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Recipe: Slow-Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala — Weeknight Dinner Recipes from The Kitchn | Kitchn
This was pretty good! I'd have put in more garam masala and cayenne pepper (my garam masala is pretty mild). The cilantro is highly recommended, as is simmering it a bit to thicken it; I did marinate the chicken in yogurt this time. It reheated really really well.
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february 2017 by bobrhyn
Dhaniya murgh/coriander chicken curry
Another chicken thing that looks really non-scary! She recommends boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Also would need Greek yogurt.
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january 2013 by bobrhyn
Waste Not Want Not: Sauteed spiced bread kicks
... Okay, that's pretty cool: something to do with stale bread. Needs bread, tomato, and onion, and some spices. EDIT: Cool in theory but I didn't like it. :(
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january 2013 by bobrhyn
For the Love of Food: Chana Masala
Yummy! Chickpeas! Sooo, when I fixed this, it turned out that we didn't have crushed tomatoes. I used a can of diced tomatoes and a itty can of tomato sauce instead. I also halved everything... except the broth, by total accident, but that turned out to be a really delicious thing as it got us lots of sauce. :D We both liked it a lot!
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october 2012 by bobrhyn
Indian Eggplant - Bhurtha Recipe -
This was okay! I tossed in some garam masala instead of cayenne, and it turned out to be a really nice assortment of spice flavors. I ate it on rice, mostly to bulk it up but also because I, uh, didn't realize it didn't involve rice until after I'd started the rice cooker. Oh, and I chopped the eggplant into slices, used some salt to de-bitter it a bit, and then cooked it in the oven for a while, and then chopped it up and proceeded on.
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april 2012 by bobrhyn
Budget Bytes: curry roasted cauliflower $3.77 recipe / $0.63 serving
... Hmm. This was... okay, but I think that might be partly a function of the unimpressive curry power I accidentally bought. It makes your mouth pleasantly tingly, but is not particularly a taste sensation. Next time, I will take other commenters' advice and perhaps add garam masala, chili powder, and/or sugar. Or I might just make my normal cauliflower and add some curry powder to it. I also didn't care for the combo with the peas, alas.
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march 2012 by bobrhyn
Chicken Makhani (Indian Butter Chicken) Recipe -
I... thought this was more tikka-y than butter chickeny even with the substitution of cashews for cornstarch (and I have no idea how it's like butter chicken without the cashews). It was quite yummy, though? (It did take us nearly two freaking hours, though, with the recipe doubled - we had to cut up the chicken and make a ginger garlic paste and there were a variety of other small changes, but 35 minutes is DEFINITELY not gonna happen.)
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february 2012 by bobrhyn
Butter Chickpea Potato Curry
Made it for a potluck! This is indeed a fairly large recipe, and a fairly spicy one, too - I cut down on the garam masala and curry and it was still a bit spicy for me. Still, people seemed to like it okay. I did like the chickpeas, though I was worried I wouldn't. I kind of wanted more flavor, maybe? I might try it with crushed tomatoes, as some of the commenters mentioned.
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february 2012 by bobrhyn
I... hmmm. These are decently yummy, but not super naan-like. Theories: We tried it on the George Foreman grill, as someone suggested, so it may not have been hot enough - additional evidence includes that when we switched, at the end, to doing them in a hot, oiled iron skillet (at frying temperature) they got closer to looking right. It seemed like the dough did not really double in size, especially when it was just in the bowl, so it could have been that. Still, since I have never made bread from scratch, it was a fun and yummy experiment.
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december 2011 by bobrhyn

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