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cocoa programming for mac os x - a really good book- the best out there. Recommended by a speaker at RUM.
programming  book  mac  osx  cocoa 
february 2009 by bmaddy
Monospace font that is high resolution so it is good for printing code
program  programming  font  monospace  resolution 
october 2007 by bmaddy
Bitstream Vera Fonts README
That programming font Cory likes: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono
font  programming  gnome  bitstream  vera  sans  mono 
february 2007 by bmaddy
Languages For the Masses and Languages For Smart People
language  programming  smart  people  paul  graham 
december 2005 by bmaddy
The Daily WTF
Daily reports of bad coding style
bad  code  programming 
november 2005 by bmaddy
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