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Aloo Gobi (Potatoes and Cauliflower) Recipe | Bon Appetit
There is a video that goes along with it! (argh I need to get asafetida)

Update: this is DELICIOUS. Get real lime and ginger and do NOT skip the cilantro! I subbed garlic and onion powder in for the asafetida since I didn't have any, and significantly upped the spices since mine aren't the freshest. Michael liked it too! (Though he did note that he would have had to eat a LOT of it if he hadn't already eaten some before he came over.)
recipe  vegetarian  cauliflower  indianfood  healthy  entree  potato  havecooked  4noms 
5 weeks ago by bobrhyn
Charred Corn and Zucchini Salad - A Fresh Summer Side - Budget Bytes
YUUUUUUM. Okay, at first I was like "god why am I doing this in the cast iron instead of the oven," and uh, I did actually give myself some grease burns, WHOOPS, corn's got some liquid in there. DEFINITELY break the corn into halves or thirds, because the cast iron skillet isn't flat and a lot of it won't be touching the bottom if you put it in whole.
salad  appetizer/side  entree  healthy  zucchini  4noms  vegetarian  havecooked 
9 weeks ago by bobrhyn
Mediterranean Farro Salad with Spiced Chickpeas - Budget Bytes
File under "pretty good". Buy a cucumber and tomato, and otherwise just couscous/rice, a can of chickpeas, and spices. I think I put too much tahini in my dressing, and next time I'll cut the cucumber a lot smaller.
recipe  entree  havecooked  healthy  3noms  mediterraneanfood  rice  vegetarian  weeknight  bowls 
9 weeks ago by bobrhyn
Tuna, white bean, pineapple salad
Based off BudgetBytes' white bean and tuna recipe: drain and rinse a can of beans. Mix with a can of tuna. Cut up some onion (for crispiness) and some pineapple (for sweetness). Mix. Salt, lemon ju...
recipe  healthy  seafood  beans  weeknight  mindless  havecooked  3noms  from notes
9 weeks ago by bobrhyn
Quick Green Goddess Fig Nourish Bowls {Vegan, Paleo}
WHOA, buy some green goddess dressing and make the bowl with FIGS, reen apple, spinach, almonds, cabbage, sprouts/greens, balsamic vinegar, maybe some fresh berries, yooooooo

Update: pretty good! Think I want to try it with fresh figs though, if I can find them.
recipe  entree  vegetarian  healthy  vegan  havecooked  3noms 
june 2019 by bobrhyn
Slow Cooker Eggplant Lasagna
Slice eggplant really thin, layer with onion, bell pepper, cottage cheese, mozzarella, and pasta sauce! Cook for 2.5 hours in slow cooker.

update: ehhh, cooked it, and it was... so-so. Maybe if I had salted the eggplant like an hour before it would have been less bitter, and if I'd used a much sweeter sauce? Probably wouldn't bother to try it again.
recipe  entree  italianfood  healthy  vegetarian  slowcooker  2hearts  havecooked 
june 2019 by bobrhyn
The Secret to the Best Brussels Sprout Soup! | The View from Great Island
I did like, 85% this, plus sauteed some celery in there too, and used sour cream and parmesan because I had them left over. IT'S REAL GOOD ACTUALLY, especially with bacon.
recipe  havecooked  healthy  appetizer/side  soup  vegetarian  3.5noms 
february 2019 by bobrhyn
Lemony Chicken and Dill Soup Recipe
Carrots, celery, onion, garlic, broth, boneless skinless chicken breasts, bay leaves, thyme, orzo, fresh spinach, lots of fresh dill, a lemon. Recommended with garlic toast. Looks great!

Update: I cooked it... without the orzo, and it was still a good healthy tasty soup.
recipe  soup  entree  chicken  freshdill  3noms  havecooked  healthy 
january 2019 by bobrhyn
Casual Kitchen: Attention Vegetarians and Vegans! Fresh Corn and Tomato Soup
Saute onion, celery, cayenne, garlic; add corn and tomatoes; simmer 30 min; puree a portion of the soup; add cilantro.

