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Soft Spot - nivo - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi doesn't particularly care for the well-being of the new trainee. It's just that he doesn't particularly care for prison, either, and leaving the kid to fend for himself would probably constitute criminally negligent homicide.

|| This is so fucking soft and full of promise, I think I remember making a pained noise on the subway when I read it. Nivo is so good at writing fics that speak to tenderness and that cast forward at the hopes one person has for another.

Yoongi watches out for the delicate new kid.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:nivo  pairing:suga/j-hope  type:canonexpansion  type:preslash  type:pre-text  type:characterization  type:softly  type:myheart  type:short  length:1-5k 
april 2016 by blottingtheink
look at me, everything looks different - Chapter 1 - elfiepike - CLC (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Finally Sorn looked up, holding her hand palms flat against the frets. Sorn’s face was soft and open but Seunghee knew that Sorn was even better at playing her part than Seunghee was.

|| This fic is tiny but it takes me apart in all the best ways; putting a quiet voice to the small uncertain sadness I've been carrying about CLC and not understanding what is up with them, and how they're doing, and this takes the two softest members and has them help each other back to this hard, hard job they've found themselves in. All in about 500 words, god, I love it so much.
fandom:kpop  fandom:clc  author:elfiepike  pairing:seunghee/sorn  type:gen  type:canonexpansion  type:ouchmyheart  type:softly  type:characterization  type:birdsongsweet  type:myheart  type:surviving  length:<1k 
march 2016 by blottingtheink
Social Animals - nivo - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
But the next time Hoseok falls asleep in yet another uncomfortable dressing room chair with his head held carefully to protect his already styled hair – Jeongguk can't help but think he would've made one fine court lady back in the day – Jeongguk is there, alert and ready. Hoseok must realize what he's up to – he always does, usually before Jeongguk himself could even make sense of his own actions – but he doesn't comment on it; doesn't tease Jeongguk the way Jimin and Yoongi do whenever they catch him 'playing hyung,' as Jimin once put it with a sappy grin, messing up Jeongguk's hair just to be annoying.

It's not like that, anyway.

|| Goddddddd, this is the fic that convinced me Junghope was something I loved--it packs an emotional wallop for something so short (barely 1k!). All about protectiveness and growing up and knowing something is waiting for you, even if all it is right now is your hand in someone's hair.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:nivo  pairing:j-hope/jungkook  type:canonexpansion  type:softly  type:preslash  type:feeeeeeeelings  type:growingup  type:myheart  type:characterization  type:backstory  length:1-5k 
march 2016 by blottingtheink
E-9 - 100demons - Ookiku Furikabutte | Big Windup! [Archive of Our Own]
This is it, he thinks, a hot sticky humid summer night at a baseball field, dressed in shorts and his sleep shirt, listening to the sound of Tajima’s laughter echo in the night for the last time.

It’s always comes down to this, in the end.

|| I love love Hanai/Tajima, and this gets all the things about them I love right--Tajima being all arrogance and easy acceptance of his own anxieties, insightful and joyfully insistent on it, almost so much so that his insights sound like simplifications; Hanai, overthinking and worried and just-that-bit-jealous just-that-bit-awed but so so in love with Nishiura and with baseball and easily embarassed but fundamentally, when it comes down to it, as brave as anything. Ugh. Clutches chest, etc.
fandom:oofuri  author:100demons  pairing:tajima/hanai  type:posttext  type:midtext  type:short  type:characterization  type:workingitout  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
march 2016 by blottingtheink
Hush - Siobhandestele - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“Are you comfortable?” Seokjin asks gently, scooting towards the wall so Jungkook would have a little more wiggle room. Jungkook nods into his shoulder.

|| Touch-starved Jungkook is skittish with Bangtan, but they're willing to wait him out (or drag him into things, if they're Hoseok or Jimin). Really really lovely, if a few grammatical errors. (Ignore me really enjoying Jimin sitting in JK's lap, move along)
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:siobhandestele  type:gen  type:cuddling  type:birdsongsweet  type:growingup  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
march 2016 by blottingtheink
Figuring It Out as We Go - peppermint_wind - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook never thought this would happen to him; eighteen years old and questioning everything he used to know. Staying up late watching gay music videos with wide-eyes, phone tucked to his chest, probably isn't helping him much, either, but what is he supposed to do when he realizes seeing two men together makes his whole body ache?

|| Oh my god, I read this and then immediately re-read it. Only about 5k, but really satisfying AND heart-warming, for all the big-ness of the subject.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:peppermint_wind  pairing:jimin/jungkook  type:canonexpansion  type:comingout  type:workingitout  type:growingup  type:canoninspired  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:ouchmyheart  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
february 2016 by blottingtheink
Definitions - cest_what - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“Have you ever –” Jimin says, and then stops. He lifts his elbow a little and peeks sideways at Taehyung, before he drops his arm over his eyes again.

