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Green curry with frozen broccoli stir fry
(The link is is just to the product, I'm just saving this for reference for what I did though fundamentally I was following the instructions on the Thai Kitchen green curry paste jar) a dumb, easy, delicious curry I just made and didn't expect much out of: start rice. dumb frozen veggies (I used like... a half pound of frozen broccoli stir fry mix?) into colander and rinse and let them sit to remove freezer smell.

saute half an onion in coconut oil HEY BETSY MAKE SURE THEY'RE ACTUALLY COOKED ENOUGH U DOOFO, like do medium-low heat for longer next time, they aren't going to be in the full sauce long enough to cook more. Move them into your eventual eating bowl. Saute green curry paste for 10 seconds, then add coconut milk - probably 1/3-1/2 the paste jar to one of those little cans of coconut milk. Add brown sugar LESS THAN YOU DID THIS TIME THOUGH and some chicken bouillon powder. Stir stir bring to simmer. Add onions, maybe simmer them especially if you realize they aren't actually done ahahaha, ha. Add frozen veggies. Go until all nice and hot! Add some fish sauce, maybe salt, etc, and then lots of thai basil. NOM
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february 2018 by bobrhyn

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