Update: made it exactly as written and it was good! Betsy, a dash of cayenne is all you need.
recipe  entree  vegetarian  healthy  soup  cheap  havecooked  3.5noms  appetizer/side 
january 2019 by bobrhyn
30-minute smoky sweet potato black bean chili | Familystyle Food
Okay, hooray, I do actually like this. Onion, garlic, cumin, coriander, smoked paprika, spicy thing, sweet potato, stock, maple syrup, hot sauce (I omitted), black beans, goat cheese. I roasted the sweet potato first, which may have helped the flavor, except even though I accordingly cut the stock to just a bit I still made the whole thing too wet. But, good flavors, healthy.
havecooked  beans  healthy  recipe  entree  3.5noms 
january 2019 by bobrhyn
Quick and Easy Dairy- and Fat-Free Colombian Vegetable Soup (Ajiaco Negro) Recipe | Serious Eats
Good vegetable-y soup! I used frozen edamame instead of fava beans, though, uh, so mine might have been REAL different. Also uses russet potatoes, a carrot, frozen peas, frozen corn, cilantro.

Update: I liked this better the second time I cooked it. I didn't have peas, added some garlic powder, and used chicken broth instead.
recipe  entree  soup  instantpot  vegetarian  havecooked  healthy  3.5noms 
december 2018 by bobrhyn
Spaghetti Squash Casserole
Yum! Definitely add this general thing to the spaghetti squash options. I had a bell pepper and some red onion and some stray tomato sauce kicking around, so I did this without the meat and with more sauciness than detailed here. And, of course, lots of cheese!
recipe  havecooked  3.5noms  healthy  vegetarian  casserole 
november 2018 by bobrhyn
Italian Roasted Delicata Squash | Kowalski's Markets
Okay so!! I did this, and threw the pine nuts on in the last few minutes. And then I was going to do parmesan, but I had Mediterranean feta, and that was all fairly good! But then I remembered that I had some spinach to use, so I put all that on top of spinach like a salad, and it was GREAT.

EDIT: and then I did the same thing but with PASTA (spiral noodles), and that was ALSO REALLY GREAT.
havecooked  healthy  vegetarian  salad  3.5noms  squash  pasta 
september 2018 by bobrhyn
Basil Chicken with Lemon and Spinach | Well Plated by Erin
Yellow onion, garlic, chicken breast, soy sauce, black pepper, spinach, a fresh lemon, basil leaves. Possibly rice on the side.

UPDATE: YUM, cooked it. Turned out that my chicken was uh, not actually thawed, but it still turned out okay! My only complaint is that I wish this made a little more pan sauce, so in the future I'd probably add a little bit more broth and lemon juice and soy sauce in the end to go with the (cooked in chicken broth) rice. But yeah, I could make this for a date without great shame.
recipe  chicken  freshbasil  healthy  entree  weeknight  havecooked  3.5noms 
september 2018 by bobrhyn
Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowl Recipe - Cookie and Kate
This is pretty good, and a good way to use up a third of a red cabbage (omg, there is so much red cabbage in a red cabbage).
healthy  havecooked  3noms  vegetarian  beans  recipe  entree 
august 2018 by bobrhyn
Chile-Lime Crab Salad with Tomato and Avocado Recipe - Sue Zemanick | Food & Wine
Mine was quite good and had: Lime juice, olive oil, sugar, garlic, pepper, crab, avocado, minced onion, tomato.
havecooked  3.5noms  healthy  salad  seafood 
august 2018 by bobrhyn
Grilled Veggie Couscous Salad
Grill/roast portabello mushrooms, red bell peppers, lemons. Arugula, Pecorino, couscous.

I was pretty sure this would be great, and IT WAS TRUE. Made it with spring mix, goat cheese, and an added zucchini and onion because why not (and all roasted in the oven, not on a grill).

Update, having made this a few times: basically get arugula and feta and probably a red bell pepper, and then add whatever veggies you want. (I've done it with just those and an onion.
salad  recipe  entree  vegetarian  mushrooms  healthy  havecooked  3.5noms  pasta 
july 2018 by bobrhyn
Lentil Salad with Tomato and Dill recipe |
Some comments recommend feta cheese, and subbing in balsamic vinegar for the red wine vinegar!

