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Web Page Test
Run a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers (IE and Chrome) and at real consumer connection speeds. You can run simple tests or perform advanced testing including multi-step transactions, video capture, content blocking and much more. Your results will provide rich diagnostic information including resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimization checks and suggestions for improvements.
tool  web-frontend  web-design 
june 2018 by bignose
Making a Pure CSS Play/Pause Button
There are unicode and emoji options for play button icons, but if you wanted something custom, you might reach for an icon font or custom asset. But what if you want to shift between the icons? Can that change be smooth? One solution could be to use SVG. But what if it could be done in 10 lines of CSS? How neat is that‽

In this article, we'll build both a play button and a pause button with CSS and then explore how we can use CSS transitions to animate between them.
2017  howto  web-design  web-frontend  hack 
may 2018 by bignose
How GDPR Will Change The Way You Develop
In this article, we’ll explore what you, as a developer, need to know about the new data protection regime. At the end, you’ll understand how the challenges posed by the privacy overhaul will ultimately help to make you a better developer.
2018  europe  analysis  web-design  software-design  security 
may 2018 by bignose
10 guidelines to improve your web accessibility
We put together a list of ten web accessibility guidelines that will guarantee access to your site to any person, in spite of their disabilities.
2017  howto  accessibility  web-design 
may 2018 by bignose
Stop Using CGI (Common Gateway Interface for web servers)
CGI for web applications may appear simple and easy, but it is slow, clumsy, insecure and ancient.

Stop using it!

There are much better alternatives for nearly every use case.
2015  weblog  article  opinion  web-design  security 
february 2018 by bignose
Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) Web Docs
MDN Web Docs is an evolving learning platform for Web technologies and the software that powers the Web.
resource  free-culture  javascript  css  software-language  web-design 
december 2017 by bignose
TEMPLATED - Free CSS, HTML5 and Responsive Site Templates
A collection of simple CSS, HTML5 & Responsive site templates, built by us and released for free under Creative Commons Attribution license.
web-design  css  graphics  resource 
december 2017 by bignose
150 Amazing Examples of CSS Animation & Effects
We have put together a smart collection of cool CSS effects to help you learn the nitty-gritty details so that you can use it to create more beautiful web sites. Enjoy!
2017  web-design  css  resource 
december 2017 by bignose
Memorable site for testing clients against bad SSL configs. is meant for manual testing of security UI in web clients.
service  web-design  standards  security  software-craft 
march 2017 by bignose
U.S. Web Design Standards release 1.0.0
Version 1.0.0

This is our first official major release. Read about our new release process and how we are updating the workflow to formally follow semantic versioning.
2017  government  version-control  web-design  standards  software-craft 
march 2017 by bignose
Everyone has JavaScript, right?
Many things can cause your JavaScript website to fail on modern browsers.
accessibility  javascript  software-design  web-design  standards 
january 2017 by bignose
Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0
This document specifies Best Practices for delivering Web content to mobile devices. The principal objective is to improve the user experience of the Web when accessed from such devices.

The recommendations refer to delivered content and not to the processes by which it is created, nor to the devices or user agents to which it is delivered.

It is primarily directed at creators, maintainers and operators of Web sites. Readers of this document are expected to be familiar with the creation of Web sites, and to have a general familiarity with the technologies involved, such as Web servers and HTTP. Readers are not expected to have a background in mobile-specific technologies.
standards  web-design  accessibility  mobile 
october 2016 by bignose
RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML)
RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML) makes it easy to manage the whole API lifecycle from design to sharing. It's concise - you only write what you need to define - and reusable. It is machine readable API design that is actually human friendly.
software-design  standards  web-design 
october 2016 by bignose
Accessibility toolkit — Vision Australia
If websites or other digital media are poorly designed and built, they can prevent some people from using them. Just as a ramp can be an accessible alternative to stairs, websites and other digital assets can be built in a way that enables people with disabilities or age-related impairments to access them.

Here, we’re going to introduce you to digital inclusion, how it applies in an Australian context, and some handy tools to help you along the way.
resource  australia  web-design  accessibility 
july 2016 by bignose
PNG Pixel: Transparent Base64 PNG Pixel generator
These pixels come in handy when you need a semi-transparent background. The CSS attribute opacity makes the background and foreground transparent and is inherited by all child elements. Since modern browsers support rgba background colors semi-transparent 1x1 PNG pixels are not as useful as before. But if you want your pages to support old browsers it's still nice to have.
tool  web-design 
july 2016 by bignose
The Languages Which Almost Became CSS
This was a period of intense work and innovation which resulted in more than a few competing styling methods which just as easily could have become the standard.

Even more surprisingly, it happens that many of these other options include features which developers would love to see appear in CSS even today.
2016  article  history  web-design 
june 2016 by bignose
Lorem Pixel
Placeholder Images for every case. Webdesign or Print. It's simple and absolutely free!

Just put the custom url in your code like this:<img src="" />to get your FPO / dummy image.
service  web-design 
june 2016 by bignose
RFC 6570: URI Template
A URI Template is a compact sequence of characters for describing a range of Uniform Resource Identifiers through variable expansion. This specification defines the URI Template syntax and the process for expanding a URI Template into a URI reference, along with guidelines for the use of URI Templates on the Internet.
2012  standards  web-design 
may 2016 by bignose
REST APIs must be hypertext-driven
I am getting frustrated by the number of people calling any HTTP-based interface a REST API.

What needs to be done to make the REST architectural style clear on the notion that hypertext is a constraint? In other words, if the engine of application state (and hence the API) is not being driven by hypertext, then it cannot be RESTful and cannot be a REST API. Period. Is there some broken manual somewhere that needs to be fixed?

API designers, please note the following rules before calling your creation a REST API.
2008  advice  standards  web-design  software-design 
may 2016 by bignose
The Website Obesity Crisis
These comically huge homepages for projects designed to make the web faster are the equivalent of watching a fitness video where the presenter is just standing there, eating pizza and cookies.

The world's greatest tech companies can't even make these tiny text sites, describing their flagship projects to reduce page bloat, lightweight and fast on mobile.

I can't think of a more complete admission of defeat.
2015  presentation  australia  web-design  humour 
january 2016 by bignose

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