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Notorious - Chapter 1 - bob_fish - Fullmetal Alchemist [Archive of Our Own]
Twenty-five years ago ... Chris Mustang is having a very bad month. The censors killed her show, she's in debt to a couple of very dubious businessmen, and she's working as a hostess in the worst bar in town. As if that wasn't enough, her estranged big brother seems to have gotten himself in an auto accident, and some nut decided to make her guardian of his four year old brat.

|| This fic is so absolutely rewarding. I got completely swept up in Chris, in her revelations and her faults, her worries and plans, and the slow-building trust she finds with Grumman and the love for baby Roy. Fantastic, fantastic fantastic.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  author:bob_fish  type:gen  type:pre-text  type:characterization  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:awesome  type:takeanideaandrun  type:backstory  length:15-20k 
august 2014 by blottingtheink
Sappily Ever After - Tierfal - Fullmetal Alchemist [Archive of Our Own]
Ed and Roy are going to get married. At least theoretically speaking…

|| So, this is ridiculously sappy--and normally marriage fic is not my thing, but it's so very cute.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  author:tierfal  pairing:roy/ed  type:posttext  type:marriage  type:cute  type:justforfun  length:10k-15k 
january 2014 by blottingtheink
Archive of Our Own » works index --> psiten/Skinner, Anime/Manga
Okay, the last thing I expected to do last night was spend the whole night reading Naruto and CLAMP fic. But, uh, that's what happened, thank you pinboard network! Skinner is a delightful author: serious and sexy by turns, alongside an ability to write a number of different voices. The characters I read--especially in the early work--are not QUITE canonical, but she's especially good at Naruto and Watanuki's loud pigheaded-ness.

Especially recced:
*Fifteen Mokona on a Dead Man's Chest, for worldbuilding, romp-y-ness, sexiness, banter, and a variety of characters.

*The Butterfly Effect, for adorable. Itachi sticks around, and finds Sasuke a friend. So weak to kids, y'all. So weak.

Most of these are WIPs, forewarning, which hurts my soul. But the author's main page on AO3 and LJ is really damn organized. I get the feeling Skinner updates when things are done, but is consistently working.
fandom:naruto  fandom:xxxholic  fandom:clamp  fandom:fullmetalalchemist  author:psiten  pairing:naruto/sasuke  pairing:doumeki/watanuki  pairing:fai/kurogane  pairing:roy/ed  type:worldbuilding  type:kidfic  type:alternateuniverse  type:banter  type:sillysillyboys  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:smmmmmmmut  type:workinprogress  resourcetype:toread 
september 2011 by blottingtheink
Prognosticate - lightgetsin - Fullmetal Alchemist [Archive of Our Own]
"Divination alchemy," Ed said scornfully. "Also known as complete and total bullshit."

