WomenWages.jpg (900×7324)
Why women really don't make less than men.
5 days ago
Rule of Zero @ Flaming Dangerzone
In C++ the destructors of objects with automatic storage duration are invoked whenever their scope ends.
5 weeks ago
SwithMail is a windows application that is extremely easy to use. You run the program, set up basic settings (from address, to address, smtp server info, email subject and body), click save, and you’re ready to go. Now you can send email using these settings silently from the command line, a batch file, or (the reason I wrote it), if a windows service quits.
7 weeks ago
Mangler » Download
Ventrilo-compatible client for Linux
7 weeks ago
Love these pipes
9 weeks ago
The Myth of 'Traditional Marriage'
This institution is not something passed down unaltered from generation to generation, like the family silver. It is continually in flux, taking forms that would surprise our forebears.
9 weeks ago
CaspianX2 comments on I wonder what's going through Nye's head? (Bill Nye debate with Ken Ham)
Science teaches us that "we don't know yet" is much more useful then "God did it".
10 weeks ago
Setting Up an Ubuntu Subversion Server - odyniec.net
This is the tut I used to set up a subversion server at JMX
10 weeks ago
Looking around gif
gif of people looking at each other like "who did that?"
11 weeks ago
Tabletop Mounting Clamps - Lee Valley Tools
Use to attach a table top to the legs or the skirt
11 weeks ago
5 Ways to Discourage Your Pastor | Thoughts on Life and Leading
I disagree with several of these points. I need to write an essay rebutting them.
january 2014
danscourses - YouTube
videos to prep for linux and cisco certificaitons
january 2014
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