Instagram release illustrates why developers pick iOS over Android - Computerworld
Thus, Android phones are the printers, and developers who want to make apps must build the ink. Ever felt lost in your local office supply store as you try to find the right black ink for your printer? There are oodles of models and sizes--even within brands. Developers making apps for Android, in effect, need to make ink that works with every printer.
android  iphone  development  comparison 
april 2012
Lion only. Lion's fullscreen animations are way to SLOW. This tweak reduces the fullscreen animation duration from 1s to 0.3 seconds.
apple  mac 
april 2012
ShareJS – Live concurrent editing in your app.
code  collaboration  javascript  library 
february 2012
How big are PHP arrays (and values) really? (Hint: BIG!)
really good explanation of how php stores variables. "How big are are PHP arrays (and values) really? (Hint: BIG)" #php
performance  php 
december 2011
CommonCrawl | | CommonCrawl
Common Crawl is a non-profit foundation dedicated to building and maintaining an open crawl of the web, thereby enabling a new wave of innovation, education and research
data  opensource  web 
december 2011
Home // Think Like (a) Git
RT @__edorian: Need some help understanding git, graph theory or both? Check out #linktuesday
development  git 
november 2011
Symfony 2.0: Securing your media with Symfony’s authentication system and X-Sendfile | Scott Sherwood
This method allows you to secure your data delivery behind some type of authentication without having any additional overhead usually associated with loading up media being delivered by php. This method uses apache directly to deliver the file requested after a user has been authenticated.
october 2011
AWK Music: Sox and OSX are anagrams.
hehe, das ist mal cool. music mit awk!
music  console 
october 2011
Creating a blog in Symfony2 — symblog - A Symfony2 Tutorial
This tutorial aims to cover the common tasks you are faced with when creating websites using Symfony2.

Templating (Using TWIG)
Model - Doctrine 2
Data Fixtures
Asset Management
Customising Error pages
The User & Sessions
CRUD Generation
october 2011
Day 1: Starting up the Project — Jobeet for Symfony2 v2.0 documentation
This book describes the creation of a web application with the Symfony2 framework, step-by-step from the specifications to the implementation. It is targeted at beginners who want to learn Symfony2, understand how it works, and also learn about the best web development practices.
october 2011
KnpIpsum, Symfony2 Tutorial Application
It contains lots of examples and tutorials. They should be easy to read for a beginner or for a developer who wants to discover new bundles.

You will discover how to use the best bundles and libs (Fos UserBundle, Behat, MenuBundle) in real life.
october 2011
Graphy | The Graph Algorithm Visualizer
A graphical teaching and learning tool to visualize graph theoretic algorithms, on graphs you can construct yourself. Do away with that blackboard!
graph  software 
october 2011
GRC's | Password Haystacks: How Well Hidden is Your Needle?
Seems like i'm halfway safe. says: 30.88 trillion trillion trillion trillion centuries and no hash found #linkedin
password  privacy  security 
september 2011
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