Leslie looks up with a smile that twists something up inside Ann, makes her think of the stupid website from earlier, remember the assignment: See what's really there.
author:fearlessfan  fandom:parksandrec  ship:ann/leslie  character:ann.perkins  character:leslie.knope  rec:highlyrecommended 
march 2012
VEILS; thank you, alcohol
“Leslieeee,” she whines, “Why did you have to make me do this? With Ann, who is stupid and the worst - you know I hate doing things. With people. That I hate.”
author:veils  fandom:parksandrec  ship:april/ann  character:ann.perkins  character:april.ludgate  character:leslie.knope 
march 2012
ISHIE; just like notting hill
Liz was trapped in Hell, that's all there was to it. An elevator had fallen on top of her at the office. Or Jenna ate her still-beating heart in some quest for eternal youth. Or her plane had dropped from the sky like a rock, straight into the icy embrace of the Atlantic. Whatever had happened, she was dead and this was Hell.
author:ishie  fandom:30.rock  ship:liz/wesley 
january 2012
ROCKINRYE; This One's Gonna Leave A Mark
She’d like to say that she’s forgotten about the girl, but she hasn’t. 
author:rockinrye  fandom:glee  ship:rachel/santana  genre:au 
december 2011
JUNIPERLANE; nothing stays together when you're making noise
They make enough money to get by, they have fans, they still have their artistic integrity mostly intact. But it’s so hard not to hope for something more. What’s worse is feeling like they deserve it.
warning:iwrotethis  author:juniperlane  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  ship:howard/bernadette  verse:bandverse  challenge:bbbb 
november 2011
JUNIPERLANE; This Is Not The End
Troy hasn’t seen so many disapproving looks since he attempted to start off his presentation on parent-teacher night with the theme song to Reading Rainbow, complete with tossing construction-paper butterflies into the air and everything. (He’s still not sure how that one went wrong. LeVar Burton is awesome.)
warning:iwrotethis  author:juniperlane  fandom:community  character:troy.barnes  character:annie.edison  challenge:yuletide.2010 
november 2011
MUIR_WOLF; & i'll find strength
She takes him to a gay bar.

Of course she takes him to a gay bar; there is no world in which she does not take him to a gay bar.
author:muir_wolf  fandom:big.bang.theory  character:penny  character:sheldon.cooper 
october 2011
THEMEMORIESFIRE; Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed
I’m not blind, Santana, and if you actually think that I don’t know that you’ve been looking since at least that pool party at Kurt’s, you’re underestimating me severely.
fandom:glee  ship:rachel/santana  character:santana.lopez  character:rachel.berry  character:sam.evans  character:brittany.pierce  character:quinn.fabray  character:noah.puckerman  rec:highlyrecommended 
september 2011
“I bet you’d like to cut him open,” Jim says, his breath warm against her ear. “I bet you’d like to see inside.”
author:rosa_acicularis  fandom:sherlock  character:molly.hooper  character:jim.moriarty  character:sherlock.holmes  rec:highlyrecommended 
september 2011
DOLLSOME; Last Man (?) In The World
“Jane Austen thought I’d fancy you.”

“Well, yeah. And what’s so wrong with that? You’re sharp, quick-witted, lively. Not unlike an Austen heroine, in fact. It’d only make sense that you’d fall for my sort. Me and Mr. Darcy, we’ve got a few things in common.”

“What’s that?” Donna demands, words popping indignantly off her tongue. “Emotional retardation? A raging superiority complex? Come to think it, yeah, I can see the resemblance. Only difference is, he’s the most charming man in the whole history of literature, and you’re a walking, talking twig with a couple of hearts and a spaceship.”
author:dollsome  fandom:doctor.who  character:ten  character:donna.noble  ship:ten/donna 
september 2011
ANON; Her Fearful Schappsnesses
"Yeah, I think she might have been going for Sheldon, but he has fantastic dodging reflexes, so... Amy was the weaker antelope. It's the way of nature, Leonard; she is red in tooth and claw."
