Big Brother Theme
A pleasant-to-read, customizable theme designed for large organizations and government
wordpress.com  theme 
15 days ago
FFCU – Free for commercial use
Stunning lifestyle imagery for modern creatives. FREE authentic unstock/non-stock images for your next commercial or personal project. FREE download hi-res 300dpi photos. You can do whatever you want. Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, no rights reserved, without copyright, it's public domain.
stock  archive  free  publicdomain  photography  community  curated  cc0 
17 days ago
Geniatech EyeTV
EyeTV hybrid = MyGica Mini DVB-T2 USB Stick T230C
dvb-t2  tv  software  macos  usb 
27 days ago
Import snippets to Alfred 3 from a .csv file
Import snippets to Alfred 3 from a .csv file
convert  macos  csv  snippet  alfred  import 
6 weeks ago
Eight Day Week Print Workflow
a set of tools to manage your print workflow directly in your WordPress dashboard
github  wordpress  indesign  workflow  print 
7 weeks ago
Markdown Editors Shootout
Support for Tables, Footnotes, Strikethrough
mac  application  markdown  editor  article  review 
7 weeks ago
Taptile Apps
Anschreiben, Angebote, Rechnungen und Mahnungen einfach erstellen und verwalten.
macos  application  invoice  receipt 
9 weeks ago
Find the right subtitles. Easy.
macos  application  movie  subtitle 
10 weeks ago
Make MKV from Blu-ray and DVD
mkv  dvd  blu-ray  video  application  convert 
10 weeks ago
Grip – Angebotssoftware
Mit Grip erstellst du schnell und unkompliziert überzeugende Angebote für deine Kundenprojekte. Ob alleine oder im Team, Du verwaltest alle Angebote zentral und hast die gesamte Angebotspipeline sicher im Griff.
offer  web  angebote  software  mite 
10 weeks ago
Building apps by authoring HTML. The goal of this site is to collect and promote JS libraries that can be used without writing any JS.
html  javascript  library  resource 
10 weeks ago
Chrome extension to see a quick overview of styles on the current page Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/css-peeper/mbnbehikldjhnfehhnaidhjhoofhpehk
css  development  design  extension  chrome 
10 weeks ago
Local by Flywheel
Local WordPress development made simple
local  wordpress  development  macos 
10 weeks ago
iA Writer New Slideshow Template
iA Writer on Twitter: "Write to ih+slide@ia.net if you'd like to beta test our new slideshow template. https://t.co/hcLDLGqtfR
iawriter  template  slideshow  tweet  @iawriter 
january 2017
Ted Chiang’s Soulful Science Fiction
The feelings you get when the New Yorker publishes a hagiography of a friend: A totally deserved hagiography.
hagiography  article  recommended  writer  sciencefiction 
january 2017
How to pick the right UI font
Find out how to pick fonts for your user interfaces that aren't just beautiful, but also improve your websites' usability.
howto  font  typography  design  usability  ui  ux  readability 
december 2016
ET Book
ET Book is a Bembo-like font for the computer designed by Dmitry Krasny, Bonnie Scranton, and Edward Tufte. It is free and open-source.
typeface  font  opensource  free  webfont  MIT.license 
december 2016
Pictograms: Past, Present, & Future
Designer Toshiya on designing pictograms for both print & online (& what the future holds) bit.ly/2ehrTyT #icons #webicons
design  pictogram  icon  article  @toshiyaizumo  @edenspiekermann 
november 2016
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