Designing a better San Francisco weather app | Anna Bleker
"Mr. Chilly is an app I made with rockstar iOS developer Alex Chia. It's an animated look at SF's different microclimate temperatures.
"To draw the user's eye to the right places, I used a toned-down palette for the background landscape and a poppy palette for the climate heat map."
app  design  sanfrancisco  weather  ios 
september 2015
Home | NY Train Project
"Travel one of New York's often overlooked treasures, the New York City subway."
design  subway  newyorkcity 
august 2015
Tufte CSS | Dave Liepmann
"Tufte CSS provides tools to style web articles using the ideas demonstrated by Edward Tufte's books and handouts. Tufte's style is known for its simplicity, extensive use of sidenotes, tight integration of graphics with text, and carefully chosen typography."
css  design  html  typography  tufte 
august 2015
Paul Foot: The great times they could have had | LRB
"Prince [Edward] was proud of his German origins, spoke German fluently, and felt an emotional, racial and intellectual solidarity with the Nazi leaders. As early as July 1933, with Hitler only just ensconced as German Chancellor, Robert Bruce-Lockhart records conversations between the Prince and the grandson of the former Kaiser, Prince Louis-Ferdinand: ‘The Prince of Wales was quite pro-Hitler and said it was no business of ours to interfere in Germany’s internal affairs either re Jews or anything else, and added that the dictators are very popular these days, and that we might want one in England before long.’"
books  britain  history  edward  fascism  monarchy  1930s  dukeofwindsor  from instapaper
july 2015
After Water | Longreads
"California has always been plagued. The floods and fires presented as disasters are in truth a natural lifecycle for a binge-and-purge ecosystem that was in no way formed with human life in mind."
california  water  politics  centralvalley  groundwater  from instapaper
june 2015
​I Grew Up in a Polyamorous Household | VICE
"Looking back, that's what I find most extraordinary about our situation: how mind-numbingly ordinary it all was. I almost wish it were more exciting than that—a wide-eyed kid, stumbling into amphetamine-fueled sexfests to find a gaggle of ass-naked circus mimes, nuns, and poultry—but we were just as run-of-the-mill-dysfunctional as every other family on the block."
polyamory  life  sexuality  parenting  culture  from instapaper
june 2015
How textiles revolutionised technology | Aeon
Virginia Postrel: "Older than bronze and as new as nanowires, textiles are technology — and they have remade our world time and again" Well worth reading, this.
technology  clothing  textiles  culture  language  vpostrel  via:@debcha  from instapaper
june 2015
Yahoo announces plans to kill off Maps, Pipes and APIs | VentureBeat
Remember when it was worth using Yahoo services as a developer? Apparently Yahoo just did, then closed some of what used to make it that way.
yahoo  development  api  geoplanet  pipes  from twitter
june 2015
The Rabbit-Hole Rabbit Hole | The New Yorker
"How did a term that started its figurative life as a conduit to a fantastical land evolve into a metaphor for extreme distraction?"
language  internet  rabbithole  culture  from instapaper
june 2015
Twitter Just Killed Politwoops | Gawker
If this is what “strong support” looks like I'd hate to be in Twitter’s bad books
twitter  api  politics  data  politwoops  ownership  from twitter
june 2015
Mapping the History of L.A.'s Notorious Sprawl | WIRED
"urban designer Omar Ureta has created an interactive map to help tell some of these stories. His Built:LA project shows the ages of almost every existing building in the city, and can break them down by decade to reveal how the city has grown over time"
maps  wired  losangeles  data  building  urbanism  history  from instapaper
june 2015
What Silicon Valley Can Learn From Seoul | New York Times
"Korean developers often have to strip down their software in order to adapt to inferior American broadband."
internet  korea  data  telecoms  regulation  via:twitter  from instapaper
june 2015
Dr. Strangeline, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About the Amateur New York Subway Riding Committee and Love the MTA
“Good morning. My name is Mat, and I’m trying to break the world record for the fastest time to travel to every NYC subway station. In order to provide complete documentation to Guinness that I did this, I need a list of witness signatures that prove I was on the trains when I claim I was. You don’t need to provide any personal information other than your name. If you could take a couple seconds of your time to sign this, I would really appreciate it.”