fandom:big.bang.theory  character:sheldon.cooper  character:penny  character:howard.wolowitz  character:leonard.hofstadter 
december 2010
ANNAKOVSKY; To the Victor, The Spoil
Cinna nods, turning his glass slowly in his fingers. "Yes," he says. "I'm the master of the ultimately meaningless gesture."
fandom:hunger.games  ship:katniss/haymitch  genre:au  rec:highlyrecommended 
october 2010
ALLTHINGSHOLY; and the earth is a little bigger
He wonders sometimes if he should’ve stayed away, way back then. If he should’ve left her to her fossils and artifacts, parsing stories of the living from the remains of the dead. If he should’ve left her reconstructing the world, instead of cataloging all the ways it’s falling apart.
author:allthingsholy  fandom:bones  ship:booth/bones 
july 2010
ANON; Untitled [Penny/Bernadette]
Bernadette isn't hard or cold or precise when Penny backs her up against the bar an hour after close and presses their lips together. She's pliant against Penny, and warm, and the squeak she makes in the back of her throat when Penny slides her hands over Bernadette's fuller, rounder waist is more than a little uncertain.
fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/bernadette  ship:penny/sheldon  challenge:bbt.kinkmeme 
july 2010
CEREAL; Hooray for Our Side.
"It's OK -- we're friends. This can be normal. Here, hand me my pants." (Because that's a normal sentence for friends to say.)
author:cereal  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  genre:au  rec:highlyrecommended 
july 2010
ANNAKOVSKY; The Rapturous End
She suddenly doesn't know what to say, so goes with, "It'll all be okay."

He smiles a little. "I gave up on okay awhile ago, but we can dream."
author:annakovsky  fandom:buffy.the.vampire.slayer  genre:apocafic  ship:buffy/xander  character:buffy.summers  character:xander.harris 
july 2010
HUZZLEWHAT; Seeing Africa
Sometimes he wished that he could tell his own stories, and neatly cut those powerful girls out and instead tell a sweet story with a happy ending, but he never did, because that wasn’t what he was here for, and because that was simply too much fiction for him to carry with him.
author:huzzlewhat  fandom:buffy.the.vampire.slayer  genre:gen  character:xander.harris 
july 2010
"Elizabeth the Tenth," River Song says, "Was a lioness among her people."
author:montycrowley  fandom:doctor.who  ship:river/lizten  character:river.song  character:liz.ten 
july 2010
EHASU; These Strange Steps Trace Us Back
Santana covers her bark of laughter with a cough. “You know,” she says airily, “this has pretty much become the gayest summer in the history of Lima.”
author:ehasu  fandom:glee  ship:quinn/rachel 
may 2010
CRIMSONCLAD; Cut and Fucking Paste
"Hey, not about you! Exactly! Most of that is about...you know, the other you. Grandpa you. And it isn't me, anyway, it's the dead long lost me who was exactly like me in every way." Jim has a feeling his impassioned monologue is slightly lacking, based on Spock's nonplussed expression. "Look, the mindmeld thing is complicated, okay? So sure, we were all true love destiny and shit before Nero stuck his nose in. It doesn't matter now. I didn't want to bother you. No big deal!"
author:crimsonclad  fandom:stxi  ship:kirk/spock  character:jim.kirk  character:spock 
april 2010
SPARKY77; How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership
“The seat vibrates! And it reclines and spins. They wouldn’t have designed it that way if you weren’t supposed to think about having sex in it.”
author:sparky77  genre:gen  fandom:stxi  character:jim.kirk  character:bones.mccoy  character:spock  character:nyota.uhura  character:pavel.checkov 
april 2010
YAHTZEE; Of Two Worlds
And keep in mind one very important lesson, from an old-style drama of one of your homeworlds, a remarkably appealing one as such things go – there’s no place like home.
author:yahtzee  fandom:stxi  ship:spock/uhura  character:spock  character:nyota.uhura  character:q  genre:au 
april 2010
RHEANNA27; Lunch and Other Obscenities
"You—you—masticator!" Gaila shrieked, backing away in revulsion.

