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Series: Pretty Gentleman
First rule of action movie logic; check the body. Because if you don’t check the body to make sure they’re really dead, then the rules of movie logic says you deserve the knife that ends up in your back when you turn around. A villain who was a little less squeamish of blood would have known that.

Valentine doesn’t check the body, and Harry lives. This, perhaps unsurprisingly, creates a whole new set of problems for Eggsy, whose got a few…ungentleman-like urges when it comes to his mentor. Or, the one where Eggsy doesn’t get to watch Pretty Woman until after he realizes he’s living it. Harry/Eggsy, Movie Fix-it.

(first one is 3/5 or 4/5, but then it's all PWP and I get bored of that so...)
fandom:kingsman  character:harry_hart  character:eggsy_unwin  pairing:harry/eggsy  genres:au  rating:2/5  length:15-20k 
march 2015 by bernards_books

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