newyork  newyorkcity  subway  record 
march 2015
'The Fall': the Most Feminist Show on Television | The Atlantic
"the debate over The Fall’s first season obscured the show’s revolutionary treatment of women and the topic of sexual power. In fact, I haven’t seen another program that so directly challenges and rewrites the traditional conventions of crime dramas"
television  thefall  theatlantic  commentary  feminism  gilliananderson 
january 2015
The Shake Shack Economy | The New Yorker
"today, Shake Shack brings in at least a hundred million dollars a year and is planning an I.P.O. that could value the company at a billion dollars." on the burgeoning "fast casual" sector.
food  restaurant  shakeshack  newyorker  from instapaper
january 2015
New Year's Resolution | Ewan at the Cinema
"now would be a good time to mention my New Year’s resolution. I have decided to try and see every film which gains a proper cinema release in 2015, which is either directed by or written by a woman." I like the idea of this, and the reasons given.
film  feminism  culture  art  diversity  from instapaper
january 2015
Pirating the 2015 Oscars: HD Edition | The Message
“Pirates are now watching films at higher quality than the industry insiders voting on them.” -
film  piracy  internet  hd  media  oscars  screeners  distribution  data  bittorrent  from twitter
january 2015
Ex Machina and sci-fi's obsession with sexy female robots | The Guardian
“Being literally objectified women, female robots have traditionally been vehicles for the worst male tendencies.”
robots  film  sciencefiction  gender  feminism  spoilers  from twitter
january 2015
The NSA Has An Advice Columnist. Seriously. - The Intercept
'What if the National Security Agency had its own advice columnist? What would the eavesdroppers ask about? You don’t need to guess. An NSA official, writing under the pen name “Zelda,” has actually served at the agency as a Dear Abby for spies.'
nsa  advice  surveillance  irony  theintercept 
october 2014
The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria | The Intercept
"After spending weeks depicting ISIS as an unprecedented threat — too radical even for Al Qaeda! — administration officials suddenly began spoon-feeding their favorite media organizations and national security journalists tales of a secret group that was even scarier and more threatening than ISIS, one that posed a direct and immediate threat to the American Homeland. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new terror group was created in media lore."
news  media  iraq  syria  khorasan  alquada  islamicstate  politics  propaganda 
october 2014
Package Data Like Software, and the Stories Will Flow Like Wine | Source: An OpenNews project
"Today we’re ready to announce the release of django-calaccess-raw-data, our first pluggable Django dataset, hosted on GitHub and distributed via the Python Package Index. With a few simple commands, you can download the data, transform it into clean CSV files and then load it into a MySQL database."
data  opensource  via:@kissane  python  django 
september 2014
Casual sex isn’t just for college kids | Salon.com
"Zhana Vrangalova, a sex researcher, is changing that perception with the Casual Sex Project, a website that solicits true hookup stories from people of all ages and from around the world."
sex  politics  identity  salon 
june 2014
Leszek Borysiewicz attacks immigration curbs | The Guardian
Cambridge's vice-chancellor: 'A university such as Cambridge competes with Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, much more so than other UK universities, and therefore anything that prevents us getting the very best students I believe would be to the long-term detriment of the United Kingdom.'
education  politics  immigration  uk  cambridge  from twitter
june 2014
I Confronted Donald Trump in Dubai | VICE United States
'“Mr. Trump,” I ask, “the workers who build your villas make less than $200 a month. Are you satisfied?"'

