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scenes from our mansion, after the war - moirariordan - Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Apologies, madam," says JARVIS, "but both you and Mr. Stark made me promise to prevent you from being one of 'those couples.'"

|| GOD, yes. I still want another one where Pepper keeps her powers--I will ALWAYS want that--but I think I prefer this Pepper, if I had to make a choice. She's cool-headed and assertive, yes, but a workaholic, and can be made uncomfortable, and vulnerable, and still very scared. Excellent, and highly, highly, highly recommended.
fandom:avengers  fandom:ironman  author:moirariordan  pairing:tony/pepper  type:characterization  type:characterstudy  type:awesome  type:posttext  length:1-5k 
july 2013 by blottingtheink
Robot Trip - copperbadge - The Avengers (2012), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

Tony is driving from Malibu to Manhattan with a robot in the back seat and Captain America riding escort at Pepper's behest. What could possibly go wrong?

|| Yesssssssssssss--this is a Captain America considerably more cornfed and easy-going than the one that appeared in the Avengers, but I also like him better, so I'm not complaining. Long, satisfying, fun, plus robots.
fandom:avengers  fandom:ironman  author:copperbadge  pairing:tony/pepper  character:steverodgers  type:characterization  type:friendship  type:roadtrip  type:posttext  type:makesmesmile  type:robots!  type:justforfun  length:5-10k 
may 2013 by blottingtheink
White Heat Red Hot - 51stCenturyFox - Iron Man (Movies), Iron Man 3 - Fandom, Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]

Just a brief missing scene between Pepper and Tony prior to the end of Iron Man 3.

|| How many fics do I want where Pepper stays a superhero? All of them.
fandom:ironman  author:51stcenturyfox  pairing:tony/pepper  type:posttext  type:fixit  type:short  type:criminallyadorable  length:1-5k 
may 2013 by blottingtheink
At Tilde - copperbadge - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Matilda turns hacker, impresses Tony Stark, and fails to be swayed by Charles Xavier.

|| I LOVED THIS. "Her hacker name was @~. She thought it looked like a flower." Matilda is just as no-nonsense, discerning, and capable as in the book; Tony is perhaps a bit more sensible, but everything else is spot-on, and oh, soooooo delightful.
fandom:matilda  fandom:ironman  fandom:x-men  author:copperbadge  type:gen  type:crossover  type:growingup  type:hilarifying  type:characterization  type:takeanideaandrun  type:somethingperfect  type:personalcanon  length:1-5k 
may 2013 by blottingtheink
babel, babel, look at me now - jumpfall - Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Iron Man 3 Spoilers.

Fixing Extremis doesn't mean removing it. Tony Stark may in fact be dating a superhero. (There's a line in the budget for it.)

|| The story Pepper Potts deserves. (And, probably, the one she'll never get. Goddammit, comics movies. Catch up, already.)
fandom:ironman  fandom:avengers  author:jumpfall  pairing:tony/pepper  type:becausecharacterlove  type:feminism  type:awesome  type:characterization  type:posttext  type:somethingperfect  type:stylisticappreciation  type:ohwownorly  length:5-10k 
may 2013 by blottingtheink
The Right Thing in the Wrong Way - igrockspock - Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (2012), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
People don't ask why Pepper sticks by Tony as often as they should, and if they did, she probably wouldn't tell them the truth: that he's never left her alone on the one day she actually needs him.

|| Oh. There's something uneven about the first parts of this, but it really hits its stride somehow in the later parts, and I love it. Some of the dialogue feels forced, but I love the fundamentals of this read on Tony and Pepper, and hot damn am I happy about all the Tony/Pepper IM3 is giving us. No spoilers for that movie.
fandom:ironman  author:igrockspock  pairing:tony/pepper  type:fivethings  type:backstory  type:characterization  type:takeanideaandrun  length:1-5k 
may 2013 by blottingtheink
A Digital Model of Mortality - Echo - Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
After the events of Iron Man 3, Tony takes some time with his bots. (IM3 Spoilers)

|| AUUUUUUUUGH, BBS. Robots, man. Robots and found families. I'm not teary, that's just the onions.
fandom:ironman  author:echo  type:gen  type:family  type:robots!  type:posttext  type:ouchmyheart  type:birdsongsweet  length:1-5k 
may 2013 by blottingtheink
Probably Not On Purpose - Frea_O - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]

It makes sense. The cover’s already there, and it’s easy to slip into Natalie’s Louboutins and arrange Pepper’s schedule. In another life, Natasha thinks sometimes, she’d be a personal assistant full time.

Pepper was one that taught her that assistants hold the power, after all, and Natasha’s definitely attracted to power.

Unfortunately, there are other things assistants have to deal with. Idiots, mostly. Your boss’s annoying boyfriend who won’t leave his lab and forgets to eat and sleep, and compares you to angry bees. Dealing with your boss’s sudden temper, which has the ability to literally level buildings.

|| Dealing with the time between the IM3 battle, and the end of the movie; how Natasha was invaluable.
fandom:ironman  author:frea_o  type:gen  type:characterization  type:short  type:posttext  type:insightful  length:<1k 
may 2013 by blottingtheink
ship_manifesto: Captain America/Iron Man (Marvel Comics)
Spoilers: moderate ones for years of comics continuity, major ones for Civil War.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper helpful. Pub date 2008, so recent comics canon missing (which is TOO BAD because I cannot figure out if Steve is dead, or WHAT)--but I kind of want to read the Confession now with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.
fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:ironman  author:elspethdixon  pairing:tony/steve  resourcetype:shipmanifesto 
october 2011 by blottingtheink
gyzym: avengers fic - situation normal: all fucked up (steve/tony, nc-17) [1/3]
As it turns out, fighting crime is the easy part. Sequel to Ready, Aim, Fire.

