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A Lesson in Uselessness - Anonymous - Disney Princesses, Beauty and the Beast (Disney) (1991), Alice In Wonderland (1951) [Archive of Our Own]
“I know about the history of words,” Alice would say. “ ‘Establishment’ is derived from ‘blishment’, meaning ‘a judgment made by a blish,’ which is a kind of fish. The prefix ‘Est’ is a shortening of ‘estuary,’ which in this word signifies the collection of the blishes into a single body of water, and, symbolically, the collection of their judgments into a single judgmental unit.”<br />
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YES. This is BRILLIANT; the author gets Alice's voice EXACTLY, and I love the explanation of why Belle stays at the castle. Also, Belle tells Alice her mangled nonsense poetry is wonderful, and really, it is. Heart.
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