Magic. Comedy. Sparkles. Gay stuff. Unicorns.
Sparkly fantasy dramedy with magic, bilingual shenanigans, lots of queer characters, and the occasional dragon.

A team of Knights are summoned to the capitol city of Ceannis, to guard the embassy of neighboring Sønheim. Thorn is the leader of the knights. Leif prunes the embassy’s rose trees. Both jobs end up being weirder, more complicated, and more hazardous than they look.
4 weeks ago
16-year-old Maggie Cole is about to make history.
The youngest daughter of an AHL superstar and a stand out defense woman in her own right, MC’s leaving her small but prestigious Minnesota hockey program and headed to Massachusetts. After receiving a call from the Cambridge Knights, a USHL expansion team quickly establishing themselves as a force in the east, MC has to prove to the team, the coaches, and the critics she deserves a spot in the starting lineup. With a supportive head coach leading the charge, MC, her defense partner, Tony Mancini, and the Knights have their eyes set on the elusive Clark Cup. With new teams come old rivalries – MC just didn’t expect the most challenging rivalry would come from within her own d-pair.
A defense woman has never played regulation minutes with a USHL junior hockey team. MC might be the first – that is, if Tony’ll pass to her once in a while.
4 weeks ago
Trojie - Inception (2010) - loaded [Archive of Our Own]
no one writes smoking hot characterizaton through porn like Trojie, and this whole informal series of relationship development through kink is incredible. But this one, the combination of gunplay and ~loaded~ metaphors and intimacy, is just utterly the best yet. <33333
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6 weeks ago
poseidon - Inception (2010) - flashback [Archive of Our Own]
nice little cobb-POV fic about the team moving on with their lives post-inception. Hints of Cobb/Saito and A/E on the side.
inception  recs  recs:fanfic 
6 weeks ago
dremiel - Inception (2010) - Passive Surveillance [Archive of Our Own]
cute hot little fic about two international criminals exchanging foreplay while talking in (ridiculous) code over an NSA-surveillance-heavy line. :D
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6 weeks ago
Trope: Clothes
Woefully missing "Protect This House" and "Fashion is all about eventually becoming naked" but yes
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7 weeks ago
Dozens of recs for the "spy" trope
The inception scavenger hunt provides tons of trope fics. Not sure what the difference is between these and the "James Bond" recs that turn up later in the challenge: http://insearchtion.livejournal.com/5819.html?thread=101819#t101819
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7 weeks ago
the mating dance of bright-eyed thieves
in which ariadne observes eames and arthur's unorthodox mating ritual—beautifully written, and i can't believe i never recced this before!
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  inception:thisthisthis!  arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts) 
7 weeks ago
sadkjfhhhaiodfh ok I need some help here please... - bookshop
fic where arthur and eames are sort of reluctant to start a relationship but then they do and lose themselves in each other with full abandon and have those sorts of wonderful tender, almost heartbreaking conversations/moments when they are together and ugh
inception  inception:tropes 
7 weeks ago
The Scandalous Tale of the Diagon Nursery Calendar [Archive of Our Own]
In which Hermione finds herself again following her divorce, becomes re-acquainted with old enemies, and nearly everyone takes their clothes off. // Hermione/Photographer!Pansy with background Lavendar/Parvati. Set post-war, deals with a really compelling adult relationship + gender roles and parenting. Also, very hot. (Note: updating dead link)
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7 weeks ago
FIC/ART: Matching-Muff Matrimony (1/3), Ginny/Pansy, NC-17.: scarletwomen
omg it's fantastic marriage of convenience femslash :D! It was a comfortable marriage of inconvenience, really, given how much they hated each other. (note: updating dead link)
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7 weeks ago
kerisempai - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - A Lean and Hungry Look [Archive of Our Own]
Someone’s out to kill Pansy Parkinson. Can her former enemies put aside their own prejudices long enough to save her life? // This is 21,000 words of incredible hermione/pansy dynamic. *_*
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7 weeks ago
this is just the inception section (with links!) from the other day's loooooong-ass saucery fic recs post :D
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7 weeks ago
Girls on Film: How Women Shaped Horror | Moviefone.com
a source for a (basic) rundown of women behind horror production in hollywood
film  politics:gender-and-sexuality  media:news&culture 
7 weeks ago
Washington Monthly | GOP Leadership Has Been Ejected From the Epistemic Bubble
One of the chief problems, Sykes said, was that it had become impossible to prove to listeners that Trump was telling falsehoods because over the past several decades, the conservative news media had “basically eliminated any of the referees, the gatekeepers.”

