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maayacola - KPop: Favors the Bold (Kris/Lay, NC-17) [1/3]
Hands come to rest on his shoulders, and Wu Fan knows it’s Yixing not just by process of elimination, but by the scent of eucalyptus that seems to cling to him. “You’d have to lie less if you took off the jacket.”

“I said it’s fine,” Wu Fan says, shrugging the hands off and ignoring the flush that climbs up his neck at the way Yixing’s fingers drag down his shoulders as they fall.

|| Enjoying this fic required, for me, a kind of mental handwaving that Yixing's actions could really, REALLY, r e a l l y be that persistently opaque, but I eventually came round to it being like boiling a frog: if you have a friend who's really flirty or really unpredictable, at what stage are you sure--REALLY SURE--that they're not just messing with you? Kris attempts to find out; suffers a lot. (Also a lot of handwaving for Kris enjoying being in EXO, but given his propensity to refer back to it even now, I assume it probably wasn't his bandmates that were the problem.)
fandom:exo  fandom:kpop  author:maayacola  pairing:kris/lay  type:canonexpansion  type:pining!  type:obliviousness  type:sillysillyboys  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:chinhands  length:20-25k 
december 2014 by blottingtheink
Band of Gold - Anonymous - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
"Fine. Assuming that no court on earth discovers that you are an interdimensional spy in deep disguise," Rose corrects herself, flopping down on the bed to lie next to you, "we are now legally married. In the State of Nevada. You are now my beautiful wife."

You think about this for some time.

After a while, you say, "We have to tell everybody."

|| :D :D :D I wasn't sure what to make of this, quite, as much as I was enjoying it, but rest assured, it all falls into place. Damn delightfully, too.
fandom:homestuck  author:anon  challenge:ladystuck2012  pairing:rose/kanaya  pairing:rose/terezi  type:hilarifying  type:wokeupmarried  type:postsburb  type:crackiscrazysauce  type:friendship  type:chinhands  type:justforfun  length:1-5k 
january 2013 by blottingtheink
'Scott Pilgrim' Guy Interviews 'Homestuck' Guy: Bryan Lee O'Malley On Andrew Hussie - ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews
Homestuck is about four 13-year-old internet friends trying to play a computer game that will either save or destroy the world. It is sprawling and complex, dumb and hilarious, and full of the most fiendishly intricate references to the basest turds of pop culture. It's about the internet -- cliques and fandoms, the good stuff and the icky stuff. In Hussie's own words, Homestuck is "made of pure internet".

Oh, and it has easily a million daily readers, raised nearly $2 million on Kickstarter, and is actually really good. I have some experience with weirdly popular youth-oriented videogame-referencing epics (i.e. I created the Scott Pilgrim series), so after plowing through Homestuck (twice!) I set out to ask Andrew Hussie some of the burning questions on my mind.

fandom:homestuck  author:comicsalliance  type:article  type:interview  type:chinhands  type:makesmesmile  length:notspecified 
october 2012 by blottingtheink
I'll see you again in my dreams - harpydora, Rimbaum - Homestuck, MS Paint Adventures [Archive of Our Own]
Being dead wouldn't be too bad if the bird part of his brain would just shut up.

Turns out, it's that bird brain of his that made her want to stick around.

Legitimately too adorable for words. Dave's interfering bird-brain is the cutest, and Aradia is such a sweetie, always.
fandom:homestuck  author:harpydora  author:rimbaum  pairing:davesprite/aradia  type:unresolved  type:criminallyadorable  type:alternateuniverse  type:takeanideaandrun  type:characterization  type:makesmesmile  type:chinhands  length:1-5k 
august 2012 by blottingtheink
Remember the Spring - Asuka Kureru (Askerian) - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
You’ve been out of the loop for hundreds, thousands of sweeps. The world you tried so hard to fix has been unmade. You feel irrelevant.

“Nyoo, Signless, why?! You catnot do that!” A heavy weight lands on your back, pitching you forward. You narrowly avoid crushing your smellnub into your knee.