UPDATE: followed said comments and DAMN THIS IS GOOD.
recipe  freshdill  freshbasil  entree  healthy  salad  lentils  beans  vegetarian  havecooked  4noms 
february 2018 by bobrhyn
cauliflower asparagus tabbouleh - The Toasted Pine Nut
DIRTY ALL THE DISHES. Roast asparagus, rice cauliflower in food processor, saute cauliflower, chop asparagus in food processor. Add grape tomatoes, mint, lemon, spices.

Update: Cooked it. Ehhhhh. It's okay, but not great. Added feta, which helped, but still.
healthy  recipe  entree  vegetarian  havecooked  2noms 
february 2018 by bobrhyn
BALELA SALAD | Feasting At Home
I don't really like it as a salad, but it's delicious with hummus in a pita pocket!
recipe  havecooked  vegetarian  healthy  salad  sandwich  3noms 
february 2018 by bobrhyn
Tabbouleh-Style Couscous with Veggie Burgers Recipe
This is pretty good, and uses the fresh basil and mint from my herb garden! Quick tip though for future Betsy: hey. hey come here. ONE QUARTER CUP OF COUSCOUS PER SERVING, FRIGGIN OKAY?? If you have one tomato, then make a half cup of couscous and you will end up with two servings.
recipe  healthy  vegetarian  havecooked  entree  weeknight  freshbasil  freshmint 
january 2018 by bobrhyn
Chickpea and Celery Soup with Chile-Garlic Oil Recipe | Bon Appetit
So I was like, pffft, this is elaborate. But it's not that bad, really, and it IS delicious and healthy and uses up sad limp celery!

Chop celery and onion. Saute garlic a bit, then put garlic and oil somewhere else and add sweet chili sauce if you're me instead of a pepper. Saute celery and onion. Add stock and chickpeas. Chop cilantro, add to celery leaves. Open yogurt, add salt. Done. Takes less than an hour, anyway.
recipe  entree  healthy  soup  havecooked  vegetarian  3.5noms 
january 2018 by bobrhyn
One Pan Broccoli & Tempeh Dinner • Educating Earthlings
OH THIS IS MY KIND OF SHIT. Cook rice. Preheat oven. Cut up broccoli and a package of tempeh. Mix sauce, pour over broccoli and tempeh. Bake for ~35 minutes. GREAT
recipe  entree  vegetarian  havecooked  3noms  healthy  mindless  weeknight  rice 
january 2018 by bobrhyn
Vegetarian Sheet Pan Dinner (Mexican Kale Salad) - Sweetphi
Ingredients: Frozen kale, frozen corn, can of black beans, spices, avocado, cilantro, plain yogurt, lime.

Made this! My store somehow failed me and I couldn't find frozen kale. Doing it again, I might pop everything else in and then cut the raw kale up and add it, to see if I can get more roasted goodness out of the rest. Still, no complaints, it's very good. (For reference, a big sheetpan gave me three meals. I don't think I'd try this in the toaster oven, future self... you'll get like, 1.3 meals out of it.
recipe  vegetarian  healthy  cheap  weeknight  pseudomexican  3noms  havecooked 
january 2018 by bobrhyn
Bok Choy, Carrot and Ginger Soup (just chop and simmer) | Hot, Cheap & Easy
GOOD SOUP I DID: Saute carrots a bit. Dump in chicken bouillon, ginger, sweet chili sauce. Let cook a bit, adjust tastes. Add cut up, rinsed tofu, then frozen shrimp, then bok choy. I was really pleased with the result!
recipe  vegetarian  healthy  entree  tofu  soup  havecooked  3.5noms 
december 2017 by bobrhyn
Eggplant arugula salad with tahini dressing – Chef in disguise
Arugula, red onion, tomato, eggplant, tahini, lemon juice. REAL GOOD.
salad  healthy  recipe  havecooked  3.5noms  eggplant 
november 2017 by bobrhyn
Balsamic Chicken and Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner - Cooking Classy
Diced chicken, zucchini, squash, broccoli, bell pepper, onion, cherry tomatoes, diced chicken breast.
recipe  chicken  entree  weeknight  healthy  havecooked  3.5noms 
september 2017 by bobrhyn
Spaghetti Squash in the Instant Pot {Pressure Cooker} - Don’t Mess with Mama
Cut in half, scoop seeds (THERE ARE MORE THAN YOU THINK), put in Instant Pot with water, 5 minutes. Perfect!
recipe  havecooked  vegetarian  healthy  instantpot 
september 2017 by bobrhyn
Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry - Budget Bytes
DANG BUDGET BYTES, THIS IS SO GOOD. I cooked it with ground turkey and a bag of coleslaw mix (sans sauce), halving the sriracha. NGHHHHH