|| Jimin and V, the first kiss that they mean for real. (OKAY I DON'T??? ACTUALLY BELIEVE??? THAT I HAVEN'T SAVED THIS??? But maybe I haven't, and all one really needs to know is I just tried to kudos it again. In lieu of that, here I am, possibly saving it again.)
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:cestwhat  pairing:jimin/v  type:canonexpansion  type:friendstolovers  type:wewerealwaysinlove  type:kissing  type:sillysillyboys  type:criminallyadorable  type:birdsongsweet  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
january 2016 by blottingtheink
c'mon (a bts fanvid) - YouTube
All the fun parts of the I Need You, Prologue, and Run MVs set to Ke$ha's "C'mon"--a combination that sounds like it shouldn't work, but is actually PERFECT; it's soaring and exhilarated and a bit rebellious, and everyone's a little bit in love with each other and themselves. I literally could not recommend it more, watch it, it's perfect.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:elfiepike  pairing:jungkook/suga  pairing:j-hope/jimin  pairing:rapmonster/v  type:ensemble  type:vid  type:ohwownorly  type:myheart  type:justforfun  type:forsaddays  type:somethingperfect  length:3-5min 
december 2015 by blottingtheink
if the world was ending (would you stay with me) - countingpaths - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
They're always too much and not enough - pushing the boundaries but not breaking them.

|| Oh my godddddddddddddddddd--this fic is really INTENSE for a fic that doesn't even have any kissing in it; deeply, consumingly requited ust, as they try to tell each other how much they mean to each other while not jeopardizing the balance necessary as bandmates. I feel like I have a ball of lava under my sternum, I am, oh man, I'm so ready for the next thing from this author.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:countingpaths  pairing:jimin/v  type:canonexpansion  type:ust  type:criminallyadorable  type:characterization  type:myheart  type:fallforyouhotfast  length:1-5k 
november 2015 by blottingtheink
see me now - seventhswan - Big Hero 6 (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
“Hey, it’s Science Barbie!” some guy in a baseball cap and a tank called, loud enough to carry over the excited hum of three hundred little girls packed into the auditorium.

[Ten moments in the life of Honey Lemon]

|| *HIGH-PITCHED WHINING NOISE* This is perfecttttttt. I got teary.
fandom:bighero6  author:seventhswan  pairing:gogo/honey  type:backstory  type:awesome  type:fivethings  type:characterization  type:bamf  type:myheart  type:personalcanon  length:5-10k 
september 2015 by blottingtheink
Think Once, Think Twice - Chapter 1 - Fahye - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"I," she says. "I need a cigarette."

"And now she descends into smoking?" Jake says, clutching at his chest in what must be an automatic version of his usual jackassery. He gives a weak cackle. "I can't believe you've hidden such a filthy habit from me, Amy Santiago, you are not the woman I married. Last night. Apparently."

Amy stares at him.

Slowly, Jake's face goes the same appalling shade of off-white as his abused dress shirt.

|| IT'S DONE. IT'S DONE, AND I LOVE IT. The voices and pacing are terrific, the backstory is delightful, Peralta falling even more for Amy is believable BUT BACKGROUNDED because this fic is ABOUT AMY, whose characterization is SO INTERESTING AND FLAWED AND WONDERFUL, and it's just as funny and off-beat as the show, while managing the same sense of sincerity and true emotional beats that are the show at its finest. Loved.
fandom:brooklyn99  author:fahye  pairing:santiago/peralta  type:wokeupmarried  type:hilarifying  type:characterization  type:voice  type:awesome  type:plotty  type:ohwownorly  type:longandsatisfying  type:myheart  length:40-50k 
september 2015 by blottingtheink
i'll take care of you (don't worry) - yoogni - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
he liked to scratch at the edges of the cuff, twist his fingers into the material and pull it tightly around his hand, or just curl his fingertips around the very bottom and hold it securely, grounding himself and stilling his itchy fingers.

it's all very discreet, and he supposes he's lucky he can stim so easily with just a big enough shirt.

|| This is so short, but it's so lovely, and I'm just sitting here like "And her heart grew 10 sizes that day."
fandom:bts  fandom:kpop  author:yoogni  pairing:jungkook/yoongi  type:gen  type:neurodivergent  type:birdsongsweet  type:lovely  type:short  type:myheart  type:makesmesmile  length:<1k 
july 2015 by blottingtheink
it's just home - screamlet - Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World [Archive of Our Own]
“We’re waiting for Maya’s mom,” Riley said. “Ms. Sajadieh won’t leave until she comes to pick her up and Maya said her mom was working and she’s probably late because of the trains and I said we could take her home but Ms. Sajadieh said she couldn’t do that so could we wait for Maya’s mom, please?”

Cory was about to say something, but Riley interrupted.

“WE CAN’T JUST LEAVE HER HERE,” Riley screamed. 


“Wow,” Cory said. “This is familiar.”

|| I baaaarely watched Boy Meets World other than at random episodes caught at my grandma's, but even then I knew there was an unaddressed love triangle, and I'm so glad fandom's coming in with the OT3. Really really lovely family fic, this and the sequel. Really really.
fandom:boymeetsworld  author:screamlet  pairing:cory/shawn/topenga  type:domestic  type:workingitout  type:family  type:myheart  length:5-10k 
july 2015 by blottingtheink
Rule of Three - Chapter 1 - cest_what - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS, BTOB, VIXX, 15& (Band), Mamamoo, Tiny-G, BIGFLO [Archive of Our Own]
3-paragraph prompt ficlets. (16 total.)

|| HAVE I REALLY NOT SAVED THIS. Each of these is a delight, okay, go read it if you read kpop. There are too many to effectively review, but! little effervescent bubbles! Yay.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  fandom:btob  fandom:vixx  fandom:mamamoo  fandom:15&  fandom:tinyg  fandom:bigflo  type:short  type:vignettes  type:makesmesmile  type:characterization  type:takeanideaandrun  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
may 2015 by blottingtheink
kissficlet #3: Solar/Moonbyul (1.3k)
Prompt: Solar confesses.

