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Chicken and Biscuits in a Pot Recipe - Grace Parisi | Food & Wine
easy biscuit dough that is dropped in the pan. Oven is quite hot, so cooks in about a half hour
chicken  shiitake  cookedchicken  thyme  sage  milk  peas  oven 
april 2017 by bodeswell
Salt Cod Cakes with Herbed Mayonnaise Recipe - Sascha Lyon | Food & Wine
9/12/15. Salt Cod Cakes with Herbed Mayonnaise. Probably the worst-written recipe I've ever seen. The potato chunks are way too large, and there's nothing to hold the cakes together. I added an egg, and then some flour, and they still didn't hold together. Finally, I dumped the whole bowl into the cast-iron pan with a good amount of oil and let it fry until well browned, about ten minutes. Then I flipped it (doable, even though it was heavy) to fry it on the other side similarly. It still didn't entirely hold together, but it was good anyway. I used fresh cod, about 12 ounces of it, and didn't make the herb sauce. Instead used the green goddess dressing I had on hand.
salt  cod  tarragon  milk  potatoes  cream  fish  cod 
february 2014 by bodeswell
Milk-Braised Pork Loin
8/21/13. Milk-Braised Pork Loin from Cook’s Illustrated. This all worked out more or less as planned, although I was unsure about reducing the milk. It said first “to the consistency of cream” and then lower the heat until it is the consistency of a thin batter. That was not particularly helpful, but once you get it down around that far, I got afraid of not having any sauce left if I kept on going. I also overcooked the pork (fine for Carmela); have to remember that the oven is fast.
sage  whole  milk  boneless  pork  loin  salt  pork  Cooks 
august 2013 by bodeswell
Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Gratin Recipe - David Kinch | Food & Wine
a luxurious version. bakes for two hours, which is really unnecessary
side  milk  sweetpotatoes  party  cream  goatcheese  honey 
june 2013 by bodeswell
Norwegian Meatballs Recipe - Signe Johansen | Food & Wine
9/12/13. Norwegian Meatballs. These were outstanding. I made them with the usual meatloaf mix rather than lamb and ground beef, and I didn’t have brandy. I put in a bit of port, but probably not enough to make a difference. No matter, they were excellent. The cocoa-inflected sauce (I made exactly half of the recipe) was terrific – unusual but wonderful – and the gjetost cheese was a subtle addition. A go-to. Last five ingredients are for sauce. 11/5/13. Norwegian Meatballs. Although this was the third time I’ve made this, but it felt like the firest. I don’t remember reducing the stock, and maybe I used Wondra then too. I used the full amount of creme fraiche, which is more than the other times.Anyway, it eventually thickened and was good. Used brandy this time, and that maybe thinned the sauce. I grilled the meatballs this time, and that was good. Next time, sauté the onions and reduce the stock early. 12/7/14. Excellent again. Used bourbon--different, not necessarily better.
Yogurt  Gjetost  milk  go-to  brandy  cocoa  groundveal  Cremefraiche  Beefstock 
may 2013 by bodeswell
Milk "Mayonnaise" (Maionese de Leite) recipe from Food52
12/2/12. The milk mayonnaise was very good. I added some horseradish and Worcestershire sauce to the steak, and that was fine.
interesting  whole  milk  condiment 
november 2012 by bodeswell

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