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formal absences of precious things - pettey - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
The first night he spends at Jimin’s new place, Jeongguk decides it’s finally the right time to start catching up.

Or, that tedious post-disbandment fic.

|| Parts of this are weirdly hard to follow, like the author leaned to far into compression and got not-enough-information, but there are ALSO a bunch of beats that worked for me really well, in terms of emotion. I did kind of ache the whole time--disbandment, augh, and this is a vision where they love each other but are not super in touch--but that distance provides the space for the: what happens when you start to grow up separately, start to make your own adulthood--and then get back in touch. How do the pieces fit together. It's a compelling question.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:pettey  pairing:jimin/jungkook  type:future  type:canonexpansion  type:takeanideaandrun  type:ouchmyheart  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:workingitout  type:growingup  length:15-20k 
june 2016 by blottingtheink
room to grow - Mysecretfanmoments - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
“You’re too noisy!” comes a voice from behind. Shouyou doesn’t have to turn to know it’s Kageyama running after him; he continues yelling.

“Stop shouting!”

Something inside of Shouyou releases. It’s been so long since Kageyama has shouted at him like that, chasing him like he’ll literally tackle him if he has to. It’s immature. Not something third years should be doing—but no one else is up yet. Shouyou runs faster, doesn’t shut up.

|| Third year fic is always a dangerous endeavor, but I love this soft ache of this, the sweet edge and nervousness as they try to renegotiate how to relate to each other.
fandom:haikyuu  author:mysecretfanmoments  pairing:hinata/kageyama  type:canonexpansion  type:future  type:workingitout  type:softly  type:characterization  length:5-10k 
june 2016 by blottingtheink
In Transit - Mysecretfanmoments - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
The trains were never this full in Miyagi; if he'd been traveling alone there would have been no telling where he’d end up. For once he was just glad of Kageyama’s height instead of being jealous.

Kageyama didn’t let go when the train started moving, though his grip loosened a little. Shouyou stood close, almost toe-to-toe with Kageyama, a lady’s handbag poking him in the back. He placed his hands on either side of Kageyama’s waist gingerly each time the train accelerated, not wanting to rely on Kageyama’s strength alone, and it was weird feeling Kageyama’s muscles moving under his shirt. He was used to Kageyama’s body—they helped each other stretch all the time—but it was weird in this setting, and Shouyou nearly blushed whenever he felt Kageyama’s abs clenching in preparation for the train changing speed.

|| Basically a five times fic; love ittttt.
fandom:haikyuu  author:mysecretfanmoments  pairing:hinata/kageyama  type:canonexpansion  type:fivethings  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:sillysillyboys  type:makesmesmile  length:1-5k 
june 2016 by blottingtheink
Don't Stop (Will You Fall a Little More?) - downtochemicals - Mamamoo [Archive of Our Own]
In this fic, when Moonbyul is asked who she would take with her to a deserted island:

She clears her throat. “Ah, well, but if it’s Moonbyul,” she replies slowly, face returning to its normal color, and it’s never good when she refers to herself in third person, because then she says: “it has to be Solar unnie.”

Yongsun’s mouth hangs open unattractively, and Wheein laughs as Hwasa adds an indignant, “What about us?” They start bickering that just falls deaf to Yongsun’s own ears because who says things like that? Moon Byulyi.

|| I LOVED THIS FIC. The author says they'd gotten into Mamamoo 48 hours earlier, but Solar, Moonbyul, and all of them, really, are rendered with such a light, delightful touch. Teasing and charming and absolutely bonkers. Adored.
fandom:kpop  fandom:mamamoo  author:downtochemicals  pairing:moonbyul/solar  type:canonexpansion  type:characterization  type:makesmesmile  type:hijinks  type:justforfun  length:1-5k 
april 2016 by blottingtheink
relief - countingpaths - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
His bones feel like they're being pulled forward, like he has to fight them from curling into the curve of Jimin's body.

There's only so much he can do– His body leans in anyway. They giggle all the way up to their room, half pressed against each other. Holding each other up. Trailing behind the rest of their group and tripping over their own feet, cushioned by the safety nets they find in each other's arms.

“Lost in their own little world ,” he thinks he hears Seokjin mutter.

|| This fic is ostensibly about the first-time that happens in the second half, but it's mostly about BUILD--and what really makes it work for me is the way it weaves this backstory of a 95line who have been circling each other for ages, laughing and semi-breathless every time their gazes catch for too long--and this is the story of them FINALLY giving into that. It hits like you've been reading the gleeful pining for 10 or 20k already; you're that certain these kids are crazy about each other. The Tae has synesthesia thing is almost a little too played up for me in places, but I also really like it, so.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:countingpaths  pairing:jimin/v  type:canonexpansion  type:firsttime  type:friendship  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:fallforyouhotfast  type:thisishowwedevelop  length:5-10k 
april 2016 by blottingtheink
Soft Spot - nivo - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi doesn't particularly care for the well-being of the new trainee. It's just that he doesn't particularly care for prison, either, and leaving the kid to fend for himself would probably constitute criminally negligent homicide.

|| This is so fucking soft and full of promise, I think I remember making a pained noise on the subway when I read it. Nivo is so good at writing fics that speak to tenderness and that cast forward at the hopes one person has for another.

Yoongi watches out for the delicate new kid.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:nivo  pairing:suga/j-hope  type:canonexpansion  type:preslash  type:pre-text  type:characterization  type:softly  type:myheart  type:short  length:1-5k 
april 2016 by blottingtheink
Third Wheel - sandwichtree - 月刊少女野崎くん | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun [Archive of Our Own]
Nozaki stares with his sharp, handsome eyes for a few moments before he says, "Thank you, Sakura. I like you too, but I can't accept your feelings."

The world is a series of cymbals crashing, lightning strikes, cracked mirrors. Chiyo should have known that someone who liked her back couldn't possibly stay so oblivious, but, like an idiot, she had still held out hope.

"Ah, I...see," she mutters. "Of course...I'm sorry, um. Obviously you wouldn't be interested someone as plain as me, l-like that..."