Which was how Nyota discovered that although Orion society had absolutely no taboos about sex, it had a lot of taboos about food and eating, and she'd just broken all of them.
author:rheanna27  fandom:stxi  ship:spock/uhura  character:spock  character:nyota.uhura  character:gaila 
april 2010
Spock took his first bite of waffles, chewed slowly, and swallowed. "The surface grid acts as containment for the syrup."
author:yahtzee  fandom:stxi  ship:spock/uhura  rec:highlyrecommended 
april 2010
AUDACIOUSLY; Hold Onto Nothing As Fast As You Can
"Most of the school thinks you and Finn are dating," Mercedes announces.
author:audaciously  fandom:glee  ship:kurt/finn 
april 2010
SALR323; Miscommunication
“Her manner of expression is overly emotional.” “Overly emotional?” Pike swallowed another mouthful of his drink. “Imprecise,” Spock said by way of explanation. “Almost… Romulan.”
author:salr323  fandom:stxi  ship:spock/uhura 
april 2010
BOONIES; Ten Steps to a Happier You
"—Mercedes and the other Asian," Mr. Schue announces, straddling one of the chairs and consulting the hat. "Again, that's not my name—"
fandom:glee  author:boonies  genre:gen  ship:kurt/finn 
april 2010
We all see the ads, though. They push Verity broadcasts hard. I wonder if it's just out of greed – they must make millions on them – or if there's more to it. Whether they use the Verities to remind everyone that there's no moment the Capitol can't see, own, and use.
author:yahtzee  fandom:hunger.games  ship:katniss/peeta 
april 2010
MUIR_WOLF; Maybe You Should Just Accept the Loss
“But I think…I think you like me beating you…I think you like Wesley Crusher outsmarting you, one-upping you… I bet you want Wesley to top you."
author:muir-wolf  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:sheldon/wil  rec:highlyrecommended 
april 2010
CEREAL; As the Games were Starting.
The backpedaling, oh god, the backpedaling. Raj is just making angry, muted noises (no booze at a teenage sleepover), but Howard -- Howard is in rare form. He calmly checks his strike count with Sheldon, but he's at two and the reset course now requires a physical education credit that no one's anxious to learn about.
fandom:big.bang.theory  author:cereal  ship:penny/sheldon  trope:spinthebottle 
april 2010
EVERYSECONDTUES; Chuck vs. Bowling, Drugs, and the Unexpected Romance
Tell him if he hurts you, I'll kick his ass. p.s. Please don't actually tell him that. He still scares the shit out of me.
fandom:chuck  author:everysecondtues  ship:chuck/casey  challenge:yuletide.2009 
march 2010
ISHIE; let's fell our withering tree
"I don't think it's from the buildings," Sheldon said. His voice sounded flat and dead, and it startled her so much she jammed on the brakes. Hysterical Sheldon she could handle. Blowing everything out of proportion, no problem. But defeated, lifeless, dead-sounding Sheldon threw shivers up and down her spine and an icy pressure into her stomach. "Sheldon?"
author:ishie  fandom:big.bang.theory  genre:gen  genre:apocafic  character:sheldon.cooper  character:penny  rec:highlyrecommended 
march 2010
ISHIE; I'll Shoot the Moon
Penny checked her reflection and pulled back her hair in one hand. A new elongated ring of teethmarks was just visible at the base of her neck, the skin unbroken but reddened and likely to bruise.
fandom:big.bang.theory  author:ishie  ship:penny/sheldon  trope:werewolves 
march 2010
YEATS; Kinda Busy
"I thought we said no stealing lines from classic cinema." Gaga snorted. "We're thieves, baby. That's what we do."
author:yeats  fandom:pop  ship:gaga/beyonce  genre:rpf 
march 2010
JERAKEEN; Take a Chance on Something (and Take It Tonight)
Megan is probably not the right person to have this discussion with. She’s a bit of a free spirit. She’s the kind of girl who had sex in the back of a truck on prom night. With a teacher. Named Mrs. Philips.