'Dubai's skyscrapers are our era's pyramids. Slaves built the original pyramids, but tourists visit just the same.'
vice  dubai  politics  donaldtrump  from instapaper
june 2014
Say “no” to ballot box planning on Proposition B | Markasaurus
On San Francisco's Proposition B (June 2014), which suggests that any change of waterfront height limits needs to go before the entire city.
sanfrancisco  politics  planning  building  proposition  from twitter
june 2014
The psychology of Soylent and the prison of first-world food choices | Ars Technica
“Food is for some people a genuine struggle.” On Soylent (indirectly via , maybe?)
food  soylent  from twitter
june 2014
FAC 191 The Hacienda Cat | Cerysmatic Factory
How is it that I never knew that Factory issued a number to a cat?
factory  music  cat  from twitter
may 2014
Hubmap | Heathrow
Heathrow Airport now has a slippy map
london  heathrow  airport  map  from twitter
may 2014
‘Selling Out’ Is Meaningless | Medium
'In the recent Frontline documentary “Generation Like,” Doug Rushkoff lamented that today’s youth don’t even know what the term “sell-out” means.'
medium  sellingout  politics  culture  art  music  danahboyd  from instapaper
may 2014
What If We Admitted to Children That Sex Is About Pleasure? | Pacific Standard
'How funny that we can’t bring ourselves to tell our children the most fundamental truth about sex, that most of the time we have sex, we have it for pleasure.'
sex  culture  education  children  from instapaper
may 2014
Pinch Sulzberger, Fire Yourself Today | The Awl
"The report also suggests 'TED-style talks' bc everyone and everything in the 21st century is terrible and stupid." http://t.co/wgq0bV768h
newspaper  politics  internet  culture  from instapaper
may 2014
Save $400M printing cost from font change? Not so fast… | Phinney on Fonts
"I like innovative ideas to save money. Really, I do. But I wish the media and public had consulted some experts on this area before going nuts promoting this idea, because it just doesn’t hold water—or save money—without losing legibility."
business  fonts  government  typography  ink  economics 
april 2014
The most objectionable dating website ever? | Telegraph
Some people don’t like getting the truth told too obviously. Women will always look for wealthy partners, and the most attractive will get them. It comes from the Stone Age and survival of the fittest, where if women were not able to mate with successful men they would not have children and they would die.
“Obviously we don’t live in that kind of society now, but millions of years of evolution have pushed women into being that way – even if they’re not aware of it.” How the hell is this man even Danish?
dating  politics  gender  sexism  telegraph 
march 2014
Ship Tracking Hack Makes Tankers Vanish from View | MIT Technology Review
'“They seem to be on board with changing the protocol,” says Wilhoit, “but it’s one of those foundational problems that will take time to fix.” AIS equipment has the protocol built in, so rolling out an improved form of AIS requires replacing existing equipment.'
information  transport  shipping  data  ais  security  via:iamdanw 
february 2014
Diff-able maps | Github
"We added the ability to visualize geospatial data to GitHub last summer, but the true value of version control comes not from where your information is now, but how it's changed over time, and where others propose it should be." Plus simplestyle support.
maps  geo  github  diff  geojson  via:straup 
february 2014
Twitter / richardbranson: 1 in 5 want to become an ...
Apparently 80% of people are pretty happy working for other people. I know I am.
quote  richardbranson  virgin  entrepreneur  from twitter
january 2014
Crime Doesn't {{Insert Variable}} | GeoSprocket Community Jive
“There’s no citywide relationship between crime rate and elevation in San Francisco.” Other factors are at work.
map  visualisation  statistics  correlation  causation  from twitter
january 2014
it’s history, not a viral feed | Wynken de Worde
makes me angry not for what it fails to do, but that it gets so many people to participate in it”
history  twitter  academia  from twitter
january 2014
The Best Little Air Force You’re Barely Aware Of — War is Boring — Medium
"Brazil has quietly marshaled one of the world’s most impressive air forces—and unleashed it on criminal groups threatening the planet’s most ecologically important forest biome."
war  brazil  ecology  medium  aircraft  from instapaper
january 2014
Google, Tell Me. Is My Son a Genius? | NYTimes.com
"my study of anonymous, aggregate data from Google searches suggests that contemporary American parents are far more likely to want their boys smart and their girls skinny."