"Oh, it's not that. You're extremely cute," says Nozaki. "But I'm dating someone else."

|| Nozaki thinks he's dating Mikorin. It only goes more off the rails from there. (Structured a bit like the strips; made me both laugh and be extremely fond.)
fandom:nozaki-kun  author:sandwichtree  pairing:mikoshiba/nozaki/sakura  type:canonexpansion  type:miscommunication  type:hijinks  type:threesome  type:silliness  type:justforfun  length:1-5k 
april 2016 by blottingtheink
look at me, everything looks different - Chapter 1 - elfiepike - CLC (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Finally Sorn looked up, holding her hand palms flat against the frets. Sorn’s face was soft and open but Seunghee knew that Sorn was even better at playing her part than Seunghee was.

|| This fic is tiny but it takes me apart in all the best ways; putting a quiet voice to the small uncertain sadness I've been carrying about CLC and not understanding what is up with them, and how they're doing, and this takes the two softest members and has them help each other back to this hard, hard job they've found themselves in. All in about 500 words, god, I love it so much.
fandom:kpop  fandom:clc  author:elfiepike  pairing:seunghee/sorn  type:gen  type:canonexpansion  type:ouchmyheart  type:softly  type:characterization  type:birdsongsweet  type:myheart  type:surviving  length:<1k 
march 2016 by blottingtheink
Social Animals - nivo - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
But the next time Hoseok falls asleep in yet another uncomfortable dressing room chair with his head held carefully to protect his already styled hair – Jeongguk can't help but think he would've made one fine court lady back in the day – Jeongguk is there, alert and ready. Hoseok must realize what he's up to – he always does, usually before Jeongguk himself could even make sense of his own actions – but he doesn't comment on it; doesn't tease Jeongguk the way Jimin and Yoongi do whenever they catch him 'playing hyung,' as Jimin once put it with a sappy grin, messing up Jeongguk's hair just to be annoying.

It's not like that, anyway.

|| Goddddddd, this is the fic that convinced me Junghope was something I loved--it packs an emotional wallop for something so short (barely 1k!). All about protectiveness and growing up and knowing something is waiting for you, even if all it is right now is your hand in someone's hair.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:nivo  pairing:j-hope/jungkook  type:canonexpansion  type:softly  type:preslash  type:feeeeeeeelings  type:growingup  type:myheart  type:characterization  type:backstory  length:1-5k 
march 2016 by blottingtheink
Youth - taejinyo - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
The first time he sees Seokjin cry, Jimin is seventeen years old, too old to not notice and too young to let it go.

"Hyung," he calls softly, "what's wrong?"

It's dark in their bedroom, and everyone else is sleeping. Namjoon's snores echo through the room, so loud that Jimin barely recognizes the sound of sniffling beneath it.

Seokjin immediately stops. Jimin peers over the side of his bunk and looks down at where Seokjin sleeps. The only thing he can see in the darkness is the bright glistening of tears in Seokjin's eyes. His breath stutters in his throat.

"Go back to sleep, Jimin."

"Are you okay?"

Jimin blinks, eyes slowly adjusting to the low light. Seokjin looks back up at him, expression gentle.

"Don't worry about me," he smiles. "I'll be fine."

|| The controlling metaphor in this is a bit much, but around it everything is soft and well-observed and a bit achey. My favorite scenes are probably this one (too old not to notice and too young to let it go UGH) and the scene in the car at the end, but again really good cameos from everyone.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:taejinyo  pairing:jimin/jin  type:canonexpansion  type:pining!  type:obliviousness  type:short  type:workingitout  type:softly  type:birdsongsweet  type:everyoneelseknows  type:dynamics  length:1-5k 
march 2016 by blottingtheink
Be There - taejinyo - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Seokjin smiles, his eyes crinkling up into slits. "Don't worry about it, Jungkookie. This happens all the time," he says and brings his hand up to rest on Jungkook's shoulder and oh, he thinks, oh. He stares dumbly at where his hand meets the curve of a solid, tall shoulder for a moment before he recovers. "Ah, our Jungkookie's really grown. Already taller than me?" He laughs and looks up, and isn't that strange, to think that now to look into Jungkook's eyes, he has to actually look up.

Jungkook tears his eyes away from where they're gazing at Seokjin's hand on him and now he's looking right at Seokjin. "Yeah," he says after a long pause, the look in his eyes unreadable, "I guess I am."

|| Oh, this is nice. I like the way it builds in prior history and casts forward at the same time; I like Seokjin's worries and hesitances and willingness to take risks and the way he thinks about growing up--it feels very Seokjin, and very realistic for being the oldest; I like Jungkook's quiet nervous surety and I love every member cameo. Really good across the board.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:taejinyo  pairing:jin/jungkook  type:canonexpansion  type:pining!  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:workingitout  type:growingup  type:everyoneelseknows  type:characterization  length:1-5k 
march 2016 by blottingtheink
When you got skin in the game (you stay in the game) - kleinergruenerkaktus - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
“Rub one out, get some sleep, everything will be better in the morning.”

It slips out before Ransom can stop it. “No.”

“What do you mean, no?” Incredulous. “You’re not seriously going to study now.”

For a moment, Ransom considers going with that, staging a coral reef crisis, anything to distract Holster, but something in his face must have betrayed his embarrassed panic because Holster’s eyebrows knit together and he goes, “Oh, wait. This is your thing, isn’t it.”


Ransom has a system, and it was working just fine before Holster came along.

|| This is delightful okay. Their dynamics are really, really good, and the friendship and the way their particular relationship starts--Holtzer basically challenging Ransom to have an orgasm only on a particular day when he's earned it--builds from a system Ransom already had in place for himself. It feels really natural and delightful and exciting, just like it does for them.
fandom:checkplease  author:kleinergruenerkaktus  pairing:holtzer/ransom  type:canonexpansion  type:workingitout  type:friendstolovers  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:dom/sub  type:dynamics  type:sextoy  type:orgasmdenial  length:5-10k 
february 2016 by blottingtheink
Figuring It Out as We Go - peppermint_wind - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook never thought this would happen to him; eighteen years old and questioning everything he used to know. Staying up late watching gay music videos with wide-eyes, phone tucked to his chest, probably isn't helping him much, either, but what is he supposed to do when he realizes seeing two men together makes his whole body ache?

|| Oh my god, I read this and then immediately re-read it. Only about 5k, but really satisfying AND heart-warming, for all the big-ness of the subject.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:peppermint_wind  pairing:jimin/jungkook  type:canonexpansion  type:comingout  type:workingitout  type:growingup  type:canoninspired  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:ouchmyheart  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
february 2016 by blottingtheink
all of your sides are good - conditionally - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
It's Jimin's birthday and Taehyung has to do whatever he wants. (Or where Jimin doesn't know what he wants, is what Taehyung wants too.)

|| This goes from pining fic to porn PRETTY QUICKLY, but it's still a good romp, and I really enjoyed all the details from Jimin's birthday that were pulled in. (I still can't believe Tae's fancafe post, either, author.) (Although I wish there'd been mention of them taking the Jimin bus together. That's okay though.)
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:conditionally  pairing:jimin/v  type:canonexpansion  type:friendstolovers  type:pining!  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:workingitout  type:everyoneelseknows  type:smmmmmmmut  type:dirtytalk  length:15-20k 
january 2016 by blottingtheink
Definitions - cest_what - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“Have you ever –” Jimin says, and then stops. He lifts his elbow a little and peeks sideways at Taehyung, before he drops his arm over his eyes again.

|| Jimin and V, the first kiss that they mean for real. (OKAY I DON'T??? ACTUALLY BELIEVE??? THAT I HAVEN'T SAVED THIS??? But maybe I haven't, and all one really needs to know is I just tried to kudos it again. In lieu of that, here I am, possibly saving it again.)
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:cestwhat  pairing:jimin/v  type:canonexpansion  type:friendstolovers  type:wewerealwaysinlove  type:kissing  type:sillysillyboys  type:criminallyadorable  type:birdsongsweet  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
january 2016 by blottingtheink
Consequences of a Night out Drinking - wortmalerei - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“That’s not true at all”, Jeongguk replied in exasperation. “I do things with you all the time and of course I like you!” He broke off as he realized that he was trying to argue with someone who was beyond logic at the moment. “Hyung”, he sighed, “you’re drunk, so let’s not talk about this right now, okay? Can we just get up and go to bed?”

