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A tiny REPL for PHP.
july 2014 by bmichelsen
operators - Reference - What does this symbol mean in PHP? - Stack Overflow
This is a collection of questions that come up every now and then about syntax in PHP.
php  reference 
july 2014 by bmichelsen
A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things.
php  programming 
december 2013 by bmichelsen
Zephir Language
Zephir is an open source, high-level/domain specific language designed to ease the creation and maintainability of extensions for PHP with a focus on type and memory safety.
php  phalcon  zephir 
october 2013 by bmichelsen
domnikl/DesignPatternsPHP · GitHub
Sample code for several design patterns in PHP
may 2013 by bmichelsen
Dependency manager for PHP
may 2013 by bmichelsen
varspool/sphpdox · GitHub
PHPDoc to Sphinx/ReStructured Text API documentation tool
php  documentation 
april 2013 by bmichelsen
PHP Error | error reporting for PHP
PHP errors are not good enough for development, it's as simple as that. This aims to solve this.
php  debug 
january 2013 by bmichelsen
Markdown implementaion for PHP (object-oriented)
php  repo 
january 2013 by bmichelsen

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