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All about Moteino | LowPowerLab
Moteino began as a low power wireless Arduino compatible development platform based on the popular ATmega328p chip used in the Arduino-UNO. There are now several Moteino development boards including MoteinoMEGA based on the Atmega1284P and MoteinoM0 based on the SAMD21G18 Cortex M0+.

For programming you will need an external FTDI-Adapter to load sketches, the advantages being lower cost, smaller size. The MoteinoUSB and MoteinoMEGA-USB variant includes the USB-serial converter.

Moteinos are compatible and can communicated with any other Arduino or development platform that uses the popular HopeRF RFM69 or LoRa transceivers, or even the older RFM12B. Moteino also comes with an optional SPI flash memory chip for wireless programming, or data logging.
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Comparison of 802.15.4 radio modules - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This table lists production ready-to-use modules only, not radio chips. A ready-to-use module is a complete system with MCU, transceiver, and antenna on a printed circuit board. While most of the modules in this list are ZigBee, ISA100.11a, or WirelessHART modules, some don't contain enough flash memory to implement a ZigBee stack and instead run plain 802.15.4 protocol, sometimes with a lighter wireless protocol on top.
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ETRX357 ZigBee™ Module - Telegesis | DigiKey
Telegesis' ETRX3 series is the third generation of advanced ZigBee modules from Telegesis and the first module family on the market to feature EM357 and EM351 - the latest ARM Cortex M-3 SOCs from Ember. ETRX3 series modules have footprints of just 19mm x 25mm for both standard and PA/LNA versions, which represents a 40 percent reduction in size compared to the ETRX2 module.

The ETRX3 series are low-power ZigBee modules, integrating a 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4 compliant transceiver with up to 192k of flash, 12k of RAM, and many advanced peripherals. ETRX3 series modules work from 2.1V to 3.6V power supplies with active power consumption reduced by over 20 percent compared to the ETRX2. In deep sleep mode, current consumption is reduced to 800nA and further reduced to 400na if the self wakeup feature is not enabled.
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