“Broiling alive! Wasting all that delicious meat juice! Getting dry and stringy!”

AUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I read this with a wonderful, sappy little smile on my face; I love EVERYTHING about it.
fandom:homestuck  author:asukakureru  pairing:disciple/signless  type:postsburb  type:happilyeverafter  type:birdsongsweet  type:characterization  type:forsaddays  type:chinhands  type:makesmesmile  length:1-5k 
august 2012 by blottingtheink
tongueincheeky: The Extremely Exhaustive Evgeni Malkin Primer: Part 1
That adorable lovechild of a hound dog and a muppet is Evgeni Vladimirovich Malkin (Евге́ний Влади́мирович Ма́лкин), but mostly he just goes by Geno. (Russians refer to him as "Zhenya", which is a nickname for Evgeni, and his teammates sometimes call him "G".) He's a forward and usually a center for the Pittsburgh Penguins as well as their alternate captain. He is also, arguably, the best hockey player in the world. Which is to say that "the best hockey player in the world" is a stupid argument/title because it depends on what you look for in hockey player. But if you are going to try to name the very best player in the world, he's going to come up and be a serious frontrunner. Because he's pretty awesome at everything. And he's a sincerely excellent human being.


Oh wait, HE ALREADY HAS THEM. Ok, he doesn't make me QUITE fan myself as hard playing hockey as PKane does (I'M SORRY; KANER'S HANDS ARE CRIMINAL; THE WORLD IS ROUND) but HOLY FUCK GOOD HOCKEY. The two goals chibirhm highlights literally had me covering my mouth and groaning.

fandom:hockeyrpffml  author:chibirhm  player:evgenimalking  type:primer  type:becausecharacterlove  type:myheart  type:chinhands  type:hottt  type:hockeyporn  type:longandsatisfying  length:notspecified 
july 2012 by blottingtheink
lolaraincoat | What would surprise Captain America?
And finally, geopolitical change. Probably the biggest shock would be that Europe is now united (sort of) and that Germany and France are now closely allied. Slightly less shocking, because anyone who was paying attention could see this looming over the horizon throughout the war, would be the bitter division between the US and Russia (though he might need the whole Cold War explained to him, several times, with emphasis on the bomb. Or should I say, The Bomb.) But also he would be amazed by the end of British imperialism. And the Chinese Revolution! The Iranian revolution! African decolonization and the end of apartheid! The Cuban Revolution! India and Pakistan and

... yeah, anyway, there's a lot for him to catch up on.

But not sex. Really there's not too much new there at all.

|| YES PLEASE--I mean, I realize that as a plot point, him being like, WHAT? CUBA? INDIA? is less ~pressing~ (ahaha) than NO REALLY SEX TONY IT'S TOTALLY FINE, and OMGNICKFURY is less fun to write, but, GUYS. guys.
fandom:avengers  author:lolaraincoat  character:steverogers  type:meta  type:characterstudy  type:chinhands  length:notspecified 
june 2012 by blottingtheink
fan_flashworks: Homestuck: Fic & Art: The Impossible Project (G)
Once upon a time, you could have said that Dave was pretty into photography.

*chinhands* The ending to this is precious.
fandom:homestuck  author:gloss  type:gen  type:characterstudy  type:asteroidbound  type:voice  type:illustrated  type:chinhands  length:1-5k 
may 2012 by blottingtheink
Darling It Is No Joke - thehoyden - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper.