Update: okay, if you're going to use real cabbage, SHRED THAT SHIT. Like, coleslaw level. Also, pour off the friggin meat juice, Betsy, you idiot. I should try this with veggie crumbles, really, because the meat smell really gets to me. :|
recipe  stirfry  havecooked  turkey  3.5noms  healthy  weeknight  asianfood 
july 2017 by bobrhyn
Soba Noodle Salad with Cucumber and Mango recipe |
HOW MUCH DRESSING DOES THIS PERSON WANT DEAR LORD, I used literally like... a quarter of it. Fairly tasty, though! (Dear future self, do go very lightly and probably use less rice vinegar.)
recipe  vegetarian  salad  healthy  havecooked  3noms 
june 2017 by bobrhyn
Vegan Chickpea Curry in Pressure Cooker Recipe |
She uses dry, pre-soaked chickpeas, pureed tomatoes, red onion, and lots of other things I usually have.

Update: Made this, and it was fairly tasty, but I... didn't pre-soak the chickpeas, just pre-cooked them in the pressure cooker before doing the rest of the recipe, and BOY DID MY STOMACH HATE ME FOR IT. :( Not 100% sure it was them, but gee whiz. Also, if I make this again, I'm going to be a little bit more careful about using the amount of tomato mentioned (I did too much).
recipe  instantpot  vegetarian  healthy  curry  indianfood  entree  havecooked  3noms 
april 2017 by bobrhyn
Portobello Baked Eggs with Spinach & Smoked Gouda Recipe
I probably should have found a way to drain my mushrooms better, but overall this was delicious. :D
recipe  havecooked  vegetarian  mushrooms  breakfast  weeknight  healthy  eggs  3noms 
march 2017 by bobrhyn
Baked Salmon with Lemon, Dill and Parsley - simply fresh dinnerssimply fresh dinners
[using this as a bookmark to say what I did that was amazing and SUPER EASY] oh my god friends, LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT ONE OF THE GREATEST MEALS I HAVE EVER FIXED MYSELF, WHICH WAS ALSO ABOUT $7 EVEN WITH WILD ALASKAN SALMON AND LEFTOVERS, WHICH TOOK LIKE 5 MINUTES TO PREP AND 20 MINUTES TO COOK. I could go look for a goddamn personfriend right now just so I can awe them with this goddamn food, omfg.

Preheat oven to 425. Wash and halve brussels sprouts. Put brussels sprouts in small tupperware container. Add olive oil, garlic salt, black pepper. Toss to coat. Put brussels sprouts on pan, put pan in oven to start them cooking [THIS SHOULD ONLY BE FOR LIKE A MINUTE OR TWO, OK]

In the tupperware, add a shit ton of dill, plus lemon juice, plus more olive oil, plus more garlic salt. Stir, taste.

Take the pan back out of the oven, flip sprouts, put the salmon in the center, cover it with sauce. (Move it around a bit so the skin side gets some too.

Put the pan back in the oven, turning the oven down to 375. Keep it that way for... some amount of time until the salmon is starting to look like cooked salmon on the outside. Switch to broil. Broil until done.

Remove, put on plate, feel like a GOD.

