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Food Wishes Video Recipes: Caldo Verde – My Green Soup Redux
THIS IS DELICIOUS, except wow the miracle happen and I made it TOO salty. GOSH.

I did this with $5 5.5oz of chorizo, 1.5 red onions, 2 russet potatoes, and 1 bunch of kale. It was like, 5-6 meals for me? I wish I had more kale, and possibly the salt wouldn't have been as much of an issue with a different/better sausage. IDK. Like I said, still great, and would totally work for a pork-friendly game night with about 1.5 hours of cooking time.

Next game night: okay, so making it before was fine, BUT. Next time, if there even MIGHT be more than 4 people, just suck it up, buy 2 packages of chorizo and use 5 potatoes and 1.5-2 bunches of kale, okay? Yeesh. Also, Betsy, 3 pounds of potatoes is 3 large potatoes, not 2. Also CHOP THE KALE SMALLER THAN YOU THINK, OKAY, THEN SMALLER AGAIN. ALSO DON'T OVERCOOK IT.
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november 2018 by bobrhyn
Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower Tacos | Kitchn
I ACTUALLY DID ALL OF THIS and it was very good. Cabbage/slaw, cauliflower, avocado, plain yogurt, cilantro, tortillas, plus spices etc. Yommm.
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june 2018 by bobrhyn
Cuban Picadillo Recipe -
This was.. one of the recipes I used for inspiration, and then never took down what I actually did. Oops.
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april 2016 by bobrhyn
Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Wing Soup Recipe -
YOM, good, made it for a game night to positive reviews all around! Also, when this says it makes exactly 8 servings, it literally means it. Dang.

First time: When I made it I omitted the sour cream entirely and used half fat-free half-and-half. I also used lots of mild buffalo sauce instead of hot sauce. I might agree with the person who put in a packet of ranch dressing mix!

Second time: only cooked it 8 hours, veggies were not done, not good, wahhh

Third time: HOW DID I FIT ANYWHERE NEAR THAT MUCH IN MY SLOW COOKER?!?!? Wtf wtf. So this time was really delicious if baffling. I did: three potatoes, 3 stalks celery, two carrots, 2 chicken breasts, 4 cups normal half n half (1 quart), a quarter cup sour cream, and I think a half or 3/4 cup actually Hot hot sauce. It was at the absolute top of the cooker, and yep, 8 servings. AND THE VEGGIES STILL WEREN'T FULLY DONE. I guess it's time for me to embrace the slow cooker function on the Instant Pot, and next time pressure cook the potatoes and chicken first, then add everything else and slow cook.

FOURTH TIME: okay, it was good again! Uhhh. So I pressure cooked the diced potatoes, celery, and carrot for 1 min in 1.5cups broth, panicked thinking oh god they're way too done, SEPARATELY pressure cooked the chicken in some half&half and hot sauce and one of the cans of soup, shredded it, combined it and the veggies and most of the other ingredients and stuck it in the fridge, then reheated before game night. So... the good news is, I could make this the night before. Also, with the 1.5cups of broth, I ended up using 2.5 cans soup, 4 cups half&half, about a bottle of buffalo sauce, maybe a quarter of a packet of Ranch mix, and maybe half the sour cream.
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february 2016 by bobrhyn
Laura's Quick Slow Cooker Turkey Chili Recipe -
YUM. I AM PLEASED. I made this with only 1 can of kidney beans (so 1 can kidney + 1 can black beans), and, as reviewers suggested, I only used 1 can of tomato soup and instead added 1 can of diced tomatoes with green chilis (mild). I did not add any red pepper flakes. I added a couple splashes of worchestershire sauce. It was in the slow cooker for 10 hours on low, because work. I REALLY REALLY LIKED IT. :D

UPDATES: Recipe is for 5 as-is. To make this feed 6, you need an extra can of beans and at least half an extra can of diced tomatoes (for the normal slow cooker) and two boxes of cornbread (you can get two different kinds and do them each in a 9x9). Don't chicken out of at least half the recommended amount of red pepper. Don't expect any leftover chili, and you probably will have some cornbread. Buy HEB's ground chili, not Jenny's stringy kind. DON'T FORGET TO BUY SOUR CREAM.

EDIT: Okay, so for both kinds of beans I used one 24oz can and one 15oz can. I didn't add the 15 oz cans in the morning, but then when I got home, I removed some of the cooked chili and added the extra beans to the slow cooker for the couple hours before we ate. Worked great, would have fed 8. ALSO, HEY, walnut milk is GREAT for cornbread.
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january 2016 by bobrhyn
Dill Pickle Soup | Noble Pig
I HAVE FIXED THIS TWICE AND HAD ONLY A COUPLE OF MAJOR PICKLE DISLIKERS NOT ACTUALLY LIKE IT. Seriously, brought it to a party with like a dozen people and all but one person actively liked it. (The trick is that it's basically potato soup with pickle flavoring.)
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december 2014 by bobrhyn

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