He groaned when Jimin suddenly started giggling. “I can feel it in my nose when you speak!”

|| As illustrated above, lots of commas in the wrong place on the dialogue tags, but I really really liked this otherwise, the way Jungkook is so thrown and hyper-aware of Jimin post-drunken episode, and Jimin's soft delight at the end. A bunch of the dialogue is fun, too.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:wortmalerei  pairing:jimin/jungkook  type:canonexpansion  type:drunkenhonesty  type:obliviousness  type:pining!  type:workingitout  type:cute  length:1-5k 
january 2016 by blottingtheink
echo - wordcouture - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
When Yoongi gets hospitalized for the first time, Namjoon floats around his room like a mourning ghost till Yoongi tells him that he'll pull the IV out of his own arm if Namjoon doesn't fucking stop pacing right the fuck now.

"Only if you stop almost dying."

"I'm not dying--it's appendicitis."

"Tubes are feeding things into a giant needle in your arm--you're dying."

"We're all dying."

"Ew, stop stealing my lines."

|| Yoongi and Namjoon in the hospital, across the years. The relationship is only simmering, (and there are a couple moments that seem overblown) but the banter is fun and seems about right.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:wordcouture  pairing:rapmonster/suga  type:missingscene  type:canonexpansion  type:preslash  type:banter  type:bedsharing  type:ust  length:1-5k 
january 2016 by blottingtheink
if the world was ending (would you stay with me) - countingpaths - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
They're always too much and not enough - pushing the boundaries but not breaking them.

|| Oh my godddddddddddddddddd--this fic is really INTENSE for a fic that doesn't even have any kissing in it; deeply, consumingly requited ust, as they try to tell each other how much they mean to each other while not jeopardizing the balance necessary as bandmates. I feel like I have a ball of lava under my sternum, I am, oh man, I'm so ready for the next thing from this author.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:countingpaths  pairing:jimin/v  type:canonexpansion  type:ust  type:criminallyadorable  type:characterization  type:myheart  type:fallforyouhotfast  length:1-5k 
november 2015 by blottingtheink
heart keeps on beating - allegrolines - Monsta X (Band), No.MERCY (TV), K-pop [Archive of Our Own]
In which Kihyun is unimpressed, Hyungwon and Changkyun eat ramyun, Hoseok has a cold, Hyunwoo gives good advice, Minhyuk is way too protective, and Jooheon isn't as clueless as everyone seems to believe.

|| I really don't go here--I know next to nothing about Monsta X--but this was cute, there was pining, people were soft and careful, I was sold.
fandom:kpop  fandom:monstax  author:allegrolines  pairing:jooheon/minhyuk  type:pining!  type:canonexpansion  type:everyoneelseknows  type:workingitout  type:criminallyadorable  type:softly  length:5-10k 
september 2015 by blottingtheink
Cause We're the Special Two - licornes - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
By the time he collapsed into a chair near the stereo, chest heaving, there was already a dangerous itch growing. Jeongguk recognized the change in himself immediately, that familiar need for something to make him feel the way extra practices are supposed to make him feel--satisfied, grounded, in control.

|| Oh, I thought I saved this already. A VKook I enjoyed--neither of them caricatures, leaning softly on each other and making space, Jungkook a little entitled and demanding, but Tae responding without disappearing, if that makes sense. (I was ... annoyed at the implication that everyone else would be in bed at 3 am, 1. hahahahahaha, 2. excuse you there are bts members everyone says practice too much and kookie is not one of them BUT ANYWAY other than that.) Soft.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:licornes  pairing:jungkook/v  type:softly  type:canonexpansion  type:bedsharing  type:comingdown  type:short  length:1-5k 
september 2015 by blottingtheink
eyes big moonstruck, lu han + xiumin, r, drabble-y... | puppycat
He gets used to it.

Lu Han, Minseok discovers, craves touch the same way that Baekhyun craves attention, or Joonmyun craves acceptance, or Chanyeol craves praise.

|| Sad, and a bit sharp, and honestly, Lu Han's disregard of Minseok's boundaries makes me uncomfortable, but it's a fic as much about sensation as it is about anything, so characterization isn't quite-exactly the point.
fandom:kpop  fandom:exo  author:curledupkitten  pairing:luhan/xiumin  type:canonexpansion  type:bugscrawlingalloverme  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:sensory  type:short  length:notspecified 
september 2015 by blottingtheink
helping hand - wendywrites - GOT7 [Archive of Our Own]
Jackson has a boner and an injured hand. Jaebum is conveniently around.

|| I can't tell if this is canon or not? Why is JB entering a video contest? But -- they all still live together? Other than that distracting detail, some fun Jackson characterization, needy and pushy and frank. JB deals.
fandom:kpop  fandom:got7  author:wendywrites  pairing:jackson/jb  type:takeanideaandrun  type:canonexpansion  type:handjobs  type:short  length:1-5k 
september 2015 by blottingtheink
Home Run - galmaegi - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“Pay attention,” Taehyung whispers back. His tone isn’t mean, exactly, but he isn’t joking either. There’s a set to his eyes that Hoseok has never seen before, and it makes the bottom of his stomach curl a little.

|| Ohhhhhh, I like this, the shivery way Hoseok is interested in uncovering his interest, their trust, Taehyung's mercuriality but not blown out of proportion.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:galmaegi  pairing:v/j-hope  type:canonexpansion  type:kink  type:kinknegotiation  type:characterization  type:takeanideaandrun  length:1-5k 
august 2015 by blottingtheink
practiced - wordcouture - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
"People on Daum keep telling me to treat you better," Jungkook says with a breathy little laugh, still kneading away at the knots in Jimin's shoulders, occasionally pausing to give his back a few good thumps.

