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Play It Again - Chapter 1 - metisket - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.

“Laura wants to lure the kid in with food and kindness and make a pet of him, like a feral cat. Derek wants to have him arrested for stalking. They’re at an impasse. (And the rest of the family is staying emphatically out of it in a way that suggests bets have been placed.)”

|| As good as all the saves on Pinboard are making it seem--long, plotty, interesting. The alternate-universe characters are all interesting recasts of the show-universe, and it deals with that Stiles--and really anyone in the show--are probably dealing with extensive mental issues (here PTSD, among others). This Stiles is perhaps a bit too clever? And exceedingly good at manipulating others. But I've seen all of two episodes of the show, what do I know.
fandom:teenwolf  author:metisket  pairing:derek/stiles  type:alternateuniverse  type:takeanideaandrun  type:plotty  type:longandsatisfying  type:preslash  type:multiverse  type:ouchmyheart  type:family  type:stylisticappreciation  length:60-80k 
july 2013 by blottingtheink
Five Times Stiles Doesn’t Actually Need A Condom (And One Time He Does) - otter - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles doesn't actually mean to become Beacon Hills High's go-to guy for free condoms and sex advice. It just happens.

|| As the author says, this is a story that is romantically devoted to safer sex, and with a concept like that, how could it go wrong? Funny and cute in equal parts, totally up my alley. Barely shippy at all, honestly.
fandom:teenwolf  author:otter  pairing:derek/stiles  type:a+forsexuality  type:hilarifying  type:fivethings  type:laughingmyassoff  type:cute  length:10k-15k 
march 2013 by blottingtheink
Our Hearts Are Tigers - skoosiepants - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
This is what Stiles figures out after a week of harboring Isaac: he’s kind of a dick, for a ten-year-old.

AN: Derek/Stiles Isaac!feels AU where everyone is different ages and Stiles is magic.

I have no idea what this is, I just wanted to write Isaac as a little kid and give Stiles a dragon.

|| Pretty much original fic, but oh my GOD, is it adorable. And the dragon is an amazing cat/dragon, ugh, yes, what a wonderful bit of worldbuilding.

Also Stiles's relationship with Isaac is brilliant, not gonna lie. Oh, found families, lay me down in them.
fandom:teenwolf  author:skoosiepants  pairing:derek/stiles  type:family  type:workingitout  type:alternateuniverse  type:criminallyadorable  type:myheart  type:makesmesmile  warningtype:abuse(past)  length:5-10k 
march 2013 by blottingtheink
Bogarted - HalfFizzbin - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Too bad, I invited him for breakfast,” says his dad, patting Derek on the shoulder. 

“The sheriff was, in so many ways, the closest thing I had to a father,” Derek says, his eyes going wide and mortified. “I could feel his expectations, heavy and unwieldy and balanced precariously on my unworthy shoulders. I could only disappoint him, especially once he found out how badly I wanted to—”

“WHO WANTS PANCAKES,” Stiles yells, clattering some pans for good measure.

fandom:teenwolf  author:halffizzbin  pairing:derek/stiles  type:takeanideaandrun  type:hilarifying  type:crackiscrazysauce  length:1-5k 
march 2013 by blottingtheink
The Sound As They Broke, It Was Fearsome - skoosiepants - Teen Wolf (TV), Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles is not intimidated by the gruesome past of the Hales, mainly because most Wizarding families can claim a gruesome past, these days. He is, however, not looking forward to dealing with Peter.

AN: Basically, I thought the Hale house would be one of the scariest places ever in the Harry Potter world. So this happened. I kind of mixed the werewolf mythologies of HP and Teen Wolf, so, uh, probably best consider it more of a fusion than a crossover?

|| Well, it's skoosiepants, so I was gonna read it anyway, but seriously. Creepy and terrible, and Kate as house is the best thing.
fandom:teenwolf  fandom:harrypotter  author:skoosiepants  pairing:derek/stiles  type:creepy  type:fusion  type:alternateuniverse  type:takeanideaandrun  length:5-10k 
november 2012 by blottingtheink
Hide Of A Life War - Etharei - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“We have received confirmation that there is a hostage situation in progress at a warehouse compound two hours out of Los Angeles, following a multiple-vehicle pileup on Highway 101 this morning...”