Byulyi leaned forward, placing a finger under Yongsun’s chin and tilting her face up. “Will you tell me the truth?” she asked.

Yongsun met her eyes, her own dark pools of emotion. “No,” she whispered.

Byulyi gave a too-loud snort, slapping a hand across her mouth to muffle her giggles.

|| It starts as Solar and Moonbyul play-acting in the back of the van, and rapidly gains a depth and backstory and lovely edge that just kills me. Semi-unresolved, but I LOVE the way Moonbyul handles Solar--Solar, radiant and bossy and a little bit unpredictable--as Moonbyul tries to keep up, tries to tell Solar she's BEEN keeping up.
fandom:mamamoo  fandom:kpop  author:cestwhat  pairing:moonbyul/solar  type:kissing  type:firsttime  type:workingitout  type:sillysillypeople  type:myheart  type:characterization  length:1-5k 
may 2015 by blottingtheink
빅스(VIXX) VIXX TV ep.78 (빅스티비 일흔여덟번째 이야기) - YouTube
The one where they win for Voodoo Doll, and everybody hugs, and Ravi and N and Leo cry, and they give really heartfelt messages to the fans, and Leo says he's going to practice ALL THE TIME while his eyes are still kind of puffy, and I teared up/couldn't stop grinning. So happy for these boys.
fandom:vixx  fandom:kpop  type:vid  type:canon  type:episode  series:vixxtv  type:myheart  type:friendship 
november 2014 by blottingtheink
신동의 심심타파 - VIXX - VOODOO DOLL (Live), 빅스 - 저주인형 (Live) 20131205 - YouTube


fandom:vixx  fandom:kpop  type:vid  type:radio  type:performance  type:ohwownorly  type:myheart  type:makesmesmile  type:somethingperfect 
november 2014 by blottingtheink
whetstone: iced coffee, espresso, double shot
"I thought you were..." Jiyong's hand lifts and then falls again with a defeated thump. He points to his cheek. "It's supposed to be here."

|| Inspired by Secret Bigbang and GD's interview where he reveals TOP JUST LIKE, WENT FOR IT, EVEN THOUGH THEY'D DISCUSSED OTHERWISE, thank god for this fic, I will take 11.
fandom:bigbang  fandom:kpop  author:whetstone  pairing:gdragon/top  type:kissing  type:justforfun  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
october 2014 by blottingtheink
Pendergast Family Lore - Anonymous - Easy A (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
They've never set out to be cool parents or anything, because then you end up like poor Rhiannon's parents; offering kids inappropriate  bongs and really inappropriate food. Plus, Rosemary hasn't been braless in more than two decades and she really doesn't plan on starting now, you can't give gravity that kind of opening. And Olive spends so much time rolling her eyes in their general direction she's surprised she hasn't damaged something. But god knows, they all love each other like breathing, like murder, like a choice.



In words that are not just screaming about my thematic kinks, this is unabashedly lovely; Rosemary and Dill (ROSEMARY AND DILL HER PARENTS' NAMES ARE *ROSEMARY* AND *DILL* AND THEY NAMED THEIR DAUGHTER *OLIVE* oh holy shit how did I not see that earlier ANYWAY) are delightful, just as they are in the movie. A feel good treat of a read.
fandom:easya  fandomgroup:yuletide  author:anon  type:gen  type:posttext  type:backstory  type:family  type:feeeeeeeelings  type:criminallyadorable  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
december 2013 by blottingtheink
Our Hearts Are Tigers - skoosiepants - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
This is what Stiles figures out after a week of harboring Isaac: he’s kind of a dick, for a ten-year-old.

AN: Derek/Stiles Isaac!feels AU where everyone is different ages and Stiles is magic.

I have no idea what this is, I just wanted to write Isaac as a little kid and give Stiles a dragon.

|| Pretty much original fic, but oh my GOD, is it adorable. And the dragon is an amazing cat/dragon, ugh, yes, what a wonderful bit of worldbuilding.

Also Stiles's relationship with Isaac is brilliant, not gonna lie. Oh, found families, lay me down in them.
fandom:teenwolf  author:skoosiepants  pairing:derek/stiles  type:family  type:workingitout  type:alternateuniverse  type:criminallyadorable  type:myheart  type:makesmesmile  warningtype:abuse(past)  length:5-10k 
march 2013 by blottingtheink
Concord - Laylah - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
There will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears.
And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.
Get over your hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.
— Psalm 22, attributed to the Signless Sufferer

|| Another fluffy post-game universe, and I'm totally into it. Trollstuck; relationships based on canon pre-tricksters; series currently includes:

"torchlight survival festival," 2k, the Nitrams meet up with the meowrails and start making some treehouses,

