The Period Craftsmen: Simple Scribe Tool Recommendation
Also a link to a listing of tools/products he recommends on Amazon
february 2018
Woodcarving 122 – Morakniv
Several cool-looking woodcarving knives -- 120, 106
april 2017
Drawknives — WOODJOY®TOOLS
Bowsaws -- I think these are Chris Schwarz's recommended ones
june 2016
Job Offer Evaluator
Tool to evaluate whether a new job is worth it
april 2016
Mill Outlet Lumber
Click Here To See Our Facebook Specials
march 2016
Western Red Cedar Lumber : Bear Creek Lumber : Washington State Lumber Distributor.
Alaskan Yellow Cedar Timbers and Soffits can be ideal for coastal climates. We offer Douglas Fir clear vertical grain for cabinets, ceiling paneling and any custom pattern that your project may call
march 2016
.@ScrivenerApp - The Ultimate #NoSQL Database • Greetings Programs
Over the past year, I have dove head first into use Scrivener for my writing efforts. The thing is amazing! Scrivener is a writer
january 2016
Better Fluorescent Lights
Electronic ballasts and T8 Lamps I hated fluorescent lights. I hated the hum, the initial stutter, the headache inducing flicker, the icy dead color. You could not pay me to live with them. But
january 2016
The Definite Guide To The Pistol Squat
jump to: Lots of people seem to disregard the effectiveness of calisthenics arguing that it
january 2016
Access Subquery Techniques
This article may contain URLs that were valid when originally published, but now link to sites or pages that no longer exist. To maintain the flow of the article, we've left these URLs in the text,
january 2016
Keep track of your loved ones, young or elderly, with Orbi
The iPhone and other smartphones have revolutionized our ability to be connected to one another and even keep tabs on where our loved ones are. Using our handsets and apps like Find My Friends, we
january 2016
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