How many characters does this font include? Who designed it?
Which version is it? What about the copyright?
FontDrop! reads and shows what’s in your font file.

Simply drag and drop your OpenType or TrueType font files onto this website to see what’s inside them. Supported formats are OTF, TTF and WOFF files. The result is generated in your browser, no server-side actions needed.
typography  fontface  tool  glyphs  off  woff  ttf 
4 days ago
Improve focus and boost your productivity. Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment.
noise  productivity  focus  sound  online  ambient 
9 days ago
RSS of Twitter user feeds by screenscraping with Perl
twitter  rss  service  perl 
22 days ago
A modern open-source Wiki software
wiki  cms  markdown  nodejs  mongodb 
26 days ago
SVG Animation Creator - Animate and Export SVG
svg  animation  online  tool 
26 days ago
DP/PX Converter
Calculate pixels (and other units) in DPs
conversion  calculator  dp  px  materialdesign  design 
4 weeks ago
Device Metrics - Material Design
A comprehensive resource for sizing, resolution, and more across multiple devices.
android  dp  device  materialdesign  display  screen  size  design 
4 weeks ago
Copywriting matters: Boring brands, take note.
ui  ux  article  copy  writing  website  mission  jargon  branding  recommended 
5 weeks ago
The Hire
The BMW film series The Hire is a series of eight short films produced for the Internet in 2001 and 2002.
short  bmw 
december 2017
Brauche ich einen Pagebuilder?
Note: Check Themes:
- GeneratePress
- OceanWP
- Astra
wordpress  pagebuilder  article  pro/contra 
december 2017
How to enable the root user on your Mac
20171128 → Major macOS High Sierra Bug Allows Full Admin Access Without Password - How to Fix → https://www.macrumors.com/2017/11/28/macos-high-sierra-bug-admin-access/
macos  highsierra  terminal  root  security 
november 2017
Top Open-Source Static Site Generators
generator  site  static  cms  blog 
november 2017
Create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more.
online  presentation  story  tool 
october 2017
PDF24 Online PDF Converter
Dateien, Bilder, Webseiten und Texte in PDFs umwandeln
online  convert  pdf  edit 
october 2017
Visual Thinking Evolution
mindmap  online  free  freemap 
october 2017
Simple CMS for HTML/PHP static websites
cms  static  dragndrop  html  php 
october 2017
Convert color to RGB, Pantone, RAL, HSL, HSV, HSB, JSON
color  conversion  pantone  rgb  hex  hsl  hsb  css  ral 
september 2017
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