(I did this with .4 LBs of wild-caught salmon, which was on sale at Whole Foods for $13 a lb... making the salmon cost me $5.20 for me. However, I had a little under half of it leftover, being a tiny person!)
recipe  havecooked  5noms  seafood  fish  entree  healthy  datenight 
march 2016 by bobrhyn
Perfect Microwave Banana Oatmeal Recipe | Easy Breakfast Recipe
oh my god help this was SO GOOD omfg, so I mashed up the banana and then added the oatmeal and cinnamon and a little brown sugar and milk, and then I microwaved it a bit, and then I added in walnuts and microwaved it some more, and IT WAS DELICIOUS???
recipe  breakfast  vegetarian  healthy  havecooked  4noms 
march 2016 by bobrhyn
Casual Kitchen: Roasted Zucchini and Chickpea Soup
SUPER SIMPLE AND SUPER GOOD. Zucchini + onions + canned chickpeas + garlic + olive oil + broth. Takes about an hour. I would totally make this for guests alongside maybe some simple chicken.
soup  recipe  entree  vegetarian  healthy  vegan  zucchini  havecooked  appetizer/side  3.5noms 
february 2016 by bobrhyn
Gordon Ramsay's Broccoli Soup Recipe - YouTube
recipe  cooking  havecooked  appetizer/side  vegetarian  3noms  healthy 
february 2016 by bobrhyn
Zucchini, Basil and Goat Cheese Omelet
Okay, this was REALLY good. I made it with feta instead of goat cheese. The only thing I wish I'd changed was that I wish I'd thrown the basil in with the zucchini for like, thirty seconds - just enough to soften it a little bit.
recipe  vegetarian  havecooked  eggs  zucchini  healthy  3noms  breakfast  freshbasil 
april 2015 by bobrhyn
Fish Taco Bowls - The Live-In Kitchen
Yum! I made this with cod. The fish itself is not really something I'd want to eat alone, but when you make the whole thing and add avocado, HOT DAMN. :D
recipe  fish  healthy  entree  weeknight  havecooked  3.5noms 
march 2015 by bobrhyn
Falafel Salad - Budget Bytes
:( Didn't dig this much. Parsley is just so... so parsleyish. ALAS.
recipe  vegetarian  salad  appetizer/side  entree  healthy  havecooked  1nom 
july 2014 by bobrhyn
Thai Chicken Cabbage Soup Recipe -
Wow, so, for what was supposed to be "nooo siiiiiick I want really easy soup that uses my caaaabbage" this was PRETTY DELICIOUS TBH. So! I got 1 soup serving size of water boiling, and then threw a fair amount of lemongrass powder in and small half of one of my chicken bouillon cubes. I added in, uh, spaghetti (that "Garden Delight" stuff from Ronzoni) because I had it. When the spaghetti was pretty much cooked, I threw in frozen chicken pieces, cabbage, and Thai sweet chili sauce. I let that cook a bit more, with a lid on it, and then finally put it in a mug and added some spinach. IT WAS REAL GOOD TBH
mindless  soup  recipe  havecooked  healthy  entree  weeknight  3.5noms 
june 2014 by bobrhyn
Lemony Chickpea Stir-fry Recipe - 101 Cookbooks
So I just needed to use some zucchini and kale, but this turned out to be actually much better than expected! I didn't even add the tofu (see: using up super perishables). My only regrets were that I added too much olive oil (I did it for flavor but it got oily, might omit completely next time) and that I made the zucchini chunks too large.

EDIT: Made it again, added tofu. Yommm. (I cooked the tofu at the end with the zucchini to keep it in nice discrete pieces.)
vegetarian  havecooked  4noms  healthy  zucchini  tofu  entree  weeknight 
june 2014 by bobrhyn
Slow Cooker Chicken Marrakesh Recipe -
Mom recommended this and... it's actually a form of sweet potatoes that I like! Served it for me and tallmatt over couscous, and we both liked it. Onion, garlic, sweet potato, carrot, chickpeas, chicken, spices, diced tomatoes. 4-5 hours in the slow cooker, could do it for game night if I came home to start it.
recipe  chicken  havecooked  slowcooker  4noms  entree  healthy  gamenight 
january 2014 by bobrhyn
Roasted Cabbage with Lemon Recipe | Yummly
vegetarian  appetizer/side  recipe  weeknight  healthy  havecooked  4noms  cheap 
october 2013 by bobrhyn
Cold Soba & Cucumber Salad - Budget Bytes
Finally made this! It's pretty good - the peanuts are NOT optional, and I would definitely be more cautious with the dressing in the future (/less rice vinegar).
havecooked  3noms  recipe  pasta  healthy  salad  entree  easyingredients 
september 2013 by bobrhyn
3 Bean Salad - Budget Bytes
Frozen beans, can of kidney beans, and frozen green beans. I... didn't really like this, actually. :/ It gave me a dinner, but I admit, I threw out the leftovers. I just don't think bean salads are really my jam.
recipe  salad  beans  healthy  vegetarian  entree  havecooked  1nom 
september 2013 by bobrhyn
Turkey Meatballs
Yum! These are pretty foolproof, fairly effortless if you use a food processor for the onion and garlic and parsley, and quite yummy. The instructions are weird, but the reviews are helpful: you can cook the meatballs for 30 minutes at 350F in the oven on any old baking sheet. (Also, I used Italian breadcrumbs, and omitted the parsley and oregano.)

