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How To Make Chicken Lettuce Wraps - Recipe | The Kitchn
6/15/16. Chicken Lettuce Wraps. These were OK, but might be better with dark meat chicken or turkey or ground pork. Added roasted orange pepper to the filling, which was a little bland. Didn’t add hot red pepper or hot sauce, and that would have been something. I did like the water chestnuts. Could have added chopped peanuts too. I didn’t add cornstarch to the sauce, so it was runny and ran out of the lettuce. In general, the butter lettuce didn’t hold the filling very well. Romaine might have been better, or maybe just rice.
asian  groundchicken  mushrooms  water  chestnuts  ginger  lettuce  scallions  hoisin 
june 2015 by bodeswell
Cookstr - Kung Pao Broccoli and Tofu
5/14/15. Kung Pao Broccoli and Tofu. I like this, but there’s a lot of technique. First the tofu takes a long time to brown and then gets tough. Continue to reduce the amount of browning. Second, the peanuts burned very quickly in hot oil. Finally, there should be more sauce. However, it’s worth continuing to improve this. Also made the black rice, but I need to know that this is whole-grain and basically needs an hour and a 4:1 ratio of water to rice.
sesame  seeds  vegetarian  peanuts  water  chestnuts  ginger  broccoli  tofu  asian 
april 2015 by bodeswell
Root Vegetable, Pear and Chestnut Ragout Recipe - John Besh | Food & Wine
these are Bosc pears. There is a lot of chopping and sauting here, which is why it takes more than an hour even though each step doesn't take particularly long.
chestnuts  thyme  chicken  stock  golden  beets  pears  turnips  celery  root  side 
october 2011 by bodeswell

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