fandom:american.idol  ship:kris/adam  author:jerakeen  genre:rpf 
march 2010
YEATS; Nurse This Infection
"Okay." He exhales into the phone. "Just. Tell me what we need to do." "You and Kris need to have sex."
fandom:american.idol  ship:kris/adam  author:yeats  genre:rpf 
march 2010
RANDOMELIZA; A Miracle Off Ice, or, How John G. Weir Got His Groove Back
"Hilarious," Johnny says, deadpan. "I think I'd recognize Clay Aiken. Also, ew." "No, dumbass," Paris says. "The hot one. And – oh. Um."
fandom:american.idol  fandom:olympics  ship:adam/johnny  genre:rpf  rec:highlyrecommended  author:randomeliza 
march 2010
DAMALUR; Man-Shaped Being of the World
Penny shuts her own door and turns to the angel. "Seriously? You had to cockblock me with Leonard? What, are you jealous that I'll miss NBC's Monday night lineup?"
fandom:big.bang.theory  author:damalur  ship:penny/sheldon  genre:crack  trope:guardian.angel 
march 2010
BOONIES; The Punnett Square Venture
"Oh, my arrhythmia," Howard says, clutching his heart. Penny plops down next to him, hands curling against her lap. "Okay. So, that car crash actually killed me and this is hell."
fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  author:boonies 
february 2010
COLLABORATION; The Law of Universal Gravitation
This fic contains: explicit sexual situations, rampant infidelity, emotional fuckery, unhealthy romantic relationships, and the potential abuse of all forms of basic punctuation. Don't say you weren't warned.
fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  ship:leonard/penny  genre:au  author:montycrowley  author:juniperlane  author:dashakay  author:allthingsholy 
february 2010
THEXPUZZLER; rooftop singers
Stéphane felt like melting again and said, "I miss you." Because his brain and his mouth had formed an alliance he was clearly not invited to join. He felt his face heat up. Johnny's smile didn't dim. "And I missed your cookies, even though they make my waist twize the size it's supposed to be." He took out his keys. "Want to come in?"
fandom:olympics  author:thexpuzzler  ship:johnny/stephane  genre:rpf 
february 2010
JUNIPERLANE; Make a Record of My Heart
Even though they haven't been on the bus in months, Penny's always still slightly surprised every time she wakes up in an actual bed, a flat steady surface that doesn't shudder and lurch with every turn and pothole. She wakes up confused and with a decent head start into hangover territory, and somewhere there is a phone ringing. Her face is pressed against Sheldon's bare back, and she tries to wipe her hand across where she's drooled on him. It's best to avoid his lectures before she's even seen coffee, let alone ingested it.
author:juniperlane  warning:iwrotethis  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  genre:au  verse:bandverse 
february 2010
DAMALUR; the god of clockwork & strings
His brow creases. "I think," he says slowly, "that I don't believe in a universe so limited it has only enough room for one view of the cosmos." Never, never will he stop surprising her. "Yeah?" "Yes," he says. "Is it trivia time, or may I resume the episode?"
author:damalur  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  challenge:help_haiti  rec:highlyrecommended 
february 2010
BOONIES; The Groundhog Day Assimilation
On day five, however, Penny bursts into his apartment and mutters, "Coffee." He has prepared it for her today. He has found that she is far less violent when he breaks up with her if she has had caffeine. It is only logical, if not kind, that he ply her with coffee first.
author:boonies  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  rec:highlyrecommended 
february 2010
ANON; The Savage House Rules
"Don't be an asshole, Penny," says Imaginary Dan Savage. "He knows his own body. Look at that fucking body language. You're basically raping his face."
fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  challenge:paradox.kinkmeme  rec:highlyrecommended 
february 2010
ISHIE; warm gulf wind
She picks up her phone and goes inside, into the bathroom. She turns on the overhead light and studies her face in the mirror. She punches in a number on the phone without needing to look at the buttons. It's a number she's never forgotten, one she's wanted to call a thousand times. She can barely hear the ringing on the other end. Her heart mimics the roar of the waves only a few dozen feet outside the doors, thrums in her ears and throat. She feels the wind shift again.
