Elstree 1976 (2015)
A thing I filmed is going to get its British TV debut on Sky Cinema.

Mad right?
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may 2017
Tall Tech Teacher - Home
RT : New blog post: it's Tech Tip Thursday this week! Talking about &
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april 2017
This article really reminds me of me today except I got up at noon, ate pasta and a whole Easter egg and felt sick
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march 2016
FilmDev | Recipe Finder
new recipe finder function on my favorite film dev database :) try it out!
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february 2016
Not my notes but that of the summariser and England legend Terry Butcher.
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february 2016
The Rescued Film Project
Amazing cache of 31 rolls of WWII era film - developed for the first time.
, you might like this.
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june 2015
Bacon, Egg and Toast Cups
I’m not normally into cute food. I’d rather have my food look delicious and say, “Eat. Me. Now.” Cute food makes me a little sad and guilty when I take that first bite, especially if the food has an adorable smiley face on it. Poor disfigured thing! Am I right?! But these Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups are cute. But ... Read More
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november 2014
(500) http://is.gd/Werv51
Sites Legais: FilmDev...receitas pra revelação caseira!
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may 2014
Alain de Botton on Art as Therapy - YouTube
Alain de Botton on Art as Therapy: worth a viewing..
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april 2014
FilmDev | Everyone's recipes
cool site on developing film that I always forget the name of: gotta love it for the example shots!
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march 2014
Untitled (http://darktimer2.dev76.org)
RT : DarkTimer 2 1.2 with FilmDev.'s Film Developer Recipe import. Submitted to the AppStore.
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february 2014
Please note our Christmas opening hours for the festive season...
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december 2013
FilmDev | jmickevi's recipe | Ilford HP5+ 400 in Kodak T-MAX 1+4
I've got a bottle of Kodak T-Max on the go at the moment, turning out nicely! Used this recipe:
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december 2013
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