Unconscious Bias @ Work | Google Ventures - YouTube
RT : If you or someone you know doesn't understand or denies systemic bias, please watch or show them this now
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20 hours ago
grilled porgy; grilled scallops; grilled tomato; greens | Hoggard / Wagner Food Blog
RT : seafood twofer: grilled Porgy & Sea Scallops; also arugula, purple mustard, weird green tomato
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23 hours ago
Germany To Consider Ban On Late-Night Work Emails
RT : While Americans may see working long hours as dedication, Germans see it as a sign of poor time management.
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Untitled (http://www.nme.com/news/various-artists/80048)
RT : Label to allow retroactive product placement in music videos -
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clojurecup2014/parade-route · GitHub
Woke up this morning to the source code of 's game – the first ever in – and I'm speechless
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Log In - The New York Times
RT : WOW. This is MASSIVE in terms of revising the history of the financial crisis, from :
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Untitled (http://somafm.com/channels.xml)
If I would like to add Earwaves to should I use this feed?
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Issues · MichaelDrogalis/onyx · GitHub
Looking to get involved with a open source project? I'd love some help with Onyx There's low hanging fruit!
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Kat Wenger
RT : Our daughter selling photos at to support girls in Kenya
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tuna with fennel seeds; yellow Romano; greens | Hoggard / Wagner Food Blog
RT : pan-grilled fennel-and-chiles-crusted tuna; yellow Romano beans with lovage; radish greens
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2 days ago
Plotting Politics: Reason and Political Economy | Fixing the Future
RT : thanks for the shoutout Barry. We have a new seminar today at 2! () Nice seeing u @ the bookfair sat.
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2 days ago
parade route
easily my favorite game of all time
way to go !
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2 days ago
Susan Potter | LinkedIn
If you wish to publicly proclaim my skills in Fire Eating / Hating Jira With A Passion as startlingly impressive:
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3 days ago
artforum.com / critics' picks
RT : WOOT! RT : Picks: Joshua Smith. Essex Flowers, New York, review written by Nicolas Linnert
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4 days ago
Aral Balkan — Ello, goodbye.
RT : Ello, Goodbye.

Why I’m leaving Ello (and why you should too).

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4 days ago
Never worry about font sizes again! (Just use these)
RT @kadavy: Never worry about font sizes again! (Just use these) More here -->
fonts  design  css 
5 days ago
Writing Fast Ruby // Speaker Deck
RT : For everyone who asked, here are my slides for “Writing Fast Ruby” presented at : .
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6 days ago
= 🔥 last night. Woke up to a bazillion notifications.
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7 days ago
Strange Loop - YouTube
RT : All videos are now available (except a couple delayed at speaker request)
strangeloop  from twitter
8 days ago
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