The one in which Stiles has lived to (legal) adulthood and, along the way, become a bit of a badass himself.

|| This is honestly amazing. Tightly paced, beautifully characterized, and heart-poundingly awesome. W o w.
fandom:teenwolf  author:etharei  pairing:derek/stiles  type:future  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:characterization  type:awesome  type:bamf  type:workingitout  type:plotty  type:stylisticappreciation  type:ohwownorly  length:25-30k 
october 2012 by blottingtheink
DILF - twentysomething - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Today is Scott's first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.

|| AAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA, so this is pining and domestic and kidfic and obliviousness, so obviously I thought it was the CUTEST THING EVER. Part of me squirmed, at the beginning, because HELLO INAPPROPRIATE TEACHER-STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS, but whatever, this is fic-land. So whatever. o/
fandom:teenwolf  author:twentysomething  pairing:derek/stiles  type:alternateuniverse  type:kidfic  type:obliviousness  type:pining!  type:domestic  type:everyoneelseknows  type:criminallyadorable  type:flailhands  length:30-40k 
august 2012 by blottingtheink
This Is How We Go - skoosiepants - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Scott and Stiles go on the Warped Tour with Allison’s band.

“I think we need to bring more joy to the children,” Stiles says. “I think we need to dress as pirates and do the Scott is a Terrible Pirate skit, because *you are a terrible pirate*,” and when Stiles says pirate, Stiles means friend. Scott is a terrible, horrible friend, and Stiles hates him.

WTF--everyone's in a band, except for how Scott and Stiles are in a children's show, in which Stiles is sometimes a unicorn. But it's skoosiepants, so it's DELIGHTFUL--from Boyd to Lydia, to Allison who is both sweet and terrifying, to Scott and Stiles's friendship. A complete delight.
fandom:teenwolf  author:skoosiepants  pairing:derek/stiles  type:alternateuniverse  type:crackiscrazysauce  type:bandau  type:characterization  type:voice  type:takeanideaandrun  type:giggles  type:hilarifying  type:criminallyadorable  length:5-10k 
august 2012 by blottingtheink
reeking: teen wolf; you just put your lips together (and you come real close)
"So you admit that you're just stealing someone else's alcohol?" Dara is still smirking, it's doing weird things to Stiles’ equilibrium.

"Um," she says, her mind blank of a snappy come back. She takes a drink of her tequila--her ill-gotten tequila, says her traitorous mind--while trying to focus on anything other than Dara's perfectly arranged face. Her boobs make a pretty compelling effort (breasts always do), but Dara takes a step forward and that draws Stiles' eyes back to her face.

alksjdfpoiiasuflajs;lj UNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG yes? yes. I accept this entirely and completely.
fandom:teenwolf  author:reeking  pairing:derek/stiles  type:alwaysagirl  type:alternateuniverse  type:college  type:short  type:femmeslash  type:kissing  type:makingout  type:hottt  length:1-5k 
august 2012 by blottingtheink
We Should Become More Adventurous - skoosiepants - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Werewolves are the kind of horror you only find in books and movies and gay porn, so forgive him for being a little slow on the uptake.

Aaaadorbs. (Distinct lack of follow-through on UST, but so cute and fun, I did not even care.)
fandom:teentitans  author:skoosiepants  pairing:derek/stiles  type:ust  type:alternateuniverse  type:sillysillyboys  type:everyoneelseknows  type:scenting  type:criminallyadorable  type:kidfic  length:5-10k 
july 2012 by blottingtheink
renay: [fic] Ours
Stiles is an awesome roommate. Most of the time.

Spiritual sequel to "Open the Door," which was fantastic. Based off the domestic tumblr meme, so of course I love it.
fandom:teenwolf  author:renay  pairing:derek/stiles  type:domestic  type:sequel  type:thefluffmaykillyounorly  type:softly  type:birdsongsweet  type:established-relationship  length:notspecified 
july 2012 by blottingtheink
Darling It Is No Joke - thehoyden - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper.

Just gonna put this here.
fandom:teenwolf  author:thehoyden  pairing:derek/stiles  type:alternateuniverse  type:copau  type:magicrevealed  type:banter  type:chinhands  type:smmmmmmmut  length:10k-15k 
may 2012 by blottingtheink
he is and as he is - moirariordan - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
First times and muffins.

(Ok, it's time to admit that this is what I've been reading, reading and not-tagging, and this is as sweet and not-porn as it gets, so, I don't know, it seems like a good bookmarking-gateway-drug. Yes.)
fandom:teenwolf  author:moirariordan  pairing:derek/stiles  type:birdsongsweet  type:criminallyadorable  type:short  type:backstory  type:makesmesmile  length:1-5k 
may 2012 by blottingtheink
I Died So I Could Haunt You - Swing Set in December (swing_set13) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Haunting requires skill and showmanship. Something werewolves will never understand.

So, um. I know next to nothing about this TV show other than I will never watch it, but it has a loquacious, anxious teen and an angry, sullen werewolf. And for some reason, people are writing about them. This is probably the least amount of sex I've read for this show, but it's terribly sweet.
fandom:teenwolf  author:swing_set13  pairing:derek/stiles  type:justforfun  type:silliness  type:crackiscrazysauce  type:alternateuniverse 
october 2011 by blottingtheink

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