author:ishie  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  ship:penny/acting.career  rec:highlyrecommended 
february 2010
DOLLSOME; Heart Knows Calm
They shack up together, him and Juliet, and soon he memorizes the way her footsteps sound against the floor.
author:dollsome  fandom:lost  ship:sawyer/juliet  character:sawyer  character:james.ford  character:juliet.burke 
february 2010
ZAUBERER_SIRIN: four times Michael buys Holly lunch (and one time she buys him dinner)
`I just drove all the way from New York,´ Michael says, high-pitched and with muffled laughter, like he can hardly believe what he's just done.
author:zauberer_sirin  fandom:the.office.us  ship:michael/holly  character:michael.scott  character:holly.flax 
february 2010
ZAUBERER_SIRIN; Five Times Pam Wanted to Kiss Michael (And Not in the "You're a Great Boss" Way, No)
But most of the time he says nothing, just looks at it, like he is not really seeing the painting at all but something else, and he looks at Pam sideways and not quite smiles but beams. When that happens Pam hates Michael a bit and feels infinitely sad because he seems to have more faith in her than she does.
author:zauberer_sirin  fandom:the.office.us  ship:pam/michael  character:pam.beesly  character:michael.scott 
february 2010
SAM_STORYTELLER; Trying to Communicate
author:sam_storyteller  fandom:torchwood  genre:crack  genre:gen 
february 2010
DASHAKAY; Crossing the Line
"Did you just cross the line?" he asked. His voice sounded like it had gone up an octave. "How would I know? I can't exactly see the line." She inched a little bit more.
author:dashakay  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  character:leonard.hofstadter  challenge:help_haiti 
february 2010
DASHAKAY; There Was a Child Went Forth
There seems to be a party going on in her birthing room, even though no one bothered to invite her. The guys are eating Mongolian beef and kung pao chicken while she enjoys a sumptuous dinner of ice chips and red Jell-O. The smell of their food is making her a little nauseated although she can hardly begrudge Sheldon a little dinner.
author:dashakay  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  verse:drivinglessons  rec:highlyrecommended 
february 2010
DASHAKAY; Get This Show on the Road
"I'm more than a bit concerned that you've turned into some sort of succubus," he said once, after they'd collapsed together, flushed and sweaty. "You're trying to steal my life energy, aren't you?"
author:dashakay  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  verse:drivinglessons 
february 2010
SLYBRUNETTE; the hokum hierarchy determinator
But no, when she says she woke up she means that she got out of bed that morning, discovered that she was out of coffee, walked across the hall into the boys’ apartment (which, by this point, was really singular, but more on that later) without knocking, and only went as far as the counter before Sheldon was handing her the coffee without a word. Then she walked out and back into her apartment.
author:slybrunette  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon 
february 2010
PODFIC; The Dress Code Is Invasion Casual
People will probably say that a Nebraskan Admiralty should hang below Presidency of the Earth. People, as far as Penny is concerned, can suck it.
author:damalur  reader:juniperlane  fandom:big.bang.theory  genre:podfic  warning:ireadthis 
february 2010
PODFIC; Those Who Favor Fire
That's it. That's the way out of this; he'll walk the worlds like a human does, a thin clear vessel with a narrow thread of heartbeat, one thought in front of another, one life in front of another, and then -
author:montycrowley  reader:juniperlane  fandom:doctor.who  fandom:harry.potter  genre:podfic  warning:ireadthis 
february 2010
PODFIC; A Quick Dose of Madness Before The Party Starts
"Hello! According to social convention, if you do not provide us with candy, we will vandalize your home!"
author:montycrowley  reader:juniperlane  fandom:big.bang.theory  genre:podfic  challenge:help_haiti  warning:ireadthis 
february 2010
PODFIC; Moonpie and Meemaw
Meemaw came through the front door Velociraptor-first. "Oh holy shit!" said Penny.