Although, really, this is still just slightly-insecure both of them, an interlude with giant bunnies, and the reappearance of Bucky Barnes.

It is a delight, and Jizz's run-on-sentence-fifty-thoughts-at-once-and-many-of-them-self-deprecating-Tony-Stark is as wonderful as ever.

Also. THOR. “I was only thinking of what noble deeds I might have accomplished on the back of He Who Eats Carrots Boldly In The Night." GENIUS. I want gyzym to write a gen interlude about Thor and--Bruce, I think. But mostly Thor.
fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:ironman  author:gyzym  pairing:tony/steve  type:sequel  type:backfromthedead  type:sillysillyboys  type:domestic  type:family  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:smmmmmmmut  type:hilarifying  type:makesmesmile  length:25-30k 
october 2011 by blottingtheink
cap_ironman: An Info Post!

My mind. It aches. I love me an AU, but ACTUALLY keeping track of them as ALL CANON is stretching it in ways it is not accustomed to.

Thasallrigh' tho.
fandom:avengers  fandom:thor  fandom:ironman  fandom:captainamerica  pairing:tony/steve  author:tsukinofaerii  resourcetype:primer 
october 2011 by blottingtheink
Dragon Choices - Chapter 1 - tsukinofaerii - Marvel, Dragonriders of Pern - McCaffrey [Archive of Our Own]
When a childhood accident leaves Tony with a remarkable ability to hear dragons, he finds out that on Pern, the dragon chooses. Whether it comes to being a dragonrider or becoming Weyrwomanleader, he has a bumpy flight ahead.



Ugh, silly silly silly fun.
fandom:avengers  fandom:ironman  author:tsukinofaerii  pairing:tony/steve  type:crossover  type:alternateuniverse 
october 2011 by blottingtheink
Secrets of a Successful Marriage - valtyr - Marvel 616 [Archive of Our Own]
They should never have let him join the League. When you started letting Nazis in, you'd cleared the moral event horizon, Tony knew that. He should've kicked up more of a fuss. He should have objected when they let Crossbones join, or even Daken; murderers and worse.

How had he ended up, here, about to watch Captain America die and applaud politely?

|| Mr. and Mrs. Smith fusion. I think everyone's read this already, but it is definitely delightful. There are Nazis, fish, Pepper Potts as a BAMF, and it ends with puppies. What is waiting?
fandom:avengers  fandom:ironman  fandom:captainamerica  author:valtyr  pairing:tony/steve  type:alternateuniverse  type:fusion  type:justforfun  type:casefic  type:hijinks  from delicious
september 2011 by blottingtheink
capkink: Prompt Post 001
<br />
I had a lovely long save, but fuck it: worldbuilding, slavery, seamless fusion, squeamish and lovely both.
fandom:avengers  fandom:ironman  fandom:captainamerica  author:anon  pairing:tony/steve  type:alternateuniverse  type:worldbuilding  warningtype:slavery  type:backstory  from delicious
september 2011 by blottingtheink
Some Assembly Required - valtyr - Marvel Adventures - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
His hands, his hands were slimmer and the wrists were narrower - he turned them over to look at the palms, and felt a lurch of relief at the sight of his callouses, arranged in the familiar pattern. He held them up in front of his face, focusing on the roughness and old scars, the smooth patch at the base of his right thumb from where he'd burned it on an engine at the age of six. They were still his hands, really, just - a different shape.<br />
<br />
I love it. A fusion of two Avengers timelines, and Tony is both discomfited in his new body and totally willing to take it out for a spin. Alongside cameos by most of the team--fucking love the Hulk, btw--and one of the most hilarifying supervillian plots ever. 
fandom:ironman  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  author:valtyr  pairing:tony/steve  type:longandsatisfying  type:sexswap  type:takeanideaandrun  type:closetocanonau  type:characterization  type:plotty  from delicious
august 2011 by blottingtheink
"Once you consent to some concession, you can never cancel it and put things back the way they are." Good god. Really, really incisive and well-written. For example--and this is of a minor character!--"Age is slowly carving her into something hawk-like"--god. Read it and shiver. Christine Everhart investigates Tony Stark again. What she is investigating--only slowly appears. Tremendous.
fandom:ironman  author:obsession_inc  type:closetocanonau  type:justthisedgeofpainful  type:thisshitisreal  type:abouttheexecution  character:christineeverhart  character:pepperpotts 
june 2010 by blottingtheink
Your Fixed Point.
Girl!Tony. Really, really good. The (re-)characterization is awesome. The author plays with acknowledging that she's playing with expectations and what could happen, and it leads to some weird repetitions, but sometimes it works. Sometimes it's just distracting, but the overall piece is so good it's worth it, and I appreciate what she's attempting.
fandom:ironman  character:tony(ironman)  type:genderfuck  type:characterization  type:abouttheexecution 
may 2009 by blottingtheink

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