google  search  algorithms  people  sexism 
january 2014
Where will we live?: The Housing Disaster | LRB
James Meek, LRB: “The advent of the age of gentrification doesn’t preclude the advent of slumification”
uk  politics  housing  society  slums  profit  councilhousing  from twitter
december 2013
I Got Myself Arrested So I Could Look Inside the Justice System | The Atlantic
Bobby Constantino: "In between the important cases, I found myself spending most of my time prosecuting people of color for things we white kids did with impunity growing up in the suburbs. As our office handed down arrest records and probation terms for riding dirt bikes in the street, cutting through a neighbor’s yard, hosting loud parties, fighting, or smoking weed – shenanigans that had rarely earned my own classmates anything more than raised eyebrows and scoldings – I often wondered if there was a side of the justice system that we never saw in the suburbs. Last year, I got myself arrested in New York City and found out." Depressing but necessary reading.
us  politics  justice  law  graffiti  race  racism  newyorkcity  probation 
december 2013
Peter Higgs: I wouldn't be productive enough for today's academic system | Guardian
'He doubts a similar breakthrough could be achieved in today's academic culture, because of the expectations on academics to collaborate and keep churning out papers. He said: "It's difficult to imagine how I would ever have enough peace and quiet in the present sort of climate to do what I did in 1964."'
physics  science  guardian  peterhiggs  interview 
december 2013
Building jsOrrery | La Grange Lab
"jsOrrery is a Solar System / orbital mechanics simulation, or orrery, that I wrote in WebGL and Javascript. It is based on a previous 2D simulation that I made in Flash, but that was not accurate, nor much interesting for that matter. There are other nice Javascript orreries out there, but what makes jsOrrery stand out is that it is a realistic visualisation instead of being an artistic or schematic one." This is amazing.
astronomy  javascript  three.js  webgl  physics  simulation  orrery  code  via:@invisiblecomma 
december 2013
Remember Who The Enemy Is | k-punk
"I over-use the word ‘delirium’, but watching Catching Fire last week was a genuinely delirious experience. More than once I thought: How can I be watching this? How can this be allowed? One of the services Suzanne Collins has performed is to reveal the poverty, narrowness, and decadence of the ‘freedoms’ we enjoy in late, late capitalism."
capitalism  culture  hungergames  fiction  sciencefiction  dystopia  reflection 
december 2013
Dad Arrested For Picking Up Kids At School By Foot ← The Urban Country
"A Tennessee father was arrested recently by an overzealous officer for picking his children up at school by foot. The school’s policy is that children can only be picked up by parents driving cars or kids can board a school bus."
us  politics  culture  transport  cars  tennessee  education  infrastructure 
december 2013
Creating a WebGL Earth with three.js | thematic mapping
This is pretty, and it would be useful to know how to do it.
javascript  three.js  geodata  earth  webgl  geo 
december 2013
An ode to London City Airport | Alex Hunter
"Recently I got a chance to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time – land at London City Airport."
london  transport  airport  flying  londoncity  lca  via:iamdanw 
december 2013
How to find ring of coverage of GPS Satellite on WGS-84 ellipsoid? | GIS Stack Exchange
"On a world map the difference between the WGS84 solution and a purely spherical solution will only barely be noticeable (it's about one pixel on a screen). The same difference would be created by changing the mask angle by about 0.2 degrees or in using a polygonal approximation. If these errors are acceptably small, then you can exploit the symmetry of the sphere to obtain a simple formula."
gps  gis  mapping  stackexchange  mathematics  geometry  satellite 
december 2013
Portland’s Bridges | extent(PNW)
"The bridges in Portland are not only plentiful, they are also beautiful and hard working… I was gripped by the idea that I had to map the bridges. So I did, and here is what I have done so far."
portland  map  design  illustration  bridges  infrastructure 
december 2013
GPS sattelite tracking in Python using pyEphem | The Telegraphic
"As part my PhD, I used GPS satellites to measure the beam pattern of a telescope I built. While this can be done easily with the pyEphem module, I found that there wasn’t much documentation out there on the interwebs. So, I’ve written a simple Python script (below) which takes you through the basics of using pyEphem to track the path of GPS satellites."
