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SmarterEveryDay - YouTube
I explore the world using science. That's pretty much all there is to it. Watch 2 videos. If you learn something AWESOME, please subscribe if you feel like I...
august 2018 by bmichelsen
Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle on Vimeo
Bio: Bret Victor invents tools that enable people to understand and create. He has designed experimental UI concepts at Apple, interactive data graphics for Al Gore,…
june 2018 by bmichelsen
JustForFunc: Programming in Go - YouTube - YouTube
Series of talk recordings and screencasts mainly about Go and the Google Cloud Platform Contents: - Go Programming Language - Google Cloud Platform
go  programming  videos 
may 2018 by bmichelsen
ZFS: The Last Word in File Systems Part 1 - YouTube
Jeff Bonwick and Bill Moore presenting at the SNIA Software Developers' Conference, Sept 2008, on "ZFS: The Last Word in File Systems".
zfs  videos 
april 2016 by bmichelsen
Explore- EmberScreencasts
View Ember.js videos, sorted by subject.
ember  videos 
september 2015 by bmichelsen
How to Start a Startup
How to Start a Startup is a series of video lectures, initially given at Stanford in Fall 2014.
november 2014 by bmichelsen
Shawn Biddle - YouTube
A small collection of Bash and Vim videos.
bash  videos 
july 2014 by bmichelsen
LISA '13: Video, Audio, and Photos (open access) | USENIX
Official USENIX LISA '13 conference videos and photos
november 2013 by bmichelsen

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