Jimin rolls his shoulders and lifts his head. Jungkook catches a grin through the mirror and feels the heat ballooned around him pressing in from all sides. He casts his eyes downwards and redoubles his efforts at a set of particularly stubborn knots close to the nape of Jimin's neck.

|| Lolololol, my first reaction to that was "GOOD" and I was well-satisfied. The rest of the fic is good too--Jungkook's underlying crush, Jimin happy and a bit self-satisfied.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:wordcouture  pairing:jimin/jungkook  type:crushing  type:canonexpansion  type:firsttime  type:cute  type:workingitout  length:1-5k 
august 2015 by blottingtheink
catch - wordcouture - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“The shoot today—” Jungkook cuts off because the words are rushed, as if he’s trying so hard to give himself a reason, to give reason to how much he’d made fun of Jimin and the damned makeup they had to wear, the stupid freckles, stupid, stupid, freckles that, while he’d hated on himself, he’d found incredibly, startlingly, stomach-turningly attractive on Jimin. He had to remind himself not to stare so much and god he thought he’d rather die than admit it but his palms got sweaty and his voice had caught and he couldn’t concentrate on anything but Jimin and his stupid freckles and that stupid hat he’d been wearing, and the stupid stupid stupid vest and shorts that were way too short, and, oh sweet heavens.

|| Jungkook is so good and overwhelmed in this.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:wordcouture  pairing:jimin/jungkook  type:canonexpansion  type:criminallyadorable  type:crushing  type:characterization  type:feeeeeeeelings  length:1-5k 
august 2015 by blottingtheink
Come when I call - friday - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Yeah, Min Yoongi has a crush on Park Jimin. Yeah, he’s maybe being a little bit mean to Jimin until he can figure it out. Yeah, he's man enough to admit it, if not quite man enough to do anything about it yet. What? He barely has facial hair. Give him a few years to grow into the man he knows he can be.

|| Actual fic more graceful than the summary--really really cute. Lots of pining. A good Jiminie, too.
fandom:bts  fandom:kpop  author:friday  pairing:suga/jimin  type:canonexpansion  type:criminallyadorable  type:pining!  type:oopsyoufoundout  length:1-5k 
july 2015 by blottingtheink
hers/his - fated_addiction - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
The next time she sees him it's mid-July, the city is disgustingly hot, and she's wrapping up the rest of her comeback with KARA.

Jackson writes a song. And then suddenly, they have a unit. It's not We Got Married.

|| I actually liked this a lot--Youngji and Jackson are flirty and fighty and mixed-up, all while being their straight-forward selves. Probably a little bit rose-colored regarding dating in the industry, but not the point.
fandom:kpop  fandom:got7  fandom:kara  pairing:jackson/youngji  type:het  type:canonexpansion  type:alternateuniverse  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:sillysillypeople  type:workingitout  length:5-10k 
april 2015 by blottingtheink
Little Talks
neo play fighting over something trivial + leo gives in all the time.

|| Cute five things from the point of view of the members, sort of. Very very sweet.
fandom:kpop  fandom:vixx  author:bijyu  pairing:n/leo  type:canonexpansion  type:fivethings  type:outsidepov  type:birdsongsweet  type:criminallyadorable  length:notspecified 
march 2015 by blottingtheink
take the unknown road now.
It doesn’t take Taekwoon long to fall in love, but a lot of time has to pass before he can stop being a coward about it.

|| A little tell-y, but some really lovely moments. (Confession: I was kind of rooting for N to end up with someone else, even though it's really clearly a N/Leo story. But I think that's the part of me that wants N's slightly-hurting until it's happy happy ending, and I want Leo to be the best-worst bff in it ever.) Author does a kind of heart-breaking job working in canon.
fandom:kpop  fandom:vixx  author:bijyu  pairing:n/leo  type:canonexpansion  type:ouchmyheart  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:workingitout  length:notspecified 
march 2015 by blottingtheink
Awaken to the Sound of Drums - almostblue (fictionalaspect) - K-pop, B.A.P [Archive of Our Own]
Growing up is weird.

Growing up is even weirder when you're Choi Junhong.

|| That's basically the fic. That and the author's note: "This story contains underage characters exploring and experiencing their sexuality in a realistic way." Most of the sex doesn't happen until Zelo is 17, I think--but that is Korean 17, so. Heads up. It's largely not explicit, but it is clear it happens a lot. Lots of working through internalized homophobia, but it isn't overblown, and achey in a way I really appreciate sometimes.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bap  author:almostblue  pairing:himchan/zelo  pairing:himchan/yongguk  pairing:jongup/zelo  type:growingup  type:alternateuniverse  type:canonexpansion  type:future  type:heavyheartedandlookingup  type:happilyeverafter  type:comingout  type:pining!  type:friendswithbenefits  type:longandsatisfying  warningtype:underage  length:20-25k 
february 2015 by blottingtheink
A Most Precious Thing - Dream_edge - Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle [Archive of Our Own]
There is a name on your back, for all children of Valeria are born with the name of their intended upon their skin. Yours is in a language you cannot read and do not recognize. It makes you dream of far away places, where no one has ever heard of cursed twins.

|| Every time I read a TRC fic I remember that I will never, ever, ever, remember all of the plot twists in this story. But this is soft and knife-edged and haunting, gets at Fai's lightness while being most interested in his tragedy. Most of a tone-match with the end of the series than the romp of the first half.
fandom:tsubasa  author:dream_edge  pairing:kurogane/fai  type:canonexpansion  type:alternateuniverse  type:soulmatemarks  type:softly  type:backstory  type:ouchmyheart  type:heavyheartedandlookingup  length:5-10k 
february 2015 by blottingtheink
yoongi | Gotta Be You
The next morning, it’s Jimin’s turn to wake up Yoongi. “Good luck,” says Jeongguk, patting him on the shoulder.

“We’re only doing this because we trust you, soldier,” Taehyung salutes him around a mouthful of toothpaste. Foam drips down onto his night shirt. He hasn’t noticed yet.

Still dressed in an undershirt and sweatpants, Jimin sighs, rubs his eyes, and walks into the room Yoongi shares with Namjoon and Seokjin.

|| For a fic that like, is ACTIVELY AVOIDING RESOLVING, I really enjoy the development in this fic, the slow dawning, and the way the author more or less avoids spelling it out in neon letters, even though there's a pretty firm declaration there at the end. Also as evidenced here, the rest of the band is aces, too, and I'm a sucker for that.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:yoongi  pairing:suga/jimin  type:canonexpansion  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:ust  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:dynamics  type:domestic  type:criminallyadorable  type:cute  length:1-5k 
january 2015 by blottingtheink
yoongi | Up All Night
Yoongi would love to be an asshole right now and kick Jimin off, but it’s Jimin. Yoongi can never be the asshole he wants to be when Jimin is around. He has this weird muting effect on Yoongi’s personality and Yoongi thinks Jimin knows he has this power over Yoongi and he’s using it right now. He’s evil in a puppy-who-has-gotten-into-toilet-paper kind of way.