Just gonna put this here.
fandom:teenwolf  author:thehoyden  pairing:derek/stiles  type:alternateuniverse  type:copau  type:magicrevealed  type:banter  type:chinhands  type:smmmmmmmut  length:10k-15k 
may 2012 by blottingtheink
Stumbling Towards Tomorrow - Sour_Idealist - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
Vriska, because she is Vriska fucking Serket, does not melt like butter in an Alternian noon, and she doesn’t shove three more fingers into Jade’s mouth and beg her to do anything at all.

|| Ughhhhhhhh--this is so fucking SWEET, Jade Harley, why are you GOOD FOR EVERYONE. I love this Vriska, and the way she is so incapable, such a jerk, but a well-meaning one, here.
fandom:homestuck  author:sour_idealist  pairing:jade/vriska  type:alternateuniverse  type:spaceau  type:emotionallyconstipated  type:becausecharacterlove  type:chinhands  length:1-5k 
may 2012 by blottingtheink
Life Is A B Movie (The Falling Is Like This Remix) - gyzym - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
By the second night, Quinn's watching a game of quarters she's got no interest in playing, and Quinn's bowing out of a game of Kings that's too stupid to engage in, and Quinn's thinking longingly of the kind of parties she goes to at school, the ones that are more about flaunting your brain than flashing your breasts. By the second night, Quinn's watching these new kids run rings around each other and thinking of Shelby's warning ("It goes away, you know--not the pretty, you'll always be pretty. But the young,") and feeling two old for nineteen and then some.

This left me happy and content, for all that I care not at all about the fandom, and have nearly no idea how much of it is canon. Who cares!
fandom:glee  author:gyzym  pairing:rachel/quinn  type:short  type:future  type:birdsongsweet  type:softly  type:chinhands  type:remix  length:1-5k 
april 2012 by blottingtheink
(Cheese) Dust in the Wind - anxiousAnarchist - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
John and Karkat grocery shopping together is a very bad idea but they do it every week anyway. (Teen for the swears.)

The cashier is smiling now, wide eyed happy though she's trying to hide it.

Well, of course she's happy. John has that effect on people. He's like the fucking Typhoid Mary of happiness or something, it's disgusting.
fandom:homestuck  author:anxiousAnarchist  pairing:john/karkat  type:silliness  type:postsburb  type:happilyeverafter  type:established-relationship  type:makesmesmile  type:chinhands  type:voice  type:criminallyadorable  length:1-5k 
february 2012 by blottingtheink
Down From the Bird's Eye View - BlackEyedGirl - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Clint has difficulty adjusting to people he has to deal with at ground level.

This is delightful. I really love this Clint: quiet, relaxed, and totally, totally unbalanced by people.
fandom:avengers  author:blackeyedgirl  pairing:coulson/clint  type:characterization  type:characterstudy  type:workingitout  type:family  type:teamfic  type:chinhands  length:1-5k 
february 2012 by blottingtheink
Domesticide - VastDerp - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
After the Game, Sollux Captor and Jade Harley share an apartment, various clothing items, and a girlfriend with a miniature horrorterror in her living room aquarium.

OMG. This is crack--Jade/Sollux, what? seriously, what?--but soft and domestic and pointy in all the ways I love. Jade and Sollux live together, are romantic rivals, have movie nights, are nerds, and call each other names. The background is woven with the other characters, and surviving Sburb--it's brilliant.
fandom:homestuck  author:vastderp  pairing:jade/sollux  pairing:john/karkat  type:posttext  type:happilyeverafter  type:domestic  type:softly  type:banter  type:chinhands  length:1-5k  type:forc'estwhat 
december 2011 by blottingtheink
John is pretty sure if everyone knew how good it was to fall asleep in a pile of all your friends, no one would ever sleep alone again.

I'm shooshpapping my own face, I just, this is all I ever wanted for them. (And then makeouts. And less dead.)
fandom:homestuck  author:anon  type:gen  type:thefluffmaykillyounorly  type:criminallyadorable  type:chinhands  type:makesmesmile  type:canonau  length:1-5k 
december 2011 by blottingtheink
fahye_fic: [White Collar: biconvex]
"Neal Caffrey is a sensate."

Elizabeth, being faster and much more sensible than him -- God, she was amazing, how the hell had he landed this woman? -- bypassed most of the elaborate disbelief that Peter had worked through, and simply set her fork down next to her plate. "And a shielder?"

