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Falafel Salad - Budget Bytes
:( Didn't dig this much. Parsley is just so... so parsleyish. ALAS.
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july 2014 by bobrhyn
3 Bean Salad - Budget Bytes
Frozen beans, can of kidney beans, and frozen green beans. I... didn't really like this, actually. :/ It gave me a dinner, but I admit, I threw out the leftovers. I just don't think bean salads are really my jam.
recipe  salad  beans  healthy  vegetarian  entree  havecooked  1nom 
september 2013 by bobrhyn
Waste Not Want Not: Sauteed spiced bread kicks
... Okay, that's pretty cool: something to do with stale bread. Needs bread, tomato, and onion, and some spices. EDIT: Cool in theory but I didn't like it. :(
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january 2013 by bobrhyn
Coconut Curry Tofu Recipe -
This was.. well, I thought it was quite edible - the tofu were really good, actually - when I added almond milk after cooking it. Michelle liked it without. Not my favorite, but pretty okay, especially if one were out of paste or didn't want to spend the extra money.
curry  recipe  vegetarian  tofu  havecooked  entree  1nom 
december 2012 by bobrhyn
Budget Bytes: peanut soba stir fry $8.57 recipe / $1.43 serving
Hmm. Good, I think, but very rich and not everyone liked it. Most importantly, be cautious with the sauce and try it as you go: I think I'd have preferred it with a much lighter sauce. Also, mind your veggie/noodle ratio, and nevermind what it says, have the noodles and stuff ready to go so your veggies aren't just chillin'.
recipe  asian  stirfry  entree  vegetarian  cheap  easyingredients  havecooked  1nom 
march 2012 by bobrhyn
Sesame Asian Tofu Stir-Fry Recipe -
Good flavor, but very greasy. I tossed in defrosted stir fry veggies instead of those listed here, so it was very easy to make. I'm going to use the same basic ingredients (with the oil halved) and the instructions from a different recipe next time, I think.
easyingredients  recipe  entree  asian  cheap  tofu  stirfry  vegetarian  havecooked  1nom 
december 2011 by bobrhyn
White Bean, Spinach, and Barley Stew Recipe -
So I... didn't think this was that great, and I didn't read the reviews until halfway through, so FYI: THE GOOD REVIEWS ARE ALL VERY ALTERED VERSIONS INDEED. Also, the problem is that I've never had barley before, I think? so I have no idea what it's supposed to be like. The texture is a problem. Anyway, I managed to get this to a version that Michelle kinda likes and that I was willing to eat, but I probably won't make this again. :|
soup  recipe  beans  vegetarian  entree  havecooked  1nom 
march 2011 by bobrhyn
Recipe for Black Bean and Salsa Chicken
Okay, I have now cooked this, but unfortunately, I forgot how much I don't like cooked salsa. (I think that was the problem, anyway.) I wish I had cooked the chicken more first, added in the beans, and then added salsa last - or maybe not at all, just a little on the beans if I had felt like it. Also, the rice is necessary - I tried eating it with cheese before my rice was done and didn't like it much. Still, this is good with the rice, and should be an easy thing to put in a tortilla sometime.
recipe  entree  chicken  cheap  easyingredients  havecooked  1nom 
january 2011 by bobrhyn

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