"Puppetmaster," 6k, Dirk is cerulean, ho shit, and

"never wanted more," 5k, Eridan knows he's a douche. He'd like to apologize. With a side-order of really interesting spritemush consequences. Character warning: Cronus.
fandom:homestuck  author:laylah  pairing:nepeta/equius(moirail)  pairing:latula/mituna  pairing:dirk/roxy(moirail)  pairing:rose/kanaya  pairing:sollux/feferi  pairing:karkat/meenah  type:postsburb  type:trollstuck  type:takeanideaandrun  type:characterization  type:myheart  type:workingitout  type:worldbuilding  type:series  type:workinprogress  length:10k-15k 
february 2013 by blottingtheink
Invisible Citiez - norah - Le città invisibili | Invisible Cities - Italo Calvino [Archive of Our Own]
Marco Polo is kind of a dick.

|| AKSDJLAJSD:LV!!!!! Marco Polo and Khan--TEXTING. If you've ever read Invisible Cities, whether or not you liked it, run, don't walk. You'll like this.
fandom:invisiblecities  author:norah  challenge:yuletide2012  type:awesome  type:contemporaryau  type:epistolary  type:ohwownorly  type:myheart  type:somethingperfect  type:hilarifying  length:<1k 
january 2013 by blottingtheink
Three Times is a Trend - TheSecondBatgirl - Protector of the Small - Tamora Pierce [Archive of Our Own]
Once is a fluke. Twice is a coincidence. But three Lady Knights is a trend.

|| FEEEEEEEEEEEELINGS. Kel is my favorite Lady Knight, as much as I love Alanna--but Kel starts it as a girl and fights it as a girl and without magic, and she is more hard-headed and quiet about it--ANYWAY, the tradition continues.
fandom:tortall  author:thesecondbatgirl  challenge:yuletide2012  character:kel(tortall)  type:becausecharacterlove  type:posttext  type:feminism  type:myheart  type:makesmesmile  type:short  length:1-5k 
january 2013 by blottingtheink
The Balance of Affection - RecessiveJean - Enchanted Forest Chronicles - Patricia Wrede [Archive of Our Own]
The King and Queen of the Enchanted Forest haven't shared a bed in more than a decade. Not that it's any of your business, really.

“Only think how lucky we are,” Queen Cimorene had moralized the first night they were reunited. “Why, I have one cousin who was cursed to sleep for a hundred years. Her own fault, of course—she knew it was going to be a spindle, everybody knew it was going to be a spindle, they put it in all the textbooks for over a decade, and would you believe the silly chit touched the thing anyway—but I do still feel badly for her. I don’t imagine her husband will even be around for her to sleep with when she wakes. We got off very lightly, all things considered.”

|| God help me, this is PERFECT, and I want to read everything this author's ever written. Cimorene and Mendanbar are practical and hilarious and in love, Daystar is timid and excited and wonderful, and Willin is a busybody. It also weaves in, slightly and oh so perfectly, the sadness that would attend the family's separation. So. Good.
fandom:theenchantedforest  author:recessivejean  challenge:yuletide2012  pairing:cimorene/mendanbar  type:family  type:posttext  type:criminallyadorable  type:somethingperfect  type:voice  type:hilarifying  type:makesmesmile  type:myheart  type:personalcanon  length:5-10k 
december 2012 by blottingtheink
The Emissary - Beth Winter - Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi | Spirited Away [Archive of Our Own]
"I need a guide." The inspector looked younger when she smiled, like a university student. "I live in Tokyo, but I grew up in a small town like this. You look like someone who knows every path on the mountain, Hiromi."

"Yes, Inspector Ogino."



"My name is Chihiro."

|| KEENS. This is perfect--Chihiro is no-nonsense and practical and OLDER, and the integration of folklore into the story is exquisite, and their antagonistic relationship to humans is beautiful, and the easy, easy, EASY way this Chihiro breathes a history beyond this moment--SO GOOD FOR ME. Not to mention the narrator, Hiromi.
fandom:spiritedaway  author:bethwinter  challenge:yuletide2012  pairing:chihiro/haku  type:gen  type:future  type:birdsongsweet  type:softly  type:beautiful  type:mythology  type:outsidepov  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
december 2012 by blottingtheink
Strange Horizons Fiction: Librarians in the Branch Library of Babel, by Shaenon K. Garrity
The Branch Library is infinite. All Libraries of Babel are infinite. The Branch Libraries are just smaller.

Which is larger: all possible numbers, or all possible even numbers? Logically, they're the same size. A fraction of an infinite set is still infinite, isn't it? By the same logic, it's possible for an infinite library in which every other book is, say, Stephen King's Cujo to still contain all possible books, same as the main library. It's just that you stand a 50% chance of getting Cujo.

I'm only using Cujo as an example. As you know, we did not work at an infinite library where every other book is Stephen King's Cujo. That library is in El Paso.