python  gps  pyephem  satellites  code 
december 2013
How to convert a TfL TransXChange export stream to GTFS - GoogleTransitDataFeed
"This page describes how to create GTFS file sets from the Transport for London TransXChange export stream, assuming the use of the TransXChange2GTFS converter. There is a series of dependencies that need to be satisfied, which are described below. A sample Converter Script and a series of sample configuration files should help jump start the setup of a conversion environment. Starting from scratch, please expect to spend a few hours setting up the TransXChange Converter and modifying the sample Converter Script to your needs. Converting the London export stream to GTFS is not trivial, and at this point, somewhat incomplete."
transport  london  data  gtfs  routing 
november 2013
Stefan Collini · Sold Out: The Costs of University Privatisation | LRB
Depressing but necessary reading on the stealthy privatisation and centralisation of tuition and research in higher education in the UK.
education  lrb  privatisation  politics  from instapaper
november 2013
I come not to praise QWERTY, but to bury it | The Verge
"As a devout user of physical QWERTY keyboards, I'm pretty sure I'm screwed."
android  design  technology  interface  theverge  seanhollister  from instapaper
november 2013
Google’s Buses Help Its Workers Beat the Rush | NY Times
From the early, halcyon days of the commuter buses. "In Silicon Valley, a region known for some of the worst traffic in the nation, Google, the Internet search engine giant and online advertising behemoth, has turned itself into Google, the mass transit operator. Its aim is to make commuting painless for its pampered workers"
google  transport  siliconvalley  buses  2007 
november 2013
Dots has a viscous smarm that exudes from every pixel | Edge Online
Stephen Poole: "Dots is a brilliantly smarmy videogame. The smarminess of the way the dots pulse when you touch them; the smarmy way they bounce several times when dropping down a line; the smarminess of the sonic feedback (bloopy arpeggio fragments rather than anything so crass as music); the smarminess, even, of the thin typography, adroitly jumping on the design-fashion bandwagon before iOS7 was beamed to the masses. Playing Dots makes my hands feel greasy from the saturated smarminess it embodies. I’m surprised I can still see the screen through the viscous smarm exuded from every pixel of Dots."
games  dots  iphone  minimalism  design  smug  from instapaper
november 2013
coreygilmore | Twitter
"Remember how Twitter said @Storify was in the upper-right quadrant, & an example of what they want in the ecosystem?" Good point.
quote  twitter  storify  ecosystem  api  development  business 
november 2013
Introducing custom timelines | Twitter Developers
"Custom timelines are an entirely new type of timeline –– one that you create. You name it, and choose the Tweets you want to add to it, either by hand or programmatically using the API (more on that below). This means that when the conversation around an event or topic takes off on Twitter, you have the opportunity to create a timeline that surfaces what you believe to be the most noteworthy, relevant Tweets." Interesting, as is the fact the UI is only available in TweetDeck (for now).
twitter  timeline  custometimeline  narrative  curation  feature  api 
november 2013
Stakker Humanoid: how the Future Sound of London won hearts and minds | theguardian.com
“My God, I've just done Top of the Pops and I'm living in a squat?” Brian Dougan on Humanoid and its surprise success in 1988.
guardian  music  acidhouse  electronic  fsol  1988  via:@migurski  from twitter
november 2013
Shafted Again | Bike Snob NYC
"We deserve respect for being human, and it ends there." on the NY Times cycling article this weekend.
cycling  newyork  driving  transport  politics  from twitter
november 2013
Netflix Has Taken a Huge Bite Out of File Sharing | The Atlantic Wire
Zach Schonfeld, on Sandvine's bandwidth report: "BitTorrent, the report notes, now accounts for only 7.4 percent of traffic during peak period, while file-sharing in general hovers below 10 percent. And that's a sharp drop—only five years ago, BitTorrent managed to draw 31 percent of daily streaming traffic and even twice that 10 years ago." Proof convenience wins?
