du - Display object size usage  |  Cloud Storage Documentation  |  Google Cloud Platform
gsutil du -ch gs://your-bucket/dir

gsutil cp -r dir gs://my-bucket #If you want to copy an entire directory tree you need to use the -r option:

gsutils -m cp -4 gs://my-bucket1 gs://my-bucket2

gsutil -m cp # If an error occurs, continue to attempt to copy the remaining files. If any copies were unsuccessful, gsutil's exit status will be non-zero even if this flag is set. This option is implicitly set when running "gsutil -m cp...".

gsutil -m cp -r dir gs://my-bucket
google  command  line  CLI  utilities  du  cp  upload  directory 
10 days ago
Retirement Investing: Get your asset allocation right - Calculator - CNNMoney.com
in my 50s (20+ years horizon)
some flexibility
medium tolerance
10% bonds
50% large cap stocks
20% foreign stocks
20% small-cap stocks
asset  allocation  stocks  bonds  mix 
10 days ago
The 60/40 stock-and-bond portfolio mix is dead in 2016
20/30s 100% stock
40s 90-100% stock
50s 75-85% stock
60s 70-80% stock
70s 40-60% stock
stocks  bonds  mix  age  50  60  70 
10 days ago
gsutil Tool  |  Cloud Storage Documentation  |  Google Cloud Platform
gsutil is a Python application that lets you access Cloud Storage from the command line. You can use gsutil to do a wide range of bucket and object management tasks, including:

Creating and deleting buckets.
Uploading, downloading, and deleting objects.
Listing buckets and objects.
Moving, copying, and renaming objects.
Editing object and bucket ACLs.
google  cloud  coldline  storage  upload  utilities 
10 days ago
Documenting the Now
Hydrator - "Rehydrate" your Tweet ID sets into full tweets with metadata

Tweet - A catalog of publicly shared Tweet ID sets.

Twarc - Twitter JSON using this command line tool.
tools  socialmedia  twitter 
21 days ago
Retirement Plan Redesign | Human Resources
If you have specific questions not addressed on the website, you can contact a special call center set up for the retirement plan redesign by calling 1-800-823-0172 or by emailing retirement@duke.edu .
duke  retirement  403b  fidelity 
23 days ago
overview of CRS in R
this is a PDF quick reference sheet
r  gis  mapping  crs  pdf 
25 days ago
text of creative commons license in markdown for github
creative commons
Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International
cc  by  nc  license  md  git  github  gitlab  text 
25 days ago
R at the command line -- executable
in the termal:

Rscript.exe -e 'knitr::knit("main.Rmd")'
Rscript.exe -e 'rmarkdown::render("main.Rmd")'
command  line  cli  executable  r  rmd  render  knitr  rmarkdown  from notes
4 weeks ago
rOpenSci | Support for hOCR and Tesseract 4 in R
This package provides R bindings to Google’s open source optical character recognition (OCR) engine Tesseract.
ocr  r  google  optical  character  recognition 
4 weeks ago
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