“It doesn’t work,” Jimin pouts. “I even tried to count Mario Namjoon hyung leapfrogging Princess Peach Seokjin hyung, but even that didn’t work.”

|| One, that is an amazing image. Two, I really love the ending, and three, some really great bits of soft reluctant pining from the angry cloud.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:yoongi  pairing:suga/jimin  type:canonexpansion  type:unresolved  type:dayinthelife  type:bedsharing  type:softly  length:1-5k 
january 2015 by blottingtheink
placeholder come and take mine - shikae (39smooth) - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Jimin doesn’t walk in. Jimin doesn’t announce his presence with a loud call. Jimin stands there in the doorway, clutching at his snapback absently. He stands there, almost frozen in place, and sees Hoseok run his mouth down the side of Yoongi’s neck, both their backs facing him, one hand sneaking up the front of Yoongi’s worn-out white shirt that he always wears at home.

|| Companion to "and you did it for me," a romance from the outside. The maknae sections are the best--it gets a little heavy handed in the other ones, but still. *drags hands down my face*
fandom:bts  fandom:kpop  author:shikae  pairing:suga/j-hope  type:canonexpansion  type:ouchmyheart  type:outsidepov  type:friendship  type:workingitout  type:softly  type:birdsongsweet  length:1-5k 
december 2014 by blottingtheink
idolkiller: BTS || quick learner (V/J-Hope)
Hoseok and Taehyung play seven minutes in heaven.

|| God, I love this. The different band members are spot-on (Jin sitting motionless! Namjoon and Suga being loud, posturing, and ridiculous! Jimin trying to suffocate himself!), but even more, J-hope's internal monologue and the kissing in the closet, god. Totally totally unresolved, I require 10k more of kissing please, but god, yes.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:idolkiller  pairing:v/j-hope  type:canonexpansion  type:makingout  type:someonedaredthem  type:characterization  type:friendship  type:short  length:1-5k 
december 2014 by blottingtheink
light the spark - sasireun - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook sleeps a bit too soundly between Hoseok and Yoongi. They literally cannot get him to stop snoring. The bright side is that he looks cute when he sleeps.

|| I don't know if this author intended me to want Jungkook to wake up and them all to make-out as badly as I did, but Suga and J-hope LITERALLY keep talking about how cute he is, it was crazy distracting, I would like the follow-up, please. But regarding the actual fic itself, I really really liked it: lots of tension and banter and goodness.
fandom:bts  fandom:kpop  author:sasireun  pairing:suga/j-hope  type:canonexpansion  type:kissing  type:ust  type:hottt  type:banter  type:characterization  length:1-5k 
december 2014 by blottingtheink
Just Smile Again - riots - GOT7 [Archive of Our Own]
Jackson's been lowkey nursing this crush for years, but he never meant for Jaebum to ever find out. Mark and Jinyoung have other ideas. Also, they're terrible friends.

|| In no world was I not going to be weak to this action.
fandom:got7  fandom:kpop  author:riots  pairing:jackson/jb  type:pining!  type:canonexpansion  type:friendship  type:oopsyoufoundout  type:sillysillyboys  type:makingout  type:justforfun  length:1-5k 
december 2014 by blottingtheink
Fic Advent 2014 - Chapter 1 - riots - Haikyuu!!, GOT7, EXO (Band), f(x), Miss A, Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball [Archive of Our Own]
Assorted drabbles written through December. Each chapter is labelled with fandom and pairing or focus!!

|| Shush there are a bunch of Jackson/JB ficlets and this author made me weak!!!
fandom:kpop  fandom:got7  author:riots  pairing:jackson/jb  type:short  type:canonexpansion  type:makesmesmile  type:friendship  type:series  length:1-5k 
december 2014 by blottingtheink
maayacola - KPop: Favors the Bold (Kris/Lay, NC-17) [1/3]
Hands come to rest on his shoulders, and Wu Fan knows it’s Yixing not just by process of elimination, but by the scent of eucalyptus that seems to cling to him. “You’d have to lie less if you took off the jacket.”

“I said it’s fine,” Wu Fan says, shrugging the hands off and ignoring the flush that climbs up his neck at the way Yixing’s fingers drag down his shoulders as they fall.

|| Enjoying this fic required, for me, a kind of mental handwaving that Yixing's actions could really, REALLY, r e a l l y be that persistently opaque, but I eventually came round to it being like boiling a frog: if you have a friend who's really flirty or really unpredictable, at what stage are you sure--REALLY SURE--that they're not just messing with you? Kris attempts to find out; suffers a lot. (Also a lot of handwaving for Kris enjoying being in EXO, but given his propensity to refer back to it even now, I assume it probably wasn't his bandmates that were the problem.)
fandom:exo  fandom:kpop  author:maayacola  pairing:kris/lay  type:canonexpansion  type:pining!  type:obliviousness  type:sillysillyboys  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:chinhands  length:20-25k 
december 2014 by blottingtheink
lovelyable: learn to 21st century please [ fic ]
from: maknae, 8/18/2012 12:00:11 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYUNGNIM~ am i first kekekeke ^^

|| GD turns 25, and TOP's filming in China. (He comes back.) Cute enough; god knows I've had it open on my phone forever. The dialogue and plotting is kind of awkward, but honestly, I'm so very glad it's not angst-fic. S t i l l.
fandom:bigbang  fandom:kpop  author:lovelyable  pairing:gdragon/top  type:canonexpansion  type:sillysillyboys  type:feeeeeeeelings  type:birthday  length:1-5k 
december 2014 by blottingtheink
colorfunk: i'm gonna be
baekhyun and zitao hook up across asia.

|| Awwwwww. I still don't really know any of the EXO members well enough to have favorite dynamics, but I'm fond of both Tao and Baekhyun, and I like this particular vision of them, and the whole group, quietly supportive.
fandom:exo  fandom:kpop  author:colorfunk  pairing:baekhyun/tao  type:canonexpansion  type:secretrelationship  type:sleepingtogetherfirst  type:everyoneelseknows  type:softly  type:birdsongsweet  type:friendship  length:1-5k 
november 2014 by blottingtheink
one_if_by_land: between land and sea (OT12, Kai/Lay)
An unexpected thunderstorm de-rails EXO's photoshoot on Jeju Island. Alternately titled: five times Jongin makes a move and once when he doesn't.

|| OT12 JUST MEANS WHOLE BAND FIC IN KPOP, APPARENTLY, NOT LIKE, EVERYONE SEXES. JUST. FYI. what the heck, kpop relationship tags. Anyway.