Makes a lot, so I'm going to freeze a load of them and just pop them into/onto things whenever I want! For tonight, I put them on some bread, poured some tomato sauce on them, slapped on some slices of mozzarella, and gave the whole thing a few minutes in the toaster oven for an easy meatball sandwich.
recipe  havecooked  4noms  turkey  healthy 
june 2013 by bobrhyn
Pita Pizzas With Hummus, Spinach, Olives, Tomatoes And Cheese Recipe - - 404947
So this is one of those time's where I'm saving the recipe just because the bookmark is a good place to put my own very different actual recipe. I caramelized onions and tossed in some green pepper and yellow squash towards the end, then spread hummus on a pita, added feta (need more next time), put the veggies on top, and toasted it in the toaster oven for maybe 8-10 minutes. I agree (with... this recipe? a comment? a different recipe?) that a little sprinkle of lemon pepper and olive oil is good, though I wish I'd been able to follow this recipe's suggestion with the balsamic vinegar (I didn't have any).
entree  vegetarian  recipe  3noms  havecooked  healthy 
april 2013 by bobrhyn
Glazed Salmon With Broccoli Rice | Real Simple Recipes
HOLY CRAP, THIS WAS AMAZING. Easily the best thing I have ever cooked for just me, as well as one of the simplest and - because I grabbed the 50%-off-must-sell-today salmon at the store - cheapest recipes I've encountered. I would fix this for a date, guests, or my parents. Miraculous.

SUPER EASY INSTRUCTIONS: cook Jasmine rice in rice cooker; when done, pour some frozen broccoli florets on top and let them thaw via the "keep warm" setting while you do the rest. Preheat oven. Drizzle oil on the salmon (I did the onions this time, but I don't think they're worth it), broil for 5-7 minutes. Put half the sauce on the salmon and broil for another 2. Put everything on plate, put the rest of the sauce on the salmon and the rice, and eat while crying tears of joy. [For me, I thiiink one serving would be ~.3 lbs of salmon and ~half a cup of uncooked rice; I did .55 lbs of salmon and about a half cup of rice this time, and got two servings out of it with one serving needing more rice.]
recipe  havecooked  fish  seafood  5noms  mindless  healthy 
march 2013 by bobrhyn
MorningStar Farms® – Chik Marinara with Veggies Recipe
This was actually... really good. Start the patty, start the pasta (I added a bit of veggie broth and used whole wheat), chop up broccoli and carrots (probably would be okay with frozen, but was definitely good with fresh). When pasta's basically done, add broccoli and carrots, mix, and lower heat to medium for a few minutes. Heat up pasta sauce in a bowl (maybe the same one you're going to eat out of!) Then, drain. I added a little olive oil and garlic powder to the pot, then dumped it all back in and put the pasta sauce on it. When the patty has a minute left, sprinkle some (for me, frozen) grated mozzarella on it and let it go the other minute. Take it out, put it in the bowl where the sauce was, cut it up, dump it on the pasta, mix it up a bit, and then sprinkle parmesan all over it. :D:D:D

(I used one broccoli stem - half a pair from Publix - maybe 10 baby carrots, a smallish handful of pasta, and one patty. I prooobably wish I'd cut up the broccoli and carrots into smaller sections, added more pasta, and gone ahead and used two patties. I have two servings, definitely, but that might have been a happier ratio.
pasta  recipe  vegetarian  entree  weeknight  healthy  havecooked  3noms 
february 2013 by bobrhyn
Black bean and tomato soup
This officially takes 4 19oz cans of black beans and 1 28oz can of diced tomatoes, but I think I'll try it again sometime with dry beans. Anyway, when I made this tonight, I used - shhh - 1 can of black beans and 3/4ths of a can (normal sized) of diced tomatoes. (Also,a sweet onion instead of red.) Whatever, it was DELICIOUS, and both me and Michelle liked it. Will make again!

