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wait but why: Putting Time In Perspective
Teach this at the same time as Boroditsky. Puts the development of language and writing into some perspective...
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september 2013 by bmcnely
Writing Prompts
Adaptation: use this general concept, but have students collaboratively develop prompt responses in comments...
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march 2013 by bmcnely
Horseback riding in KENTUCKY Horses & Equine
Holy hell! Look at this site design!!!
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august 2012 by bmcnely
BearFood: a daily list of awesome and/or neato links
Links are submitted and our readers vote on them. The best ones go on the frontpage.

Every week the best links are featured on, a website which is read by millions of people.

No account is required to submit a link or vote.
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may 2012 by bmcnely
Pingdom Tools
Test the Load Time of a Web Page
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may 2012 by bmcnely
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