Cute, awkward, canon-expansion, unresolved, basically on the level for one if by land.
fandom:exo  fandom:kpop  author:one_if_by_land  type:gen  type:friendship  type:fivethings  type:sillysillyboys  type:canonexpansion  type:teenagers.  length:1-5k 
november 2014 by blottingtheink
# orineun family - (fic) Goodbye, apathy
It's not that Oh Sehun doesn't care about things, he just doesn't notice them the same way everyone else does. And he definitely doesn't notice his hyung's amazing butt until it gets pointed out to him.
fandom:exo  fandom:kpop  author:maihanii  type:canonexpansion  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:sillysillyboys  type:pining!  length:5-10k 
november 2014 by blottingtheink
rain sound - i wish you
Hongbin laughs. Somehow, at some point, he'd picked up this whole emotional, artsy flower boy thing as part of his image. He doesn't mind — it works for him and the company likes it a lot, plus it's an excuse for him to bring his DSLR along everywhere — but while Hongbin does like art, is certainly handsome, and definitely has emotions, the truth is he's not much of a romantic.

|| I really like this author's sense of character and possibility.
fandom:kpop  fandom:vixx  author:a-dead-koala  pairing:ravi/hongbin  type:short  type:characterstudy  type:softly  type:canonexpansion  length:<1k 
november 2014 by blottingtheink
rain sound - craving
They all have their weird habits, even when it comes to sleeping -- Hakyeon likes to cuddle, Hongbin drools, Jaehwan talks (and laughs and occasionally sings) in his sleep, and Wonshik snores so damn loud that despite being exiled to the closet long ago, they can still hear him faintly through the walls on most nights. Taekwoon, for the most part, is the same: quiet and occasionally absent, although when a nosy maknae line plus Jaehwan had once asked where he disappears to -- </span>practice room? gym? secret girlfriend's house?? -- Hakyeon had waved them off, answering for Taekwoon as he so often did that their shy main vocal just needed his "me time," now everybody shush and get in the van, we're going to be late.
fandom:vixx  fandom:kpop  author:a-dead-koala  pairing:leo/hyuk  type:softly  type:canonexpansion  type:pining!  type:ust  length:1-5k 
november 2014 by blottingtheink
Big Bang: BANG*S by whetstone (T.O.P/G-Dragon)
Seunghyun gets a box of BB merchandise.

|| I loved this, short as it is. It feels like a natural progression of TOP's love of collectibles, and I like fic that makes their relationship feel natural and easy.
fandom:bigbang  fandom:kpop  author:whetstone  pairing:gdragon/top  type:birdsongsweet  type:canonexpansion  type:softly  type:short  length:1-5k  via:cestwhat 
october 2014 by blottingtheink
WWBBD? - mediest - EXO (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"Are you breaking up with my fanservice?" Or: Baekhyun and Chanyeol are never ever getting back together.

|| It says dead WIP, but it's totally got a satisfying ending.
fandom:exo  fandom:kpop  author:mediest  pairing:chanyeol/baekhyun  type:silliness  type:sillysillyboys  type:canonexpansion  type:cute  length:1-5k 
october 2014 by blottingtheink
gdgdbaby: [oneshot] you are gold and silver
"No, get out, you're fine. You don't want to be late for your date."

"Don't be like that," Seunghun says, grinning when Jiyong makes a face at him and ensconces himself deeper into the bedspread.

"Like what?" he asks, all wide-eyed innocence.

|| I honestly don't know what this was about (Seunghyun going to meet his Olympic swimmer friend but also then someone else I do not know there are so many people), but it was cute. Thumbs up.
fandom:bigbang  fandom:kpop  author:gdgdbaby  pairing:gdragon/top  type:canonexpansion  type:short  type:sliceoflife  type:cute  type:vignettes  length:1-5k 
october 2014 by blottingtheink
whetstone: the big sleep
Jiyong has a plan, and TOP has a squirrel.

|| I need to slow down, I'm going to read all the fluff this fandom has to offer, and then where will I be. Sobbing into my lunch. Anyway, yay.
fandom:bigbang  fandom:kpop  author:whetstone  pairing:gdragon/top  type:criminallyadorable  type:canonexpansion  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:sillysillyboys  type:bedsharing  length:1-5k 
october 2014 by blottingtheink
whetstone: anyone else but you
birthday fic! kinda fluffy, idk.

|| (I'm so confused by this fandom's use of OT5 to mean team-gen. Like. Guys. That's not what that means? ...I guess that's what... that means... now...)
fandom:bigbang  fandom:kpop  author:whetstone  pairing:gdragon/top  type:friendship  type:teamfic  type:canonexpansion  type:criminallyadorable  type:short  length:1-5k 
october 2014 by blottingtheink
Rin's Deal - Chapter 1 - petrichoral - Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi | Spirited Away [Archive of Our Own]
Rin can't remember the name on her contract, which means she's stuck in the bathhouse forever. But when an unexpected letter comes from a girl she once helped, Rin finds she has the chance to make her own deal.

|| I've had this open in my tabs for days, waiting to have the right words. A lovely, realized backstory and continuation of Spirited Away, with a heroine who is practical and flawed, well-meaning and cowardly and brave, with a secondary character who feels just as much a recognizable girl, and it's just--good. I ship them like crazy, of course, but I'm very happy knowing they'll make it out and be happy together forever, obviously.
fandom:spiritedaway  author:petrichoral  type:gen  type:backstory  type:canonexpansion  type:worldbuilding  type:characterization  type:lovely  type:makesmesmile  length:5-10k 
october 2013 by blottingtheink
we hid in catacombs - Chapter 1 - oflights - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Sidney and Geno get together, break up, have sex, date other people, and get really into Pittsburgh sports. Just not necessarily in that order.

|| RUDE!!! RUDE AS FUCK. By which I mean, wow, I had to take a tumblr break in the middle of this, I had so many feelings, it's beautifully non-linear, and also no one is perfect. Thank god for the epilogue, though. Motherfucking OUCH.
fandom:hockeyrpffml  author:oflights  pairing:sidney/geno  type:canonexpansion  type:ouchmyheart  type:angst  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:longandsatisfying  length:20-25k 
january 2013 by blottingtheink
You Could Turn It On Like A Light - nightcamedown - Sports Night [Archive of Our Own]
"Dan Rydell. Is going on vacation. For two weeks." Sam gave them a doubtful look. "You hire someone to write your scripts, don't you? Someone much smarter than either of you."

"But I'm not going on vacation," Dan said. He looked at Casey. "Am I?"

"No." Casey sat up straight in his chair. "And certainly not for two weeks."

|| Oh my god. Every damn voice is correct, and these boys are Just As Fraught as they should be. A++ all around.
fandom:sportsnight  author:nightcamedown  challenge:yuletide2012  pairing:dan/casey  type:fraught  type:hilarifying  type:voice  type:posttext  type:makesmesmile  type:endingiswhoa  type:canonexpansion  type:characterization  length:10k-15k 
december 2012 by blottingtheink
Next, In a Foreign Land - everlit (Ink), oneiromantic - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
She looks--normal, is your first thought. More normal than you expected. Which is stupid, she's a fucking pole and her elbows are icepicks and she has a goddamn dragon plushie strapped to her back, but (in the back of your mind) you'd been imagining her three feet tall, with a goblin mouth to swallow you whole: more mythology than troll. A creature in a ghost story. If it hadn’t been for all those Trollian chats, you wouldn’t have believed Terezi Pyrope was real at all.

Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by how much I love these two. Homestuck, how did you get me to feel all these feels. Real review: art is fantastic; fic is touching, if light on actual plot. It was written in two weeks, so there's that. :)
fandom:homestuck  author:Ink  author:oneiromantic  pairing:terezi/karkat  type:midtext  type:canonexpansion  type:illustrated  type:beautiful  type:characterization  length:1-5k 
may 2012 by blottingtheink
stitching up the circuitboards - dellaluce - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
She sits, and she waits for her story to start.

