Shawarma-Spiced Tofu Pita Wraps recipe | Epicurious.com
spice mixture looks very good. the yogurt is for the sauce
tofu  yogurt 
25 days ago
This Month at Milk Street | Milk Street
Food Editor Matthew Card has been using guajillo dried chilies in a variety of slightly unorthodox fashions—crisped as a garnish, crumbled into relishes and simmered in oil to use for dressings and mayo. To follow his lead, stem and seed 6 guajillo chilies, then cut crosswise into thin rings. Add to ½ cup neutral oil in a very small saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium-low, stirring frequently, until the oil is sizzling and the chilies are just beginning to darken, 3 to 4 minutes. Immediately strain the chilies from oil and blot dry on paper towels. Use as a garnish for soups, stews, pastas and tacos. Once the oil cools, use it to flavor vinaigrettes and salad dressings, to spice up mayonnaise or aioli, or to sauté with all manner of dishes to add a subtle warmth and ruddy color.
sauce  guajillochiles  diy  milkstreet 
7 weeks ago
Smoked Gouda and Sweet Onion Quesadillas Recipe - Todd Porter and Diane Cu | Food & Wine
An outstanding and surprising combination of tastes. An appetizer, but so good it's worth doing. I made it with a quesadilla of shrimp, avocado, grilled leeks, and spinach.
tortillas  smokedgouda  onions  go-to  appetizer 
7 weeks ago
Chicken Potpie with Chive Mash Potatoes recipe | Epicurious.com
a lot of vegetables, of course. Potatoes and chicken cooked before use, so could make ahead. Or use cooked chicken. One of those old-style, fussy recipes, but would be fun for a rainy-day project
chicken  chickenbreasts  pearlonions  frozenpeas  mushrooms  shallots  chickenstock  sherry  chives  sourcream 
7 weeks ago
Cheese Crackers Recipe - NYT Cooking
the nuts and seeds go in the dough and could be skipped. Dough needs to be chilled, preferably overnight
dough  pecorino  cheddar  eggyolk  pecans  sesameseeds 
7 weeks ago
Pasta With Radicchio, Bacon and Pecans Recipe - NYT Cooking
charring the radicchio is the technique
Tardivo is a different kind of radicchio
Radicchio di Chioggia
Radicchio di Treviso
pasta  rogatoni  radicchio  bacon  ricotta  pecans  pecorino  rosemary 
10 weeks ago
Pasta with Cabbage, Winter Squash and Walnuts
The recipe says the squash cubes will cook in 8 minutes. In a medium heat pan, they actually take about 20 minutes to get tender.
squash  cabbage  pasta  linguine  Cranberries 
january 2019
Yorkshire Pudding recipe | Epicurious.com
Really just a quick bread. Roast beef drippings flavor the bread. See also the descriptive article. https://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/yorkshire-pudding-craig-claiborne-recipe-article
dough  eggs 
december 2018
New York Strip Roast with Rosemary-Orange Crust and Herbed Butter recipe | Epicurious.com
Uses a roast, but I could probably do it with steaks too. The anchovies are pureed with the orange zest and rosemary
beef  stripsteak  anchovies  rosemary  orangezest  breadcrumbs  parsley 
december 2018
Rick Bayless | Black Bean-Sauced Enchiladas
avocado leaves. sauce is made almost entirely just black beans and water
blackbeans  sauce  chorizo 
december 2018
Linguine With Melted Onions and Cream Recipe - NYT Cooking
12/4/18. Linguine with Melted Onions and Cream. I added some sausage and some spinach to make this a main. Very good indeed.
pasta  linguine  cream  tomatopaste 
november 2018
Baked Cheesy Pasta With Wild Mushrooms Recipe - NYT Cooking
roast the mushrooms ahead of time. bakes in the oven for 10-15 minutes
shiitake  pasta  cream  rosemary  orecchiette  farfalle  ricotta  fontina  parmesan  sage 
november 2018
Lentils with Smoked Sausage and Carrots Recipe - Quick From Scratch One-Dish Meals | Food & Wine
12/11/18. Lentils with Smoked Sausage and Carrots. I roasted the carrots whole and then sliced them. Excellent idea. I used regular sausage because that’s what I had. Added some sautéed onions and it was very good. Very much something to do ahead of time and warm up.
lentils  sausage  thyme 
november 2018
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