author:damalur  reader:juniperlane  fandom:big.bang.theory  genre:podfic  warning:ireadthis  challenge:help_haiti 
february 2010
PODFIC; The Comic-Con Costume Conception Caper
Holy fucking shit. Sheldon must be absolutely dying she thinks, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet. Leonard Nimoy is hugging Sheldon. He'll be insufferable for the rest of his life. And deservedly so.
author:dashakay  reader:juniperlane  fandom:big.bang.theory  genre:podfic  warning:ireadthis  challenge:help_haiti 
february 2010
PODFIC; Normal as Blueberry Pie
Sheldon takes the cowboy hat off and hands it to her. "So help me, Penny, if you show that picture to anyone, you're dead." She's already sent it to Leonard, Raj and Howard. Four bars of coverage, even out here in Bumfuck Egypt. Technology is beautiful.
author:dashakay  reader:juniperlane  fandom:big.bang.theory  genre:podfic  warning:ireadthis 
february 2010
PODFIC; Every Chorus Was Your Name
She wishes she’d thought to turn and look at him, wishes she could’ve seen him in this moment, with his face so bright and his heart so close to the surface. She’s pretty sure he doesn’t look like that when he plays Chopin, and understands a little better why he walked away from the conservatories and the concert halls. She might’ve thought it weakness once, or a flaw of character, but she knows now that it was desire, and determination, and courage. Walking away from what had been handed to him, choosing to work at something instead. She’s never thought him brave before, but she’s learned better now.
author:allthingsholy  reader:juniperlane  fandom:big.bang.theory  genre:podfic  warning:ireadthis  challenge:help_haiti 
february 2010
DAMALUR; the dress code is invasion casual
People will probably say that a Nebraskan Admiralty should hang below Presidency of the Earth. People, as far as Penny is concerned, can suck it.
author:damalur  fandom:big.bang.theory  fandom:doctor.who  ship:penny/nebraska.admiral  genre:crossover  character:penny  rec:highlyrecommended  challenge:help_haiti 
january 2010
DASHAKAY; Normal as Blueberry Pie
Sheldon takes the cowboy hat off and hands it to her. "So help me, Penny, if you show that picture to anyone, you're dead." She's already sent it to Leonard, Raj and Howard. Four bars of coverage, even out here in Bumfuck Egypt. Technology is beautiful.
author:dashakay  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  rec:highlyrecommended  challenge:help_haiti 
january 2010
ALLTHINGSHOLY; my love like a voice
It starts in Pasadena, after their flight from Kansas City and a layover from hell, when he backs her up against the wall at Stuart’s store before they’ve even finished unpacking all their gear, with all the guys oblivious just around the corner and Penny’s heart beating madly in her chest. Things go fairly quickly after that.
author:allthingsholy  fandom:big.bang.theory  ship:penny/sheldon  verse:bandverse  genre:au  rec:highlyrecommended  challenge:help_haiti 
january 2010
OXONIESIS; her body a bell
That's the thing about Slayers – so many things are easy for them, way too easy, sometimes it's just fun to make things harder.
author:oxoniesis  fandom:btvs  ship:buffy/faith  character:buffy.summers  character:faith.lehane  challenge:pornbattleIX 
january 2010
DOLLSOME; wrap my arms around him & pretend
She can tell he’s startled. He looks at her as though he can’t quite recognize her. She could laugh. This man is programmed to love her, he exists to be wild about her, and even he is looking at her like that. What truly magnificent heights she’s reached.
author:dollsome  fandom:dollhouse  ship:adelle/roger  character:adelle.dewitt  character:victor 
january 2010
CEREAL; nothing to say but the things i know.
Spooning with Jeff Winger. It's not that she all of the sudden believes in God, it's just -- clearly someone is fucking with her.
author:cereal  fandom:community  ship:jeff/britta  character:jeff.winger  character:britta.perry  challenge:help_haiti 
january 2010
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