I know it's confusing. We used to have a laminated sign behind the front desk explaining the Library system, with all the math, but a few years ago someone stole it and by then we'd lost the laminating machine.

|| A Branch Library, with a statistically-larger-than-normal infinite variety of Moby-Dicks. Sooooo, right up my alley.
fandom:not!  author:shaenon.k.garrity  type:originalfiction  type:meta  type:quest  type:fairytale  type:myheart  type:voice  length:notspecified 
november 2012 by blottingtheink
rete mirabile - Chapter 1 - lionpyh - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
DAVESPRITE: i mean not to sound condescending or anything but its got to be like borderline omnipotence pretty much
DAVESPRITE: just put your mind to it
            ( — Act 5, Act 2 )

For the HSO 2012 Bonus Round 1. Prompt: Jade/Davesprite, body horror + comfort. Between acts.

|| Incredible. I was smashing my own face and making whining noises from the first paragraph about atomic composition--flawless Jade--Jade of the unholy joy and terrible love and easy scientific understanding--and Davesprite, who is both ham and does not want to trade his voice for feet-----

AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH. I would wear this fic like a TATTOO.
fandom:homestuck  author:lionpyh  challenge:hso2012  pairing:davesprite/jade  type:somethingperfect  type:characterization  type:theyellowyard  type:gen  type:myheart  warningtype:bodyhorror  length:1-5k 
august 2012 by blottingtheink
A Long December - sev313 - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Corey Crawford didn’t have a cup hangover. Probably because he didn’t win a Stanley Cup. What he is having, however, is what he might call a sophomore slump. Arguably. If pressed.

I was not sure what to make of this being Corey/Carcillo at first, but then I was totally, completely charmed. It's a lovely fic, full of soft feelings and sweetness, and it's wonderfully written. I believed both of them completely.
fandom:hockeyrpffml  author:sev313  pairing:coreycrawford/dancarcillo  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:birdsongsweet  type:myheart  type:criminallyadorable  length:5-10k 
july 2012 by blottingtheink
tongueincheeky: The Extremely Exhaustive Evgeni Malkin Primer: Part 1
That adorable lovechild of a hound dog and a muppet is Evgeni Vladimirovich Malkin (Евге́ний Влади́мирович Ма́лкин), but mostly he just goes by Geno. (Russians refer to him as "Zhenya", which is a nickname for Evgeni, and his teammates sometimes call him "G".) He's a forward and usually a center for the Pittsburgh Penguins as well as their alternate captain. He is also, arguably, the best hockey player in the world. Which is to say that "the best hockey player in the world" is a stupid argument/title because it depends on what you look for in hockey player. But if you are going to try to name the very best player in the world, he's going to come up and be a serious frontrunner. Because he's pretty awesome at everything. And he's a sincerely excellent human being.


Oh wait, HE ALREADY HAS THEM. Ok, he doesn't make me QUITE fan myself as hard playing hockey as PKane does (I'M SORRY; KANER'S HANDS ARE CRIMINAL; THE WORLD IS ROUND) but HOLY FUCK GOOD HOCKEY. The two goals chibirhm highlights literally had me covering my mouth and groaning.

fandom:hockeyrpffml  author:chibirhm  player:evgenimalking  type:primer  type:becausecharacterlove  type:myheart  type:chinhands  type:hottt  type:hockeyporn  type:longandsatisfying  length:notspecified 
july 2012 by blottingtheink
Advanced Ambulatory Ichthyology - gyzym - Community [Archive of Our Own]
Course provides advanced instruction in avoidance of the phenomenon commonly known as "jumping the shark." Prerequisites for this course include Introduction to Friendship, Contemporary Best Friendship, The Politics of Emotional Baggage and Cohabitation 207. Students may wish to simultaneously enroll in our sister course, Introduction to Non-Traditional Romance, but said enrollment is optional.

Ugh. gyzym does negotiation so well, and also these kids are beautiful.
fandom:community  author:gyzym  pairing:troy/abed  type:longandsatisfying  type:characterization  type:voice  type:workingitout  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:socialawkwardness  type:myheart  type:birdsongsweet  length:40-50k 
july 2012 by blottingtheink
elioenai - Anonymous - The Avengers (2012), His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman [Archive of Our Own]
Tony falls through the space between worlds. As a result, he can see daemons. It kind of freaks him out. (It's stranger and more beautiful than he could have ever imagined.)

Well, Tony thinks, blinking back dust and dried blood. This is different.

There's a cat sitting on his chest. An honest-to-god, shaggy-furred cat, blinking down at him and hissing at the sky.

Captain America looms somewhere just overhead, and there's a wolf at his side. Her—and it is a she, Tony knows it right away—fur is dark, but her eyes are gentle, almost worried.

The cat sitting on his chest purrs. Tony blinks. He's not entirely sure how he's supposed to react to that.

True. Ugh, this is lovely, and unsettling, which is everything I want from all daemon fic ever.
fandom:avengers  author:anon  type:gen  type:daemons  type:lovely  type:birdsongsweet  type:stylisticappreciation  type:myheart  length:5-10k 
july 2012 by blottingtheink
It's Complicated - Katarin - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
It's PK's rookie year and he's not sure what this thing with Carey is. He also doesn't know it's a thing at all. Sometimes PK's pretty dumb.

I really, really enjoyed this. But we all know, don't we, that oblivious is basically my favorite.
fandom:hockeyrpffml  author:katarin  pairing:pksubban/careyprice  type:sleepingtogetherfirst  type:sillysillyboys  type:obliviousness  type:pining!  type:myheart  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:voice  type:longandsatisfying  length:40-50k 
july 2012 by blottingtheink
Amateur Palemates Smuttin It Up!! - Asuka Kureru (Askerian) - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
Of course he'd caught the little glances. Sneaky or not, they'd been going on for perigees now; he would have had to be blind, and also to be hit on the head with something heavy and not skull-friendly.