(Ingredients: Beans, tomatoes, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, stock, paprika, cumin, chili powder, and cilantro)
healthy  recipe  soup  vegetarian  beans  havecooked  4noms 
january 2013 by bobrhyn
“Fried” Cauliflower “Rice” | The Pursuit of Hippieness
TO BE HONEST, THIS WAS WAY MORE DELICIOUS THAN ANY ACTUAL FRIED RICE I'VE EVER MADE. Sooo good, and... healthy??? GOSH. Preparation was actually shockingly smooth, much easier than lots of things that I make. (You do kind of need a food processor, btw.) The veggies came out just right, the taste was great (I thought I added too much ginger, but no!), and girlfriend's completely betrayed expression from when she found out that the cauliflower WAS the rice quickly left once she started eating. :D Would make for guests!

Also, I used eggs instead of silken tofu. I beat two eggs separately and then added them into a clear space in the pan after the veggie broth had mostly evaporated. I scrambled them, and cut them into smaller pieces with the spatula, then mixed up the whole thing and continued on. :D

WARNING: this feels filling at the time, but we were both kinda hungry an hour later. (She's a vegetarian, I'm not; it wasn't a school day.) Hence the 4noms. Especially for guests, I'd probably put tofu in, or serve with something else, or, ooh, I'd have plans to make a dessert afterward so then right when we're hungry, DESSERT.
recipe  vegetarian  asian  healthy  havecooked  4noms  vegan  gluten-free 
january 2013 by bobrhyn
Japanese Cucumber Salad | Appetite for China
I thought this was a little too vinegar-y for my taste, but then I sort of winged it with the sauce (I used half a cucumber and was lazy) so hard to tell.
easyingredients  salad  japanesefood  vegetarian  appetizer/side  recipe  healthy  havecooked  2noms 
december 2012 by bobrhyn
Dill Orzo Pasta Salad With Cucumber And Feta Recipe
This doesn't have a picture and I didn't take one, augh, but it was yummy! I skipped the tomatoes and red onion, btw, and used apple cider vinegar instead of champagne vinegar, but I totally agree with the recipe that it would be even better with those.
havecooked  salad  recipe  vegetarian  healthy  3noms 
september 2012 by bobrhyn
Bachelorette Food: Apple, Lettuce, & Cheddar Wraps | Petite Kitchenesse
Yummmmmm! Okay, let me rephrase: quite good and healthy and cheap as written, and flippin' fabulous with horseradish sauce. *_* (Uh, okay, ps, I used a tortilla, not quite as healthy.)
easyingredients  sandwich  vegetarian  healthy  recipe  havecooked  3noms 
august 2012 by bobrhyn
Closet Cooking: Greek Style Zucchini Salad
Mint dill, green onion, and feta (plus givens like zucchini and lemon and oil etc). This was... not my favorite, but okay.
salad  recipe  appetizer/side  havecooked  vegetarian  healthy  2noms 
july 2012 by bobrhyn
Delicious Tomato and Eggplant Curry
What the - I've cooked this like three times and I didn't have it bookmarked??? (Excellent potluck dish.)
recipe  vegetarian  havecooked  casserole  curry  eggplant  healthy  3noms 
may 2012 by bobrhyn
Sean's Falafel and Cucumber Sauce Recipe -
MADE IT, DELICIOUS, EASY, ETC.  Really, really good, and I don't even like falafel.  :D
recipe  vegetarian  easyingredients  entree  havecooked  4noms  healthy 
april 2011 by bobrhyn
Lentil Soup Recipe -
This soup is like MAGIC. Okay, it probably is less like magic if one has, uh, had lentil soup before, but I really liked it!! It's really filling, quite cheap, apparently healthy, and easily altered! :D! We used broth instead of water (well, added in boullion to the boiling water), doubled the seasonings, added some cumin, used stewed tomatoes, and put potato chunks in at the same time as the lentils. I'll probably use more tomatoes next time, but that's me, who thinks that 95% of all dishes could be improved with tomatoes. I also liked it with cheese, but it's good without.
recipe  soup  entree  vegetarian  cheap  easyingredients  havecooked  healthy  3noms 
february 2011 by bobrhyn
French-Style Stuffed Eggs Recipe |
recipe  easyingredients  cheap  healthy  appetizer/side  eggs  havecooked 
january 2011 by bobrhyn

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