bitttorrent  netflix  video  internet  piracy  convenience 
november 2013
Cycling v cars: The American right-of-way | The Economist
"I guess it depends on how much one values human life, as against the inconvenience of having to look in the rearview mirror more often." That's from the Economist's piece reacting to Saturday's NYTimes "is it OK to kill cyclists?" article.
economist  cycling  driving  transport  politics  via:@tominsam  from twitter
november 2013
Cloud seeding, no longer magical thinking | The Sacramento Bee
“In any given winter, there are cloud-seeding projects underway in 15 California watersheds” including Tahoe
weather  technology  manipulation  environment  california  water  from twitter
november 2013
Road Rights - There's Another Way | Bicycling.com
On the Dutch approach to blame in cycle collisions. I like this.
cycling  politics  transport  netherlands  law  from twitter
november 2013
Is It O.K. to Kill Cyclists?
'There is something undeniably screwy about a justice system that makes it de facto legal to kill people” the New York Times on cycling and deaths.
nytimes  cycling  politics  us  transport  comment  from instapaper
november 2013
"I wrote some words about @truceconf and why it’s so insulting and harmful"
feminism  conference  technology  politics  sexism  from instapaper
november 2013
Even right-wingers become liberals when they turn off Fox News | Salon.com
"PPC created a simplified budget process, meant to mimic the deliberative budget process, particularly with its consideration of tradeoffs.
"The results of the process were extremely detailed, particularly compared to what pollsters normally produce. But the big picture was strikingly clear. Massive cuts to defense on the spending side, massive tax hikes on the revenue side"
politics  economics  spending  us 
november 2013
The New Economy Is Indentured TaskRabbits | Daily Intelligencer
“the statistic that only 10 percent of TaskRabbits earn enough to make it a full-time job is casually mentioned.”
politics  economics  taskrabbit  economy  from twitter
november 2013
Thinking with Joins | Mike Bostock
"Instead of telling D3 how to do something, tell D3 what you want. You want the circle elements to correspond to data. You want one circle per datum. Instead of instructing D3 to create circles, then, tell D3 that the selection "circle" should correspond to data. This concept is called the data join."
d3  javascript  visualisation  svg  development 
november 2013
A shapefile of the TZ timezones of the world | efele.net
"The tz_world shapefile captures the boundaries of the TZ timezones across the world, as of TZ 2013b. The geometries are all POLYGONs, and a TZ timezone will sometimes have multiple polygons. There are about 28,000 rows."
geography  map  timezone  data  shapefile  time  politics 
november 2013
Is It Too Late to Prepare for Climate Change? | The New Yorker
'“Many of the ills of the modern world—starvation, poverty, flooding, heat waves, droughts, war and disease—are likely to worsen as the world warms from man-made climate change,” the Associated Press observed in its analysis of the report.'
climatechange  politics  ipcc  report 
november 2013
Making data sensible with a Bayesian analysis | Data Muncher
"Here I investigate the murder rates (number of arrests by population of 100,000) in 2010 and show that a Bayesian approach gives more sensible results than a simple approach."
map  data  visualisation  bayes 
november 2013
As Sequester Deadline Looms, Little Support for Cutting Most Programs | Pew Research
"For 18 of 19 programs tested, majorities want either to increase spending or maintain it at current levels. The only exception is assistance for needy people around the world. "
politics  opinion  spending  us  from twitter
october 2013
23-Oct-2013 ~ Options: Bad Taste, More Filling | Nanex
"There are billions of option quotes every trading day but only millions of contracts are traded. Option trading has stalled, while option quoting skyrockets."
economy  stockmarket  hft  algorithms  nanex  via:@slavin 
october 2013
National Security (The Guardian): 22 Oct 2013 | TheyWorkForYou
Not so much a Parliamentary debate as a pair of speeches from representatives of the security state, yesterday in Westminster Hall
parliament  theyworkforyou  security  guardian  debate  via:@gwire 
october 2013
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