At first he hadn't cared because of course it was Leader-envy, or admiration or secret crushes or what the fuck ever they had other shit to do and if someone wanted to speak up they could and in the meantime fuck you, and after that for a while he'd mostly gritted his teeth and tried to tell himself it was just paranoia and/or perfectly normal group dynamics in a long-term close quarters arrangement. Right? Right.

Only they'd never looked at him that way before he and Gamzee hooked up, and then he realized it wasn't him people looked at, it was at them.

Um, the idea that trolls have porn for all of the quadrants. And...AU minus murderstuck.
fandom:homestuck  author:asukakureru  pairing:karkat/gamzee(moirail)  type:criminallyadorable  type:myheart  type:lovely  length:1-5k 
january 2012 by blottingtheink
Nothing Gold - Archive of Our Own [Yuletide]
“Do you ever wonder, miss, er, I mean ‘suppose,’ what Miss Minchin and them are doin’ right now, at home in the square?”

“I don’t,” she said simply. “But perhaps I should. Miss Minchin and Miss Amelia are stories just as anyone else is. Who knows what might be happening to them even now, while we sit here in a different country, believing all the adventures belong to us?”

Oh. There's a semi-awkward perspective shift in the middle, but the musing on supposing, from both Becky and Sara's perspectives, made my eyes water. Delightful, for any fan of the book.
fandom:rare  fandom:alittleprincess  type:gen  type:posttext  type:birdsongsweet  type:characterization  type:myheart  length:1-5k  author:alwaysamy 
december 2011 by blottingtheink
Cities in Dust (shit let's be hardboiled)
Newternia's streets are merciless, especially if you happen to be a hard-boiled human Detective on your first case with a crazy Legislacerator.

Oh, your city lies in dust my friend. Your city lies in dust.

OH WOW. This is EVEN MORE PLOTTY than it first appears, is wonderfully illustrated (Terezi's DRESS, OH. MY. GOD!), beautifully, achingly characterized, and plays on my Dave/Terezi feels like Nobody's Business. Read it now.

4/8, Chapter 25/29.

SECRET UPDATES HAVE BEEN HAPPENING!!! But wow. Wow this story. Wow.
fandom:homestuck  author:cephiedvariable  pairing:terezi/dave  pairing:dave/jade  type:alternateuniverse  type:posttext  type:copau  type:illustrated  type:epic  type:emotionallyconstipated  type:characterization  type:myheart  type:somethingperfect  type:ohwownorly  type:fandomclassic  length:30-40k  length:unfinished  type:workinprogress 
december 2011 by blottingtheink
Pity Party
>DAVE: examine your life, examine your choices

examine the fact that troll love is based on pity, not fondness.

Oh, oh. OTP, otp, otp. Goddamn. A little talky, but still mostly so very them.
fandom:homestuck  author:cephiedvariable  pairing:terezi/dave  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:wewerealwaysinlove  type:criminallyadorable  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
december 2011 by blottingtheink
Lost Teeth Like White Jewels - roachpatrol, urbanAnchorite (t_ZM) - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]



(more coherency to come)




fandom:homestuck  author:roachpatrol  author:urbanAnchorite  pairing:sollux/eridan(kismesis)  pairing:feferi/gamzee(matesprit)  type:awesome  type:alternateuniverse  type:ohwownorly  type:myheart  type:flailhands  type:series  series:hemostuck  type:worldbuilding 
december 2011 by blottingtheink
Lucky - inkhead - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Sean knows he’s lucky.

He’s lucky, for example, that he grew up tall and gangly, with narrow hips and easily-bound breasts.
fandom:x-men(firstclass)  author:inkhead  type:gen  type:a+forsexuality  type:genderidentity  type:myheart  length:<1k 
december 2011 by blottingtheink
Closing Time - Cephied_Variable - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
How do you adjust to a normal life after living through the end of the world? At the expense of whoever is foolish enough to date you apparently. You meet the strangest boy, the most Amazing Girl. You meet Rose Lalonde in college and John Egbert in Bolivia and all of them are a little off, a little broken, a little wrong in exactly the same way.


fandom:homestuck  author:cephiedvariable  type:ouchmyheart  type:posttext  type:sburbfucksyouup  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
december 2011 by blottingtheink
John Egbert and the Saddest Movie Marathon Ever - everlit (Ink) - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
EB: i had a whole list of movies we were gonna watch, and i put them all in order and everything.
EB: i have all the nic cage movies, did you know?
EB: allllllll of them. :P
EB: i haven't watched them since the reset, though.
EB: it just seems...weird, i guess.

John Egbert and Vriska Serket: how does he live without her?

I cried, I cried, I cried, I am crying, oh, how do you do appropriate feelings.
fandom:homestuck  author:ink  type:friendship  type:grief  type:gen  type:posttext  type:heavyheartedandlookingup  type:becausecharacterlove  type:knifeslidesin  type:lovely  type:myheart  type:surviving  length:1-5k 
december 2011 by blottingtheink
Two, Side by Side
Mei curled her tail around her hind legs and flexed her claws. "I forget that you do not know anything about history," she said, kindly. "Hua Mu Lan was the first woman lung-zi, in the dawning days of the Tang Dynasty, when our forces were as barbaric as yours in such matters and only men were allowed to fight." Temeraire bridled a bit at this, the spines of his ruff flaring, but subsided as Mei continued. "Her story is one of our most famous poems. I will sing it to you, if you like."

|| OH MY GOD ALL MY FEELS. I cannot exactly express why, but this almost made me cry. God, women who want things and give things up.

