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Tuna, white bean, pineapple salad
Based off BudgetBytes' white bean and tuna recipe: drain and rinse a can of beans. Mix with a can of tuna. Cut up some onion (for crispiness) and some pineapple (for sweetness). Mix. Salt, lemon ju...
recipe  healthy  seafood  beans  weeknight  mindless  havecooked  3noms  from notes
10 weeks ago
Lemon dill rice with parmesan
TODAY'S TRAGIC DELICIOUS BACHELOR FOOD: cook rice with broth and some lemon pepper and some olive oil. Then add a bit pat of butter, salt, lemon juice, fresh dill. Then if you really want to be ridi...
recipe  vegetarian  rice  appetizer/side  cheap  freshdill  weeknight  havecooked  3.5noms  from notes
january 2019
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