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andrealyn: Title: Shot Through The Eye By Cupid's Arrow
“Then, by the power vested in me,” Governor Jameson says with a wryly bemused tone, sliding one ring on Danny’s finger and the next on Steve’s. It fits, how does it fit, why does it even fit, what is going on in Danny’s life that the Governor knows his ring size? “I now pronounce you husband and husband. Now go catch me a killer.”

Erm, so there's kind of a consent thing in this that horrifies me, but the story does a pretty good job of making it okay? I think it has something to do with my horror of the situation in the first place, I would hate to be conned into it. VAGUE WARNING IS VAGUE FOR SPOILERS.

Otherwise, it's just as funny and sweet as the excerpt suggests.
fandom:hawaiifiveo  author:andrealyn  pairing:danny/steve  type:pretendmarried  type:silliness  type:crackiscrazysauce  type:sillysillyboys  type:voice  type:hijinks  length:5-10k  warningtype:consentissues 
october 2011 by blottingtheink
Both Feet On The Ground
"Eames vanishes for five days and comes back married. It takes twenty-five years for all the fractioned pieces to make sense in a bigger picture." Oooooooooooh. THIS. This is a lovely way to handle that showing the come together would be SO DIFFICULT with these characters; but this, this I believe. YAYS. Read.
fandom:inception  author:andrealyn  pairing:arthur/eames  type:abouttheexecution  type:characterization  type:future  type:happilyeverafter 
august 2010 by blottingtheink

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