How to Find or Validate an Email Address
regex  email 
4 days ago
Kan Nishida on data science venn diagram
data architects, analytics translators, data engineers
data  science  venn  diagram 
19 days ago
Information on Building R Packagses
This NOTE includes a bunch of URLs and other summary information
r  packages  addins  templates  usethis  package  down  pkgdown  from notes
5 weeks ago
john little at the internet archive
houses my OpenRefine workbook: Cleaning Data with OpenRefine
wayback  internet  archive  john  little 
6 weeks ago
dirty to cleaned data - graphic
what does dirty data look like?
what does it look like cleaned?
data  cleaning  image  graphic 
7 weeks ago
Easy way to add footer / disable slide numbering · Issue #34 · yihui/xaringan · GitHub
.remark-slide-content:after {
content: "Footer text";
position: absolute;
bottom: 5px;
right: 35px;
height: 40px;
width: 120px;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-size: contain;
background-image: url("logo.png");
xaringan  footer  logo 
7 weeks ago
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