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Tofu Casserole Recipe - Takashi Yagihashi | Food & Wine
10/4/12. Made the dashi and froze it served as a kind of soupy casserole, but could be tweaked in a number of ways. 1/30/14. Tofu Casserole. A more experimental version. Take a look. 2/10/12. Tofu Casserole. This is essentially a soup or broth with vegetables, but it was outstanding. I made my own dashi stock, using seaweed and bonito flakes and some soy sauce and I thought it was very good. But the dish as a whole was wonderfully invigorating and fresh and filling at the same time. I had it the next day and it was just as good.I did not try it with yuzu. shopping list: dashi (or make my own), edamame, water chestnuts, shiitake, baby spinach, mirin.
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november 2011 by bodeswell

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