On a more coherent note: this MuLan is epically believable as a person, and the rewrite of Mulan into the Temeraire universe is impeccable.
fandom:temeraire  fandom:disney  author:makesmewannadie  type:gen  type:fusion  type:becausecharacterlove  type:characterization  type:worldbuilding  type:somethingperfect  type:fairytale  type:feminism  type:brilliant  type:lovely  type:myheart 
october 2011 by blottingtheink
Fic: Another Second Time Around (Sports Night, PG, Danny/Casey) [Heading out to case the promise land]
Danny leans into him, just a very little bit, because he's always stupid like that. "There are bits of my ceiling on my floor, Danny. And in my shower."<br />
<br />
Casey needs a place to stay for a week. Danny--reluctantly--provides.
fandom:sportsnight  author:laurificus  pairing:dan/casey  type:banter  type:chinhands  type:myheart  type:characterization  type:domestic  from delicious
june 2011 by blottingtheink
ET IN ARKADIA - FIC: "Three Instances in Bed" (BBC Sherlock, Sherlock/John, NC-17)
But when they sleep, it's a good sort of sleep on the couch, naked and with no blankets to worry about yet; although Sherlock is right, as he usually is, and sometimes he kicks.

a;sdfjpahlkfdj;ioufwda;k LOVE (also, this is brilliant development)
fandom:bbcsherlock  author:et-in-arkadia  pairing:sherlock/john  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:characterization  type:smmmmmmmut  type:hottt  type:myheart  type:lovely  type:softly  from delicious
june 2011 by blottingtheink
The Professor's Wife - Chapter 1 - foolish_mortal - xxxHoLic [Archive of Our Own]
The students all said that Professor Doumeki had a wife who made him lunches and impeccably pressed his shirts. Watanuki found this hilarious. For the wtfholic fest prompt: "The only people who can see Watanuki are customers with wishes."

|| Somehow, I'd convinced myself I hadn't read this, because, re-starting it, nothing seemed familiar. It's that character-driven. Nevertheless, this is perfect: it's soft and sad and hopeful in all the best ways the manga was, and I absolutely have slotted it into canon. That's done, and finally, I am at peace with the ending of xxxholic.
fandom:xxxholic  author:foolish_mortal  pairing:doumeki/watanuki  type:posttext  type:closetocanonau  type:somethingperfect  type:characterization  type:beautiful  type:myheart  length:50-60k  from delicious
may 2011 by blottingtheink
Caged Wisdom - FIC: "Relatives & Relativity" (DW/S&S, G, gen) 1/2
Nine meets the Misses Dashwood. Plotty, engaging, WONDERFUL characterization, and the ending made me teary. I love Nine so much, and this does a little in telling us where he came from.
fandom:doctorwho  fandom:austen  author:yahtzee  type:crossover  type:rarefandom  type:gen  type:somethingperfect  type:characterization  type:voice  type:plotty  type:chinhands  type:historical  type:lovely  type:myheart  from delicious
april 2011 by blottingtheink
noelia_g: Fic: And everything nice (Mark/Eduardo) part one
The one where Eduardo is the nanny; there is UST that aaaaaaaches; then they get it together and it is a bunch of cotton candy adorableness and it is so sweet I have a toothache but I loooooooooove it. Kinkmeme repost.
fandom:thesocialnetwork  author:noelia-g  pairing:mark/eduardo  type:kidfic  type:criminallyadorable  type:thefluffmaykillyounorly  type:alternateuniverse  type:longandsatisfying  type:forsaddays  type:myheart  type:justforfun  type:letsgetmarried  from delicious
april 2011 by blottingtheink
wldnst - gelatin silver
Arthur teaches Eames how to make gelatin silver prints. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY HEART; A THOUSAND ROCKET SHIPS FOR MY YAYES.

|| Unbearably soft and giving, and a brilliant, brilliant Arthur voice. I love that Arthur can be soft and quiet and possessed of a desire to be so, or be hard edged and crazy, or secretly lolling at everyone in this fandom--god, this is How I Know I've Been Following a Fandom For, Okay, A While Now--I start making crazy statements about The Nature of This Fandom--anyway, I love it. This is quiet, private Arthur, and I love him.
fandom:inception  author:wldnst  pairing:arthur/eames  type:myheart  type:characterization  type:beautiful  type:birdsongsweet  type:somethingperfect  type:softly  from delicious
april 2011 by blottingtheink
cypanache: FF: All Roads Lead to You
“When I was twenty-one, I made you up.”

