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Our objective is not just to sell fonts, but to maintain a comprehensive and dedicated typographic practice.
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october 2006 by boblewis
Wishingline Design Studios | 416.888.3084
Wishingline Design Studios is a small web, multimedia and print design studio based in Toronto, Canada.
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october 2006 by boblewis
web design forums for designers to website design
web and graphic design forums to discuss web design graphic design, typography and photography
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september 2006 by boblewis
Typeradio, now we are talking
Typeradio, now we are talking. Your radio station on design and type.
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september 2006 by boblewis
Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives
Visual elements for design and creativity. A new perspective on rights-managed and royalty-free stock photography, illustration, and motion footage, as well as typefaces and stylish designer merchandise. Buy and download online.
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september 2006 by boblewis

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