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Aloo Gobi (Potatoes and Cauliflower) Recipe | Bon Appetit
There is a video that goes along with it! (argh I need to get asafetida)

Update: this is DELICIOUS. Get real lime and ginger and do NOT skip the cilantro! I subbed garlic and onion powder in for the asafetida since I didn't have any, and significantly upped the spices since mine aren't the freshest. Michael liked it too! (Though he did note that he would have had to eat a LOT of it if he hadn't already eaten some before he came over.)
recipe  vegetarian  cauliflower  indianfood  healthy  entree  potato  havecooked  4noms 
4 weeks ago by bobrhyn
Easy Cauliflower and Chickpea Masala - Budget Bytes
Spices, onion, garlic, frozen cauliflower, canned chickpeas, 15oz can tomato sauce, heavy cream.

Update: Good, easy, cheap, hooray. 4 meals if you make 1.3 cups of rice.
recipe  vegetarian  curry  indianfood  cauliflower  rice  entree  weeknight  cheap  havecooked  3.5noms 
february 2019 by bobrhyn
Food Wishes Video Recipes: Samosadilla (Samosa Quesadilla) – Flat Better
Okay, well, he needs to stop suggesting this is better than samosas, but... damn, fine, yep, sounds great. Onion, garlic, spices, Yukon gold potatoes, cilantro, mint, green onions, plain yogurt.

UPDATE: GOOD. A fair amount of work, but delicious.
recipe  appetizer/side  entree  vegetarian  indianfood  freshmint  5noms  havecooked  partyfood 
january 2019 by bobrhyn
Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala - Budget Bytes
Low for 6 hours, so I could probably do it for game night if I turned it on at lunch.

Update: Cooked it for myself using the Instant Pot! SHOCKINGLY good, though hey, Betsy, when she says you should add more garam masala if yours is old and weak, MAYBE REMEMBER THAT YOURS IS OLD AND WEAK. Also, don't be a coward, brown yours to the same degree as hers. Anyway, yeah, if you go home at noon to turn this on it'd totally work.

UPDATE: Did it for game night, in the Instant Pot! Started it on normal slow cooker around noon, turned it up to high when I got home about 4:30 and it was perfect textures by 6. And AGAIN, Betsy, at least do 1.5 times the spices you think you need and get fresh garam masala, omfg. Also, .5lbs chicken per person, idiot. And add enough salt at the end!!! And don't forget basmati rice!! And actually, really, you should just fix this the night before, then move it into a pot for reheating so you can fix sufficient rice in the Instant Pot.
recipe  entree  slowcooker  chicken  gamenight  indianfood  havecooked  3.5noms  instantpot 
september 2018 by bobrhyn
Kashmiri Dum Aloo Recipe |
Friends, I literally added this note when I originally saved this recipe, and then when it came time to actually cook it I STILL DID NOT READ IT. "READ THE NOTES FIRST, BETSY. "I pierce the peeled raw potatoes with fork to allow quick cooking, and also to allow penetrating flavors into the potato. (very important)""

anyway this was good anyway, oi
recipe  curry  vegetarian  indianfood  potato  entree  rice  havecooked  3.5noms 
april 2017 by bobrhyn
Vegan Chickpea Curry in Pressure Cooker Recipe |
She uses dry, pre-soaked chickpeas, pureed tomatoes, red onion, and lots of other things I usually have.

Update: Made this, and it was fairly tasty, but I... didn't pre-soak the chickpeas, just pre-cooked them in the pressure cooker before doing the rest of the recipe, and BOY DID MY STOMACH HATE ME FOR IT. :( Not 100% sure it was them, but gee whiz. Also, if I make this again, I'm going to be a little bit more careful about using the amount of tomato mentioned (I did too much).
recipe  instantpot  vegetarian  healthy  curry  indianfood  entree  havecooked  3noms 
april 2017 by bobrhyn
Now and Later Butter Chicken in Pressure Cooker - Two Sleevers
All I'd need are chicken thighs, heavy cream, and cilantro, and the rest is spices that I always have on hand. Put most of it in the pressure cooker, cook 10 minutes, remove chicken, blend ingredients in pot, switch to saute, add everything back in and mix. Ta-da.
instantpot  indianfood  recipe  chicken  entree 
april 2017 by bobrhyn
Slow Cooker Indian-Spiced Lentils - Host The Toast
Someone was raving about this on Reddit. They also recommended halving it.
recipe  slowcooker  lentils  indianfood  vegetarian 
august 2016 by bobrhyn
6 Ingredient One Pot Vegetable Curry - The Food Charlatan
negative points for "Indian sauce" but :| it probably is pretty good and definitely very easy. Saute veggies, put in coconut milk and curry sauce.
recipe  vegetarian  entree  curry  indianfood 
june 2016 by bobrhyn
Creamy Cashew Chicken
Ooooh, so this is really pretty healthy, and involves buying almond cashew milk along with actual cashews.... hmmmm.
recipe  entree  chicken  slowcooker  indianfood 
february 2016 by bobrhyn

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