This is FLAWLESS. I wanted to use a pull-quote from this, but, honestly, I couldn't possibly choose, the whole 7000 words is a pull quote--mothergodgoddamn. This explores what we know about Jade's childhood: alone, extraordinarily gifted at making things work, awake on Prospit--again alone, and convinced she knows what's happening--and says: Well. And if you were all those things, how do you become Jade Harley, wunderkid of fierce and and get-shit-done and boiling frustration? UGH AND IT IS PERFECT.
fandom:homestuck  author:dellaluce  pairing:dave/jade  type:characterization  type:characterstudy  type:becausecharacterlove  type:personalcanon  type:somethingperfect  type:stylisticappreciation  type:backstory  type:canonexpansion  type:gen  length:5-10k 
january 2012 by blottingtheink
However Improbable - Anonymous - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
Jane Sassacre-Crocker at age thirteen and age thirty-five.

Beta!Jane: losing Jake, dealing with her step-mother, and meeting Captain Egbert. I love beta!Jane so much. Damn.
fandom:homestuck  character:janecrocker  type:pre-scratch  type:backstory  type:canonexpansion  type:ouchmyheart  type:surviving  type:shooshpapmyownface  length:1-5k  author:biichan 
january 2012 by blottingtheink
In Days To Come (The Kill Your Heroes Remix) - roachpatrol - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
In all of Alternian history there are a bare handful that welcome your arrival: rebels and fools and hopeless dreamers, the doomed and the damned. Beautiful, all of them, in their madness, in the way their smiles light the darkness.

Roaaaaaaaaaaach. Oh god. This burns.

The story of the Handmaid, whose name was stolen, who steals kisses, who kills, and who waits to die.
fandom:homestuck  author:roachpatrol  pairing:handmaid/signless  character:thehandmaid  type:characterstudy  type:ouchmyheart  type:knifeslidesin  type:backstory  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:canonexpansion  type:goddamnwearefuckedup  type:grief  length:1-5k 
january 2012 by blottingtheink
queenklu: You've Got Hawaii (and all I've got is you)
In which Danny has issues, presents, and Steve fleas, not necessarily in that order.

STEVE FLEAS. STEVE FLEAS. Steve gives Danny fleas that want him to smile. SO GOOD FOR ME
fandom:hawaiifiveo  author:queenklu  pairing:danny/steve  type:canonexpansion  type:ust  type:characterization  type:sillysillyboys  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:whatwedotoeachother  length:16-20k 
october 2011 by blottingtheink
let's not get sloppy just because we're singing - Muggle Studies fic
In 1990, prominent Muggleborn research wizard Cromwell Albertson embarked on an ambitious project. Inspired by Muggle Michael Apted’s “Seven Up!” documentary series, he chose six students from controversial headmaster Albus Dumbledore’s list of Muggle-borns to be admitted to Hogwarts in 1991 and 1992 and went to their homes to interview them – before and after their life-changing discovery of their wizarding talent. He continued these interviews over the next nine years, a period of time which spanned both the Chamber of Secrets attacks in 1992 and Voldemort’s second rise and subsequent persecution of Muggleborns in 1997. The Pensieve Projection that resulted won a Superbius award for artistic excellence in 2002 and has been required viewing in the Hogwarts Muggle Studies course since 2008.
fandom:harrypotter  author:bookelfe  resourcetype:culturalstudies  type:takeanideaandrun  type:characterstudy  type:backstory  type:canonexpansion  type:awesome 
october 2011 by blottingtheink
A Terribly Poor Understanding of Love
Watson gets married. Holmes and Watson don't take the separation well. Mary is heartbreaking. Watson is going to hell for many reasons, some better than others.

Beautifully written, and the ust is so burning it is hotter than a lot of porn. Unf.
fandom:sherlockholmes2009  author:candle-beck  pairing:holmes/watson  type:justthisedgeofpainful  type:hottt  type:abouttheexecution  type:canonexpansion  type:noneofthisiseasy  type:surviving  type:ust  from delicious
january 2011 by blottingtheink
Shadows on the Wall - AraSigyrn - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
John came back from Afghanistan psychic.<br />
<br />
Which should not make sense, but is wonderful, because, oh, the trauma, yes, break John a little more please, it is so good. A retelling of The Great Game from John's admittedly psychic perspective. (Although not convinced psychic is entirely the right word--that, yes, as well as prescient.)
fandom:bbcsherlock  author:arasigryn  pairing:sherlock/john  type:canonexpansion  type:backstory  type:episoderelated  type:plotty  type:awesome  type:characterization  from delicious
january 2011 by blottingtheink
mercurial_wit: [HP: the game of kings]
Okay, so this is a retelling of HBP with all the effort possible into making it as lonely and heartbreaking as possible--AND it is written in SECOND PERSON, and really, really, it shouldn't work. But it does, and is unrelenting about it, about Harry and Draco's loneliness, and the parallels between them. In all honesty, I only wish that JKR had the ability to develop characters this much--or at least, this convincingly--the books would be a lot more satisfying if she did.
fandom:harrypotter  author:mercurialwit  character:harrypotter  character:dracomalfoy  type:ouchmyheart  type:worldbuilding  type:canonexpansion  type:abouttheexecution  from delicious
january 2011 by blottingtheink
tornadobelt: Deja Fucking Deja Vu
Oh lord. This is incredible. Nash's story, because a. why the fuck not, and b. this shit is intense, and c. of course everyone is in love with Arthur.
fandom:inception  author:weatherfront  pairing:arthur/eames  pairing:arthur/nash  type:unrequited  type:ouchmyheart  type:abouttheexecution  type:backstory  type:canonexpansion  type:awesome 
october 2010 by blottingtheink
that thing you like - misspamela - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Happy Christmas, etc. etc." EEEEEEEEEEEE. Wonderful depiction of John and Sherlock; also I heart Sherlock's forever and ever. Sherlock asks John home for Christmas--it takes a while for John to cotton on.
fandom:bbcsherlock  author:misspamela  pairing:sherlock/john  type:sillysillyboys  type:canonexpansion  type:characterization 
september 2010 by blottingtheink
Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit [1/2]
Oh. "Frankly speaking, sir, if Starfleet knew I could speak Vulcan --" "And Klingon, and Tellarite, and Andorian," murmurs Sakel gently. Bastard. [...] "If they knew," finishes Jim loudly, "I'd be put in Communications and I'm going to be in Command."

