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E-9 - 100demons - Ookiku Furikabutte | Big Windup! [Archive of Our Own]
This is it, he thinks, a hot sticky humid summer night at a baseball field, dressed in shorts and his sleep shirt, listening to the sound of Tajima’s laughter echo in the night for the last time.

It’s always comes down to this, in the end.

|| I love love Hanai/Tajima, and this gets all the things about them I love right--Tajima being all arrogance and easy acceptance of his own anxieties, insightful and joyfully insistent on it, almost so much so that his insights sound like simplifications; Hanai, overthinking and worried and just-that-bit-jealous just-that-bit-awed but so so in love with Nishiura and with baseball and easily embarassed but fundamentally, when it comes down to it, as brave as anything. Ugh. Clutches chest, etc.
fandom:oofuri  author:100demons  pairing:tajima/hanai  type:posttext  type:midtext  type:short  type:characterization  type:workingitout  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:myheart  length:1-5k 
march 2016 by blottingtheink
Extra Innings
"No matter how he wished the circumstances different, it was impossible to complete this ritual without thinking of Tajima." Hot and slightly itchy, like a sunburn on your back. Very nice.
fandom:oofuri  pairing:tajima/hanai  author:erisabesu 
may 2008 by blottingtheink
Or, you know, porn. Tajima makes the curry explode. (Oh, god, no, not like that.)
fandom:oofuri  pairing:tajima/hanai  type:smmmmmmmut  author:yukitsu 
may 2008 by blottingtheink
Little Nothings
HOT. Oh, so good. I love them--this is also so sweet. Spoilers for chapter 54.
fandom:oofuri  pairing:tajima/hanai  author:yukitsu 
may 2008 by blottingtheink
The Unexpected
“If you get him off of me, I’ll let you be captain for a day.” Hee hee hee.
fandom:oofuri  pairing:tajima/hanai  author:tearstreak 
may 2008 by blottingtheink
"It had been one thing in the kitchen. Now, when Hanai looked down and saw Tajima’s skin against the dark grass, it was something completely different."
fandom:oofuri  pairing:tajima/hanai  author:fourthduckling 
may 2008 by blottingtheink
Study Hard And You Will Be Rewarded
"Tajima flopped down and started complaining loudly about all history teachers being evil." Study, my pets, study hard.
fandom:oofuri  pairing:abe/mihashi  pairing:tajima/hanai  author:lynn 
may 2008 by blottingtheink
Kameko's Fiction: Ookiku Rurikabutte
All her stuff; all of it good. All short, but very nice. "A Reasonable Request" (Tajima/Hanai), "Abe and Mihashi Bake Cookies" (gen), "Sign Language" (Abe/Mihashi).
fandom:oofuri  pairing:tajima/hanai  pairing:abe/mihashi  type:drabble  author:kameko 
april 2008 by blottingtheink

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