Easy Butter Chicken
Excellent butter chicken recipe
december 2017
THE GAP by Ira Glass on Vimeo
If you can tell that you're doing mediocre work, then that means you have greatness inside you.
october 2017
If we take care of the morality, God will take care of the economy.
It's this kind of flawed thinking that made me walk away from Christianity.
september 2017
Demon-Haunted World
Increasingly, cheating devices behave differ­ently depending on who is looking at them. When they believe themselves to be under close scrutiny, their behavior reverts to a more respectable, less egregious standard.
september 2017
Every programmer should know
A collection of (mostly) technical things every software developer should know
september 2017
The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale
Stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that "demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize."
august 2017
JavaScript Is Eating The World
In case you haven't heard the news, JavaScript and NodeJS are single handed eating the world of software.
august 2017
Prepping for Beginners
Emergency Preparedness Checklist
august 2017
DIY powerwall
People Are Using Old Laptop Batteries to Build Their Own Versions of Tesla's Powerwall.
august 2017
List of Computer Science courses with video lectures.
august 2017
Trending Developer Skills
For people learning to code and for experienced software developers alike, change is constant.
august 2017
Why privacy matters
Glenn Greenwald, one of the first reporters to see and write about the Snowden files.
august 2017
Intel CEO leaves American Manufacturing Council
Leaving because of Trump's actions (and non-actions).
august 2017
Guide to Kurt Vonnegut
How to Finally Start Reading Vonnegut’s Novels
july 2017
Masterlock combination lock combos
Interesting resource for defeating a combination lock.
july 2017
Lock Pick Set
Seems like a good starting point for a new skill.
july 2017
Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains "Intelligent" Design
'Revelation replaced investigation.' The most pertinent phrase in the whole video.
july 2017
Express.js 4, Node.js and MongoDB REST API Tutorial
Good resource for getting an Express.js RestAPI up and running.
june 2017
The World of Hip Hop
Interesting chart I'm working my way around. Trying to discover more hip hop that I enjoy.
may 2017
To Stay Married, Embrace Change
"Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished"
may 2017
Signatures of the Soul
Peter Fonda narrates tattoo documentary
april 2017
Hori Smoku
Documentary of Sailor Jerry
tattoos  oldschool 
april 2017
Stoney Knows How
Old school tattooist documentary.
tattoos  oldschool 
april 2017
Kodiak Canvas Tent
One day, this is what I'd like to get for my wife and I to camp in.
november 2016
Fuck You Startup World
The startup world has a place, but god it's rough.
october 2016
Restuarant calories information.
october 2016
Voltage Drop Testing
Battery testing with multimeter to determine a leech or drop.
october 2016
Why it is harder to add muscle mass as we age and how to fight it
We lose muscle mass and strength as we age. This is known as sarcopenia.
Muscle loss could begin in our 30s.
september 2016
Brain Over Binge
Trying hard to re-train my brain.
august 2016
m16 zeroing target
Paper target for zeroing an m16
july 2016
Summer Squash Bread Recipe
I've tried this, it's excellent!
july 2016
Shooting Around Barricades
Competitive Shooting Tips with Doug Koenig
june 2016
How to make hardtack
Stored properly, it should last decades.
june 2016
US Mass Shootings
1982-2016: Data From Mother Jones' Investigation
june 2016
visualising data structures and algorithms through animation
june 2016
Words to use instead of very
Just trying to become better with my native language.
june 2016
About The Pink Pistols
Interesting group of gun-toting folks.
june 2016
Boring But Big
I use this program in conjunction with Wendler's 5/3/1
may 2016
Chuck Box
Want to build one of these for camping.
may 2016
A Hardcore Look At Wendler's 5/3/1
My preferred lifting routine. My body responds well to it.
may 2016
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