Mmmmmm, golden and full of OT3 goodness, just like all the early fic in this fandom. Also wonderfully built around a fascinating world, my heart yearns.
fandom:whitecollar  author:fahye  pairing:neal/peter/elizabeth  type:gen  type:worldbuilding  type:supernatural  type:birdsongsweet  type:banter  type:characterization  type:chinhands  length:5-10k 
december 2011 by blottingtheink
Apple Bottom Jeans (And Other Love Songs) - gyzym - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Or, how Steve Rogers--kind of--learns to dance.

This made my insides squishy. I LOVE this--in part, I think, for getting to see Cap through gyzym's voice, and the beginnings of the workthrough as to why he, also, is in love with Tony--and also just because it is fucking delightful and so much fun.
fandom:avengers  author:gyzym  pairing:tony/steve  type:domestic  type:firsttime  type:wooing  type:sillysillyboys  type:criminallyadorable  type:chinhands  type:makesmesmile  type:stylisticappreciation  length:1-5k 
october 2011 by blottingtheink
The Only Logical Conclusion - Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup) - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
So perhaps I can be forgiven for walking into a scheduled meeting with Ramirez and assuming the worst when I spotted a man with greenish-pale skin bending over his sprawled body.

DELIGHTFUL. I want the rest of this universe so badly.
fandom:dresdenfiles  fandom:startrekreboot  author:jedibuttercup  type:gen  type:short  type:crossover  type:timetravel  type:justforfun  type:chinhands  length:1-5k 
october 2011 by blottingtheink
gyzym: avengers fic: ready, fire, aim (steve/tony, nc-17) [1/3]
There's no "I" in "Avenger."

Emotionally stunted assholes in love. So, so, so good for me. God I love the descriptions of the full-body-flush you get from being intoxicatingly in love with someone--and this has that longing in SPADES.
fandom:avengers  author:gyzym  pairing:tony/steve  type:characterization  type:workingitout  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:sillysillyboys  type:chinhands  type:thefluffmaykillyounorly  type:livingtogetherfirst  length:20-25k 
october 2011 by blottingtheink
The Next Birthday by lalaietha
Like erryone else, read on /report's recommendation, and it's totally worth it. Largely fluffy--as you would want, from these characters--but with a lovely-sized dose of introvert-panic from Rapunzel. My only caveat is I'm not quite sure I believe it of Rapunzel; she adapted so quickly in the film, and she adapted herself to her tower previously. She seems pretty damn adaptable. But it doesn't turn it into an angst-fest, and I'm well acquainted with hiding.

Just realized it just makes me want future-future fics: the one where Flynn finally agrees to get married; the one where their daughter gets her first hair cut; the one where they're grandparents; the one where Flynn has a midlife crisis. Somebody help?
fandom:disney  author:lalaietha  pairing:flynn/rapunzel  type:short  type:scratchesanitch  type:criminallyadorable  type:characterization  type:introspection  type:posttext  type:thefluffmaykillyounorly  type:chinhands 
october 2011 by blottingtheink
Imprimatur - Chapter 1 - Closer - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Mike was raised to believe Imprint was a life-changing event for those few lucky enough to experience it. Harvey was raised to believe it was a form of mental illness. When it actually happened, neither of them noticed.