|| OH. This is beautiful. I got tears in my eyes. For serious. Read.
fandom:startrekreboot  author:lazulisong  type:gen  type:canonexpansion  type:soaring  type:somethingperfect 
june 2010 by blottingtheink
Mistakes of Our Youth
"Watson is usually quite faithful to the vows he makes of himself, but perhaps this was too much to ask. It has been six days since he last saw Holmes, and that is a new record."
author:candle-beck  fandom:sherlockholmes2009  pairing:holmes/watson  type:ouchmyheart  type:noneofthisiseasy  type:canonexpansion  type:longandsatisfying 
may 2010 by blottingtheink
Stories of the Enterprise, traveling space-village. Often hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, always lovely. Gen with occasional het.
fandom:startrekreboot  author:chaletian  type:gen  type:fivethings  type:canonexpansion 
july 2009 by blottingtheink
Lunch and Other Obscenities
HEART. This is the fic that made me fall in love with Uhura; I love this idea, and it keeps popping up as canon in my brain. Orions may be taboo-free about sex, but that doesn't mean that they're taboo-less about everything. (Also has the best explanation for the green skin EVAR.)
fandom:startrekreboot  character:uhura  pairing:spock/uhura  character:gaila  type:gen  author:rheanna  type:canonexpansion  type:friendship  type:longandsatisfying 
june 2009 by blottingtheink
Sand Castle
"If Cross had understood, when he was asked to guard the Fourteenth’s vessel, that what he was really being asked to do was raise some broken little kid, he would have said fuck no." Excellent, excellent DGM backstory--metisket captures the bitchiness, arrogance, & care of both Allen and Cross, and the horrific but cracky tone of the manga. Honestly delightful.
fandom:d.gray-man  character:allen(d.gray-man)  character:cross(d.gray-man)  author:metisket  type:characterization  type:canonexpansion 
april 2009 by blottingtheink
Kowalski Is Bleeding
"But Mr. Archer was not a guy you kept waiting. Mr. Archer meant that there was a first-class, A-list, balls-to-the-wall screwup somewhere down the line, and I was running for my life." Speranza leads us through a colossal fucking mess-up--and although the pay-off is decidedly light on the gunfights and craziness that marked each episode of the show--both her take on Vecchio and her backstory for Kowalski/Fraser are symphonies.
author:speranza  pairing:fraser/rayk  fandom:duesouth  type:canonexpansion  type:casefic  type:justthisedgeofpainful  type:longandsatisfying 
march 2009 by blottingtheink

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author:taejinyo  author:weatherfront  author:wendywrites  author:whetstone  author:wordcouture  author:wortmalerei  author:yoongi  author:_seven_crows  challenge:yuletide2012  character:allen(d.gray-man)  character:cross(d.gray-man)  character:dracomalfoy  character:gaila  character:harrypotter  character:janecrocker  character:thehandmaid  character:uhura  fandom:bap  fandom:bbcsherlock  fandom:bigbang  fandom:bts  fandom:checkplease  fandom:clc  fandom:d.gray-man  fandom:duesouth  fandom:exo  fandom:got7  fandom:haikyuu  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:hawaiifiveo  fandom:hockeyrpffml  fandom:homestuck  fandom:inception  fandom:kara  fandom:kpop  fandom:mamamoo  fandom:monstax  fandom:nozaki-kun  fandom:sherlockholmes2009  fandom:spiritedaway  fandom:sportsnight  fandom:startrekreboot  fandom:thesocialnetwork  fandom:tsubasa  fandom:vixx  length:1-5k  length:5-10k  length:10k-15k  length:15-20k  length:16-20k  length:20-25k  length:<1k  length:notspecified  pairing:arthur/eames  pairing:arthur/nash  pairing:baekhyun/tao  pairing:chanyeol/baekhyun  pairing:chanyeol/kris  pairing:chen/xiumin  pairing:dan/casey  pairing:danny/steve  pairing:dave/jade  pairing:fraser/rayk  pairing:gdragon/top  pairing:handmaid/signless  pairing:himchan/yongguk  pairing:himchan/zelo  pairing:hinata/kageyama  pairing:holmes/watson  pairing:holtzer/ransom  pairing:j-hope/jungkook  pairing:jackson/jb  pairing:jackson/youngji  pairing:jimin/jin  pairing:jimin/jungkook  pairing:jimin/v  pairing:jin/jungkook  pairing:jongup/zelo  pairing:jooheon/minhyuk  pairing:jungkook/v  pairing:kris/lay  pairing:kurogane/fai  pairing:leo/hongbin  pairing:leo/hyuk  pairing:luhan/xiumin  pairing:mark/eduardo  pairing:mikoshiba/nozaki/sakura  pairing:moonbyul/solar  pairing:n/leo  pairing:rapmonster/suga  pairing:ravi/hongbin  pairing:seunghee/sorn  pairing:sherlock/john  pairing:sidney/geno  pairing:spock/uhura  pairing:suga/j-hope  pairing:suga/jimin  pairing:terezi/karkat  pairing:v/j-hope  resourcetype:culturalstudies  type:abouttheexecution  type:alternateuniverse  type:angst  type:awesome  type:backstory  type:banter  type:beautiful  type:becausecharacterlove  type:bedsharing  type:birdsongsweet  type:birthday  type:bugscrawlingalloverme  type:canonexpansion  type:canoninspired  type:casefic  type:characterization  type:characterstudy  type:chinhands  type:comingdown  type:comingout  type:criminallyadorable  type:crushing  type:cute  type:dayinthelife  type:dirtytalk  type:dom/sub  type:domestic  type:drunkenhonesty  type:dynamics  type:endingiswhoa  type:episoderelated  type:everyoneelseknows  type:fallforyouhotfast  type:feeeeeeeelings  type:firsttime  type:fivethings  type:fraught  type:friendship  type:friendstolovers  type:friendswithbenefits  type:future  type:gen  type:goddamnwearefuckedup  type:grief  type:growingup  type:handjobs  type:happilyeverafter  type:heavyheartedandlookingup  type:het  type:hijinks  type:hilarifying  type:hottt  type:illustrated  type:justforfun  type:justthisedgeofpainful  type:kink  type:kinknegotiation  type:kissing  type:knifeslidesin  type:longandsatisfying  type:lovely  type:makesmesmile  type:makingout  type:midtext  type:miscommunication  type:missingscene  type:myheart  type:noneofthisiseasy  type:obliviousness  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:oopsyoufoundout  type:orgasmdenial  type:ouchmyheart  type:outsidepov  type:personalcanon  type:pining!  type:plotty  type:posttext  type:pre-scratch  type:pre-text  type:preslash  type:scratchesanitch  type:secretrelationship  type:sensory  type:series  type:sextoy  type:shooshpapmyownface  type:short  type:silliness  type:sillysillyboys  type:sillysillypeople  type:sleepingtogetherfirst  type:sliceoflife  type:smmmmmmmut  type:soaring  type:softly  type:someonedaredthem  type:somethingperfect  type:soulmatemarks  type:stylisticappreciation  type:surviving  type:takeanideaandrun  type:teamfic  type:teenagers.  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:threesome  type:unrequited  type:unresolved  type:ust  type:vignettes  type:voice  type:wewerealwaysinlove  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:workingitout  type:worldbuilding  via:cestwhat  warningtype:underage 

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