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MacBook Pro Retina Wedge Lock
Noticed how the MBP Retina does not have a conventional security slot? This pricey option seems like the best choice in this case..
macbookpro  security 
july 2013 by betobeto
Why Apple Are In No Hurry To Build A New Mac Pro - Pro Tools Tips, Tricks & More... - Pro Tools Expert Blog
Is Apple still relevant for creative professionals as it once was? Not so much, if these graphics are any indication.
apple  macbookpro  computers  trends 
april 2013 by betobeto
Fix MacBook Pro 2010 Crashes, Kernel Panics, & Black Screens in OS X 10.7 Lion
This fix (delete Windowsserver files as described) seems to have worked for me to fix a nasty kernel panic attack. This should be routine maintenance specially since switching a lot of external monitors.
macbookpro  osx  apple  fixes  kernelpanic 
may 2012 by betobeto
AppleInsider | Mac Pricing Matrix: Find the best prices on Macs
Get that Mac you want for the lowest price. Compare prices among Apple and other US retailers.
apple  shopping  comparison  macbook  macbookpro 
april 2010 by betobeto

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