This gets major, major, major points for making me believe the world--Harvey and Mike both have ~opinions~ about Imprinting, and there are laws that deal with it. The build up is horribly frustrating in all the right ways, and the payoff is all kinds of adorable and wonderful. All done in a light, vivacious writing style. Closer: rapidly becoming one of my favorite writers.
fandom:suits  author:closer  pairing:mike/harvey  type:soulbond  type:criminallyadorable  type:sillysillyboys  type:obliviousness  type:ust  type:chinhands  type:stylisticappreciation 
september 2011 by blottingtheink
jumpfall: Suits Fic: i used to parlour my tricks (PG-13, Gen)
Five people who Mike impresses, and one person who already knew he was awesome.<br />
<br />
Ugh, ugh, ugh, this is too sweet for breathing. I love the Rene one. 
fandom:suits  author:jumpfall  type:gen  type:fivethings  type:characterization  type:chinhands  type:makesmesmile  from delicious
july 2011 by blottingtheink
waketosleep | Leverage: The New Three's Company
Parker cons Hardison and Eliot into a relationship and Eliot may never see his pants again.<br />
<br />
LA! I am Eliza Bennett! <br />
<br />
Not that that has anything to do with anything. It's just something I say, sometimes. When I feel really happy. LIKE RIGHT NOW
fandom:leverage  author:waketosleep  pairing:eliot/parker/hardison  type:short  type:justforfun  type:giggles  type:chinhands  type:becausecharacterlove  from delicious
june 2011 by blottingtheink
Fic: Another Second Time Around (Sports Night, PG, Danny/Casey) [Heading out to case the promise land]
Danny leans into him, just a very little bit, because he's always stupid like that. "There are bits of my ceiling on my floor, Danny. And in my shower."<br />
<br />
Casey needs a place to stay for a week. Danny--reluctantly--provides.
fandom:sportsnight  author:laurificus  pairing:dan/casey  type:banter  type:chinhands  type:myheart  type:characterization  type:domestic  from delicious
june 2011 by blottingtheink
I Constantly Thank God For George Lucas, 1/1 [twentysomething]
""Check it out, I think you've found a nerd soulmate," Mark whispers loudly, especially for a dude who was home-schooled and likes to bird watch. But Chris obligingly looks across the aisle to the opposing gate and holy crap- there's a Yoda backpack leaning up against the leg of a skinny redhead."<br />
<br />
I had no idea who this Ian dude was until this, but DUDES: twentysomething. Kiddos with great backpacks. Transatlantic tweeting! Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.
fandom:glee  fandom:bandom  author:twentysomething  pairing:chriscolfer/iancrawford  type:justforfun  type:sillysillyboys  type:crackiscrazysauce  type:criminallyadorable  type:rps  type:chinhands  from delicious
june 2011 by blottingtheink
silvia kundera - Buyer's Remorse {The Social Network Fic - Mark/Eduardo}
A toddler is screeching and if they’ve got a number it’s probably thirty seven, but Sean can close his eyes at least to stop the floor from moving while Eduardo holds him up with one hand on his chest and handles the forms with another. It’s humid, and the clotting can start any second now, and this is some straight up DDoS. But maybe his reading people thing is as imperfect as the friend thing, because if this isn’t going to be the start of something beautiful then he is not Sean Parker.

(and brain knocked about or not, he totally is)

|| LOOK AT THAT. This is the one where Sean Parker decides that Eduardo Saverin needs some Parker charm in his life, and oh, oops, we're bffs? And it shouldn't work, but it does, and silvia kundera finds exactly the way they would fit together.
fandom:thesocialnetwork  author:silviakundera  pairing:mark/eduardo  character:sean.parker  type:closetocanonau  type:friendship  type:longandsatisfying  type:characterization  type:voice  type:chinhands  type:hilarifying  type:awesome  type:somethingperfect  from delicious
june 2011 by blottingtheink
Writing is Purdy - Fic: Third Time's the Charm
Add a Detective Inspector into the mix. Triquel to Two Doctors, a Nurse, a Detective and a Scot.<br />
<br />
And quite a charm it is.
fandom:doctorwho  fandom:bbcsherlock  author:writingispurdy  type:series  type:sequel  type:chinhands  type:hijinks  type:family  from delicious
may 2011 by blottingtheink
Caged Wisdom - FIC: "Relatives & Relativity" (DW/S&S, G, gen) 1/2
Nine meets the Misses Dashwood. Plotty, engaging, WONDERFUL characterization, and the ending made me teary. I love Nine so much, and this does a little in telling us where he came from.
fandom:doctorwho  fandom:austen  author:yahtzee  type:crossover  type:rarefandom  type:gen  type:somethingperfect  type:characterization  type:voice  type:plotty  type:chinhands  type:historical  type:lovely  type:myheart  from delicious
april 2011 by blottingtheink
moogle62: fic: TSN RPF; there is a place in my heart (1/2)
Um, apparently, I didn't tag this the first time I read it, which I find hard to believe, but! Even if I did, I do not mind having this tagged twice. I laughed out loud, like, four times. Once for longer than 15 seconds. Alone in my apartment. Yes. Yes. Yes. <br />
<br />
The way to solving all problems in life, if you happen to be Andrew Garfield, is to get super drunk and kiss your co-star. Except that is a lie, because this way only lies madness, taking inappropriate advice and smelling bottles of shampoo. Guest-starring Emma Stone and Justin I-am-the-worst-person-to-talk-to-about-your-problems Timbalone.
fandom:thesocialnetwork  author:moogle62  pairing:jesse/andrew  type:sillysillyboys  type:socialawkwardness  type:rps  type:makesmesmile  type:awesome  type:chinhands  type:hilarifying  from delicious
april 2011 by blottingtheink
vlieger: so this happened...
;ljk afsd nyas g hl;asfd;imaslniasfdna grnoac