|| If I have not saved this before, I am saving it now. If I have saved it before, I DO NOT CARE. I read this all over again, even knowing how it was going to tear my heart out, and it did, it did. Oh, lightgetsin, why are you able to do that? The ending section of this is one of the more brilliant meditations on foreknowledge and love ALL WHILE BEING COMPLETELY IN CHARACTER AND PERFECT that I can even fucking imagine. a;doiuaodjl
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  author:lightgetsin  pairing:roy/ed  type:midtext  type:somethingperfect  type:ohwownorly  type:ouchmyheart  type:endingiswhoa  from delicious
august 2011 by blottingtheink
Cause for Concern
"Havoc had been looking forward to meeting the Elric brothers, but he’d been looking forward to it while thinking he’d have the whole office as a buffer. He hadn’t thought he’d have them all to himself in a car for half an hour in traffic." Oh. My god. Oh my god. The brother-banter in this is perfect, Havoc is hilarious, and the tone shift at the end makes a funny character story into a piece that CAPTURES and EMBODIES the FMA relationships in a way that can't be expressed except by itself. !! :) So much love.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  character:ed(fullmetal)  character:alpotter  character:havoc(fma)  author:metisket  type:banter  type:endingiswhoa  type:laughingmyassoff 
july 2009 by blottingtheink
You and Your Fuck Awful Timing, or Five Things Ed Learned from Roy but Would Never Admit to If You Asked Him Point Blank
Glee! I haven't read a good FMA fic in, about, forever, and this is just what I've been waiting for. Roy is a bit softer 'round the edges than he should be, but Ed is perfect, and I absolutely love "Patience." The fic has the serious themes but lighthearted craziness of the manga, which so many people can't manage.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/ed  author:lightgetsin 
january 2009 by blottingtheink
Situation Normal
"Lately people had been acting weird everywhere he went [...] It wasn't like he was universally loved or anything, but at least he'd been able to hold an actual conversation with a girl six months ago. Even the guys his age were acting funny, either spoiling for a fight or stammering almost as badly as the girls. It was enough to make anyone paranoid, and he meant to corner Hughes as soon as possible and find out what weird rumors were circulating about him this time." Everyone is oblivious, but then somehow it all gets straightened out. For the better, although Alfphonse may threaten Roy's life once or twice.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/ed  author:sleeps.with.coyotes 
august 2008 by blottingtheink
"And if that didn't work, there was always a pair of heads to be knocked together. It wasn't like he minded. He was getting stronger every day." Roy and Ed take their own sweet time.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/ed  author:sleeps.with.coyotes 
may 2008 by blottingtheink
'"Didn't that hurt?" he heard himself ask, the needling banter that passed for conversation with them completely deserting him.' Shit. This is hot like whoa.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/ed  author:sleeps.with.coyotes 
may 2008 by blottingtheink
With Hinged Knees and Steady Hands
"In which Roy could have died and Ed was very angry with him." Ahhh. Ah. Ah. Softly, with Go Fish, hospitals, and Ed's swearing.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/ed  author:sutlers 
may 2008 by blottingtheink
Best Served Hot
Um, hot, yes--although, admittedly, all in my imagination. Oooh, weak spot for this pair.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/havoc  type:rarepairing  author:harukami 
april 2008 by blottingtheink
"When anyone asks Al, he denies sensation." Oh god. It's like phantom limbs--only creepier.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  character:alpotter  author:harukami 
april 2008 by blottingtheink
The Other Side of Night
"He knows that if he can make it through this time, his paradigm can shift just fine. It's getting there that's the problem." Eee.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/ed  author:harukami 
april 2008 by blottingtheink
Do I not have this tagged yet? I think this was the fic that made me love Roy/Ed for the first time; very nice.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/ed  author:harukami 
april 2008 by blottingtheink
Not A Story About Swimming
A story about the canon pairing of FMA (come on, you know it's true), from one of our best authors. Can't say how excited I was to see she'd written an FMA piece. Sweet like damn.
pairing:ed/al(fullmetal)  fandom:fullmetalalchemist  type:fluff  author:moonythestrals 
january 2008 by blottingtheink
Merciless Torture
“There are several good protections against temptations, but the surest is cowardice.” - Mark Twain
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/ed  pairing:roy/hughes  type:ouchmyheart  author:crazytoffee 
january 2008 by blottingtheink
Padam Padam
"Padam, padam, padam," he murmured with the beat, and behind his eyes was so much more than Alfons knew how to read.
pairing:roy/ed  type:closetocanonau  fandom:fullmetalalchemist  author:rainjoy 
january 2008 by blottingtheink
Roy/Ed theme drabbles accumulated
50, though, so there's plenty here, and all in one universe, post-anime. Really, really lovely--and believable for both characters (largely), which is in itself an accomplishment.
pairing:roy/ed  fandom:fullmetalalchemist  author:dragonimp 
january 2008 by blottingtheink
steelandsparks: Happy birthday Heidi ^^
"Roy, that bastard, she thought, as practise." Roy gets married. His wifely narrates; it's pretty great.
pairing:roy/ed  fandom:fullmetalalchemist  author:rainjoy 
january 2008 by blottingtheink
Five Things Everyone Wanted to Say to Maes Hughes, but Never Did
It catches what isn't sad about Hughes; these things, unsurprisingly, become like your own personal laceration machine.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  character:hughes  pairing:roy/hughes  pairing:hughes/gracia  author:sutlers 
january 2008 by blottingtheink
Easy Like Summer Morning
"All of a sudden you’re spinning shaking drowning and there’s nothing you can do but think, God help me. God help me." Beautiful. Out of character for the series, but fantastic artistry.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/ed  author:sutlers 
january 2008 by blottingtheink
In Marginalia
He borrows a book from the Colonel that first time he visits.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/ed  author:ayatsujik 
december 2007 by blottingtheink
And So Forth
And Roy is aware that he and Ed do not know what they feel about each other, or how to feel about each other. Not really.
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/ed  author:ayatsujik 
december 2007 by blottingtheink

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