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Stimulus - AstronautSquid - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
I see your "they have amazing reunion sex immediately" and raise you one "they're traumatised middle-aged men who have undergone imprisonment, war and abuse for a decade and likely haven't had (good) sex in ten years, how about they need to slow right the fuck down and deal with feelings and sad dicks first." (Nothing wrong with the former, awkward feelsy sex is just much more my style lol.)
fic  FANDOM:Black_Sails  SHIP:Flint/Thomas 
april 2018 by bessluck
The Peaceable Kingdom - kvikindi - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
whole series is great. they turn the prison/farm into a commune, which is so great. I love the way Thomas is written in the first bit, the density of the allusions, his intelligence and what his experiences have done to him.
fic  FANDOM:Black_Sails  SHIP:Flint/Thomas 
october 2017 by bessluck

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