I did not know I had a dialogue kink until this fic. I cannot decide if I love this fic most for:

a. being worthy of a comment that says "The dialogue was fantastic, the porn too"
b. no, really, it's WONDERFULLY written, and just a joy to read
c. being hil-fucking-arious
d. sounding like Jesse and Andrew in interviews, which, um, adorable and geeky and ooh--my ladyparts APPROVE
e. being, basically, the geeky silly loving sex I didn't know I wanted, but is basically how I will know I met my soulmate

Guys, this is such an inappropriate response to this silliness, but I CAN'T EVEN.
fandom:thesocialnetwork  author:vlieger  pairing:jesse/andrew  type:rps  type:abouttheexecution  type:stylisticappreciation  type:fluff  type:chinhands  type:flailhands  type:awesome  type:criminallyadorable  type:characterization  type:hottt  type:smartishottt  type:geekinessmakesme  from delicious
march 2011 by blottingtheink
sherlock_flashfic: Some of Your Time, by lavvyan
Somewhere between the Tesco Metro and Baker Street, John has lost an entire hour.<br />
<br />
Um, this is way more brilliant than I thought from all of the notes on delicious--time is literally money. John and Sherlock set up a non-sexy agreement. I will not tell more, for fear of giving the game away.
fandom:sherlock  author:lavvyan  pairing:sherlock/john  type:closetocanonau  type:magicalrealism  type:chinhands  type:awesome  type:abouttheexecution  fandom:bbcsherlock  from delicious
march 2011 by blottingtheink
yj_anon_meme: Prompt Post -Part One! [CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS]
So, Superman is the only douche here (yay, commenter, why so perfect), Superboy just wants to be noticed, and the Bat-clan is made of awesome. Chinhandsing all the way home, folks.
fandom:youngjustice  author:anon  type:kinkmeme  type:kidfic  character:superboy  character:superman  type:sillysillyboys  type:hijinks  type:family  type:chinhands  from delicious
march 2011 by blottingtheink
The Secret Life of Scientists--Julad
"Ah, no," the guy said softly, in a thick accent. "I am not P. Kavanagh. I am person guilty of spitting into milk of P. Kavanagh. It was wrong of me. I feel terrible. I see you take milk out, and I think, I must urgently confess to my superior, before I am reported."

Rodney looked at the guy, and then at the milk, and then put the milk back in the fridge and closed the door. "Well, no harm done, this time. In future, just think before you go spitting in perfectly good milk, understand?"

|| Development is a little rushed, but the characterization is brilliant, hilarious and sweet. Also the end is wonderful.
fandom:sga  author:julad  pairing:rodney/zelenka  type:birdsongsweet  type:characterization  type:endingiswhoa  type:chinhands  from delicious
march 2011 by blottingtheink

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