“There’s nobody,” he lamented. “Let’s say that Donald Trump basically makes whatever you want to say, whatever claim he wants to make. And everybody knows it’s a falsehood. The big question of my audience, it is impossible for me to say that, ‘By the way, you know it’s false.’ And they’ll say, ‘Why? I saw it on Allen B. West.’ Or they’ll say, ‘I saw it on a Facebook page.’ And I’ll say, ‘The New York Times did a fact check.’ And they’ll say, ‘Oh, that’s The New York Times. That’s bulls—.’ There’s nobody — you can’t go to anybody and say, ‘Look, here are the facts.'”
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8 weeks ago
over 1200 fics of 20k length or more
not hyperlinked, almost wholly m/m slash, HUGE, lots of arthur/eames novellas :D
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8 weeks ago
Anonymous - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - Lost and Found [Archive of Our Own]
nice little fic wherein harry mourns the relationship he and draco never got to build while investigating a matter related to his death.
recs  recs:fanfic  hd:recs  hd:voldemort-is-dead-so-now-what  hd:life-among-the-muggles  hd:auror!fic 
8 weeks ago
Fail Fandom Anon - Imzy
Remember the pinboard google doc full of specs and feature add requests? This is basically that, but for Imzy's fandom community.
9 weeks ago
Apotropaic - Inception (2010) - Not Easy On My Knees [Archive of Our Own]
BDSM with very submissive top!Arthur and very dominating bottom!Eames. Nice dynamics and hot!
9 weeks ago
Attribution on the web / fuzzy notepad
outlining the problems with attribution on the internet, at a metadata / file name level
internet-culture  media:social-media-&-technology 
10 weeks ago
Aja! Hi! I'm looking for a fic - I know sometimes... - bookshop
inception:tropes  inception 
11 weeks ago
astolat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - Timeshare [Archive of Our Own]
omg wonderful smart gripping take on the soulbonding trope and harry and draco having to spend the summer tied together at their respective domains. brilliant and hot and essential, as always *__*
ilushalott  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  hd:recs  hd:obsession  hd:telepathy-&-bonding  hd:this-means-war  hd:in-school  hd:hatesexftw  hd:best-of-the-best-of-the-best  hd:magical-mishaps-yay! 
11 weeks ago
astolat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - Matched Set [Archive of Our Own]
a beautiful mix of a) size kink with shameless bottom!harry and b) the hollowness of an 8th year in post-war hogwarts, with draco and harry trying to sound out their need to return to the school and each other, repairing the damage they've done. <33333
recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  hd:recs  hd:voldemort-is-dead-so-now-what  hd:corridors-&-classrooms  hd:obsession  hd:partners  hd:in-school 
11 weeks ago
astolat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - Slithering [Archive of Our Own]
“You look like—like something out of fairy tales,” he groaned, running a hand over his face. “God, I don’t believe I’m even saying this out loud to anyone, much less you.”

“I am something out of fairy tales!” Draco howled at him in fury. “I’m a fucking wizard! So are you! It’s no excuse for your fancying me!” // She kissed his cheek when he left, and then abruptly laid her hand on it, cupping his face and looking at him with a strange, half-familiar expression he couldn’t place until he got home and looked in his one uncracked mirror and saw it there on his own face: you made it out, too. They’d escaped the trap, with its waiting teeth, the one that had swallowed so many of the rest of their family. // this fic is absolutely magnificent; a tour de force of draco characterization from start to finish. (It's shalott, so, of course it is; but even so, the journey this fic takes draco on is one of the best and cleanest and most straightforwardly believable and compelling i've ever read in this fandom.)
recs  recs:fanfic  hd:best-of-the-best-of-the-best  hd:recs  hd:obsession  hd:let's-pretend-the-war-is-over  hd:partners  hd:parsssssseltongue  hd:magical-mishaps-yay!  draco♥  hd:journeys 
11 weeks ago
Death from Above
website that maps injuries and death due to U.S. drone strikes; seems to have no data after 2012?
politics  politics:race-and-culture 
12 weeks ago
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