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Roasted Butternut Squash Ribbons with Arugula, Pancetta, and Hazelnut Salad recipe |
11/15/18. I cut out so many steps I don't know what the real dish is like. No pancetta, no chicory, no hazelnuts. I reduced some fresh apple juice for the dressing,, which barely scratched the surface of the taste. The squash is a little hard to cut into ribbons, and mine might have been too thin. The recipe says to use a vegetable peeler, but that's pretty tricky. Maybe easier with a Y-shaped peeler.
Hazelnuts  arugula  pancetta  chicory  squash 
october 2018 by bodeswell
Winter Squash and Savoy Cabbage Gratin with Garlic Crema
 Recipe - Matthew Accarrino | Food & Wine
A little bit fussy -- two kinds of squash roasted, garlic simmered, lots of chopping. Worth a try on a weekend.
squash  cabbage  sauce  cornstarch  cheddar  fontina  parsley  sage  hazelnuts 
february 2017 by bodeswell
Swordfish with Romesco Sauce Recipe - Jonathan Waxman | Food & Wine
4/8/16. Swordfish with Romesco Sauce. I used tilapia. I didn’t have Calabrian chiles, but used Calabrian pepper flakes. I used pistachios instead of hazelnuts, but I did roast them. Used almond slices. The nuts didn’t became a paste in the food processor, but that didn’t seem to matter. The vegetables burned a bit on the pan, and in a shorter time than specified, with our oven at 415°. I liked the sauce a little better than the usual romesco, maybe because of all the pepper.
sauce  hazelnuts  almonds  fish  jalapeno  calabrianchiles  cherrytomatoes 
april 2016 by bodeswell
Hazelnut-Chive Dressing Recipe - NYT Cooking
These are raw hazelnuts. Also calls for pink peppercorns.
chives  dressing  hazelnuts 
may 2015 by bodeswell
Microwaved Radicchio Salad | Recipe | ChefSteps
3/16/15. Microwaved Radicchio Salad. Certainly easy. I didn’t make the chive oil, but that’s not difficult either. It was pretty good; too bitter for Carmela.
radicchio  salad  hazelnuts  chives  blue  cheese  buttermilk 
december 2014 by bodeswell
Endive and Apple Salad with Warm Goat Cheese - Fine Cooking Recipes, Techniques and Tips
4/8/14. Endive and Apple Salad with Warm Goat Cheese. This has a lot of moving parts for a fairly simple salad. You have to reduce pomegranate juice (I had pomegranate molasses already), saute the endive, chop and saute the shallot and apple, warm the goat cheese with the toasted nuts, and combine parts in steps. I simplified some of those steps and it was fine, although the pomegranate dressing was too thick. Probably my pomegranate molasses was too thick for this.
Salad  endive  apples  goatcheese  hazelnuts  spinach  chives  pomegranatejuice 
march 2014 by bodeswell
Gorgonzola and Hazelnut Stuffed Pears with Pancetta Crisps and Mâche - Fine Cooking Recipes, Techniques and Tips¬es=
11/28/12 Also made Gorgonzola and Hazelnut-Stuffed Pears with Pancetta Crisps and Mache, although I left out the pancetta and used regular gorgonzola rather than gorgonzola dolce and mesclun instead of Mache, without the dressing. And the pears were too ripe. It was pretty spicy, and although I didn’t mind that so much, they seem to be some aspect that was missing. Not sure that stuffing the pears with the cheese and nuts is the best way to go about it. Maybe just cut up the pears and make them together. The pairs maybe should be roasted if they are still very firm, or not if they are very ripe, as these were, though still passed under the broiler to get the cheese to melt a little.
Salad  pancetta  hazelnuts  Gorgonzola  pears 
november 2012 by bodeswell
Caramelized Butternut Squash Wedges with a Sage Hazelnut Pesto
Comments suggest a lower oven. 11/6/11.I roasted it for 20 min. at 425, the lower temperature suggested by comments, but the squash burnt on the outside anyway, although not so badly they couldn't be eaten. Flipped the wedges over and cook for 10 more minutes. Next time, try 10 min. on the first side. I didn't make the Sage pesto. 12/4/12. Turkey medallions with sage Pesto from Caramelized Butternut Squash with a Sage-Hazelnut Pesto. The pesto was very good, fairly intense, especially dense. Certainly something I could make again.
sage  squash  hazelnuts  side  pesto 
november 2011 by bodeswell

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