|| I am not even IN this fandom, I have seen all of--maybe 15 minutes?--of the source material, and this made me TEAR THE FUCK UP. Leslie Knope. Goddamn--she makes something inside me keen.
fandom:parksandrec  author:cypanache  pairing:leslie/ben  type:ohwownorly  type:myheart  type:backstory  type:wewerealwaysinlove  type:somethingperfect  from delicious
april 2011 by blottingtheink
gyzym: TWO THINGS:
Danny/relationship character study. Soft, sweet, expanding like a balloon. Ends with a sunrise and earns it.
fandom:hawaiifiveo  author:gyzym  pairing:danny/steve  type:domestic  type:myheart  type:stylisticappreciation  type:characterization  type:short  type:birdsongsweet  from delicious
april 2011 by blottingtheink
vlieger: so what i am is addicted to this pairing
Unnnnnnnnnnnf. Unrepentantly fluffy and ridiculous, but so much love. So much love. AU: Jesse, who is neurotic and adorable and has cats named Vanya and Grace Kelly, rooms with Andrew, who is hot and British and doesn't know about personal space.<br />
<br />
fandom:thesocialnetwork  author:vlieger  pairing:jesse/andrew  type:rps  type:alternateuniverse  type:adorable  type:myheart  type:sillysillyboys  type:domestic  type:criminallyadorable  from delicious
march 2011 by blottingtheink
underline everything - Vidlet: Rise [TWW] [Ensemble]
Rise, together we, rise, together we, RISE --<br />
<br />
I love The West Wing and even I was unprepared for the heart-swelling of this. Just, yes.
fandom:thewestwing  author:chaila  type:gen  type:becausecharacterlove  type:soaring  type:vid  type:awesome  type:family  type:myheart  type:just_yes  from delicious
february 2011 by blottingtheink
wordstrings - A Thousand Threads of What-Might-Have-Beens I
When John does finally leave, Sherlock is the last one to be surprised by it. But so much leading up to the event was Good by their eccentric standards, even Immeasurably Good, that the timing does seem wrong. Well, mildly wrong. As wrong as any trivial detail can feel when one's bones have been removed, for example, or one's blood drained out of one's veins.

|| UNNNNNNNNNGHHHHHHHHHH. The author warns for "disturbingly possessive" and well, yes, that would be a line for me if this was anything else but Sherlock and John. As is, Sherlock is so beautiful and so shattering, and John is so good and it has so many feelings and oh, oh, oh.
fandom:bbcsherlock  author:wordstrings  pairing:sherlock/john  type:justthisedgeofpainful  type:characterization  type:soaring  type:a+forsexuality  type:myheart  type:noneofthisiseasy  type:ohwownorly  type:surviving  type:somethingperfect  from delicious
february 2011 by blottingtheink
wordstrings - Wider Than a Mile
It is well past midnight, and Sherlock has stopped being Sherlock for the time being, in favour of being a conduit.

|| Oh wow. Beautifully written, deeply characterized, and so, so, so good.
fandom:bbcsherlock  author:wordstrings  pairing:sherlock/john  type:awesome  type:beautiful  type:characterization  type:somethingperfect  type:justthisedgeofpainful  type:myheart  type:ohwownorly  type:soaring  type:softly  type:stylisticappreciation  from delicious
january 2011 by blottingtheink

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pairing:troy/abed  player:evgenimalking  player:patrickkane  resourcetype:toread  series:hemostuck  series:vixxtv  team:blackhawks  type:a+forsexuality  type:abouttheexecution  type:adorable  type:alternateuniverse  type:awesome  type:backstory  type:bamf  type:banter  type:beautiful  type:becausecharacterlove  type:birdsongsweet  type:brilliant  type:canon  type:canonexpansion  type:canoninspired  type:characterization  type:chinhands  type:closetocanonau  type:comingout  type:contemporaryau  type:copau  type:criminallyadorable  type:crossover  type:cuddling  type:daemons  type:domestic  type:emotionallyconstipated  type:ensemble  type:epic  type:episode  type:epistolary  type:fairytale  type:fallforyouhotfast  type:family  type:fandomclassic  type:feeeeeeeelings  type:feminism  type:firsttime  type:fivethings  type:flailhands  type:forsaddays  type:friendship  type:friendstolovers  type:fusion  type:future  type:gen  type:genderidentity  type:grief  type:growingup  type:heavyheartedandlookingup  type:hilarifying  type:historical  type:hockeyporn  type:hottt  type:illustrated  type:important  type:justforfun  type:justthisedgeofpainful  type:just_yes  type:kidfic  type:kissing  type:knifeslidesin  type:letsgetmarried  type:longandsatisfying  type:lovely  type:makesmesmile  type:meta  type:midtext  type:myheart  type:mythology  type:neurodivergent  type:noneofthisiseasy  type:obliviousness  type:ohwownorly  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:oopsyoufoundout  type:originalfiction  type:ouchmyheart  type:outsidepov  type:performance  type:personalcanon  type:pining!  type:plotty  type:postsburb  type:posttext  type:pre-text  type:preslash  type:primer  type:quest  type:radio  type:rarefandom  type:rps  type:sburbfucksyouup  type:sequel  type:series  type:short  type:silliness  type:sillysillyboys  type:sillysillypeople  type:sleepingtogetherfirst  type:smmmmmmmut  type:soaring  type:socialawkwardness  type:softly  type:somethingperfect  type:stylisticappreciation  type:surviving  type:takeanideaandrun  type:thefluffmaykillyounorly  type:theyellowyard  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:trollstuck  type:ust  type:vid  type:vignettes  type:voice  type:wewerealwaysinlove  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:wokeupmarried  type:workingitout  type:workinprogress  type:worldbuilding  warningtype:abuse(past)  warningtype:bodyhorror 

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