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I'm clean out of air in my lungs
Ryan and Shane have been moving around something that is coming to a head between them. After a car accident, on the way to an investigation, Ryan slowly starts to become suspicious that Shane might not be what he seems. He realizes, though, that he just might not care. (Demon!Shane fic)
fandom:buzzfeed_unsolved  genres:au  character:shane_madej  character:ryan_bergara  pairing:ryan/shane  length:15-20k 
june 2019 by bernards_books
lonely houses off the road
Barnes is now glaring at him for some reason. It's somewhat terrifying but also, oddly, a little reassuring— because that's emotion right there, which means there's still somebody behind those eyes. Somebody who seems to think Sam is being a bit slow on the uptake. "Time parameters exceeded. Mission failed."

"Wait." Sam narrows his eyes. "Is this some kind of... report? Debriefing?"

"Mission report," confirms Barnes, looking pleased. Well, looking slightly less murderous than before.

In which various people deal with things they never signed up for, but at the end of the day no one's particularly surprised.
fandom:mcu  fandom:captain_america  character:james_buchanan_barnes  character:sam_'falcon'_wilson  characters:the_avengers  length:15-20k  rating:4/5  pairing:steve/bucky 
march 2015 by bernards_books
Series: Pretty Gentleman
First rule of action movie logic; check the body. Because if you don’t check the body to make sure they’re really dead, then the rules of movie logic says you deserve the knife that ends up in your back when you turn around. A villain who was a little less squeamish of blood would have known that.

Valentine doesn’t check the body, and Harry lives. This, perhaps unsurprisingly, creates a whole new set of problems for Eggsy, whose got a few…ungentleman-like urges when it comes to his mentor. Or, the one where Eggsy doesn’t get to watch Pretty Woman until after he realizes he’s living it. Harry/Eggsy, Movie Fix-it.

(first one is 3/5 or 4/5, but then it's all PWP and I get bored of that so...)
fandom:kingsman  character:harry_hart  character:eggsy_unwin  pairing:harry/eggsy  genres:au  rating:2/5  length:15-20k 
march 2015 by bernards_books
The High School After High School - Neigedens - Community [Archive of Our Own]
Troy had disappeared. He's already been gone one day, and he has nine school days left before Greendale's attendance policies (which are, as Jeff Winger has always called them, positively high schoolian) catch up with him. Abed isn't so worried about that; he's got bigger thoughts on his mind than just truancy. Abed's almost positive that Troy's been kidnapped, but the first hurdle, of course, is always convincing others to see what's right in front of their eyes.
fandom:community  pairing:abed/troy  character:abed_nadir  character:troy_barnes  rating:pretty_decent  length:15-20k 
july 2014 by bernards_books
Beauty (nonsignificant) - Helicidae - Sherlock (TV), Beauty and the Beast - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Sherlock doesn't particularly mind having to stay in the house of a cursed monster. It was, after all, painfully dull back in his village, and this Beast is so very interesting.

John's only wondering which deity he offended so much - what with the shoulder, the curse, and now this maddening, insane man he's meant to fall in love with. Beauty and the Beast crossover.
fandom:sherlock(bbc)  character:sherlock_holmes  character:watson  genres:au  genre:crossover  fandom:beauty_and_the_beast  status:incomplete  rating:pretty_decent  length:15-20k 
july 2014 by bernards_books
Three Kinds of Learning - luchia - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik intends to recruit Raven's supposedly amazing, all-powerful older brother. Instead, he finds himself dealing with Charles Xavier, a weak, tweed-addled professor who seems to think powers don't matter nearly as much as personality. Erik's misconceptions are blown apart when Raven goes missing.
fandom:x-men:first_class  character:erik(magneto)  character:charles_xavier  character:raven(mystique)  pairing:erik/charles  rating:pretty_damn_good  genres:au  length:15-20k  rating:4/5  rating:5/5 
june 2014 by bernards_books
Pillars of Salt and Pillars of Sand - lls_mutant - Battlestar Galactica (2003), Firefly [Archive of Our Own]
When the Demetrius happens on a broken Serenity, they've got the parts to fix her. In return, Mal takes Kara Thrace and Felix Gaeta to Greenleaf to see this civilization. But Greenleaf isn't exactly Paradise, and when does anything ever go as planned?
fandom:bsg  fandom:firefly  genre:gen  genre:crossover  rating:pretty_decent  character:kara_thrace  character:felix_gaeta  character:malcolm_reynolds  length:15-20k  rating:2/5 
june 2014 by bernards_books
The Dresden Omens - shiplizard - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
In which a demon (who did not fall from grace so much as saunter vaguely downward) is sent to tempt a hero (who's reluctant at best) and has some trouble with the job. Spoilers through Book 9 of the Dresden Files (White Night) and absolutely all of Good Omens
fandom:dresden_files  fandom:good_omens  character:crowley  character:aziraphale  character:harry_dresden  character:johnny_marcone  pairing:dresden/marcone  pairing:aziraphael/crowley  genre:crossover  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
june 2014 by bernards_books
Some Assembly Required - manic_intent - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
For the kmeme: "Alex and Hank were two teenagers who frequently fight in school. One fight got so bad that the principal called in their fathers (as both came from single-parent families)/ guardians for a conference. This was how Charles and Erik meet."
fandom:x-men:first_class  character:erik(magneto)  character:charles_xavier  character:hank(beast)  character:alex(havok)  pairing:erik/charles  genres:au  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
june 2014 by bernards_books
You've Begun to Feel Like Home

The one with the daemons.


Sometimes it takes a while to find where you belong in life, to figure out that the world isn't as black and white as you've always been taught it is.
fandom:hannibal  character:will_graham  character:hannibal_lecter  pairing:hannibal/will  genres:au  fandom:his_dark_materials  genre:crossover  rating:pretty_decent  length:15-20k  rating:2/5 
february 2014 by bernards_books
Universal Constants - The_Bookkeeper - Criminal Minds, Doctor Who [Archive of Our Own]
The BAU is asked to consult for UNIT, and its members find themselves working with a man whom even they have difficulty reading. Incredulity, distrust, and an excess of over-enthusiastic geniuses ensue.
fandom:doctor_who  fandom:criminal_minds  character:tenth_doctor  genre:gen  genre:crossover  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
october 2013 by bernards_books
The Migratory Habits of Seekers & Other Birds of Prey
One choice, one mad, desperate choice and everything I loved was gone. I'd known it would be the moment I said yes.
character:harry_potter  character:viktor_krum  fandom:harry_potter  rating:amazing  pairing:harry/viktor  length:15-20k  rating:5/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
Magical Malady
House is in England for a conference when he is suddenly struck down by something with no mundane explanation. Will Snape and his band of ducklings manage to uncover the secret behind House's illness before House uncovers their own?
fandom:harry_potter  fandom:house_md  genre:crossover  genre:gen  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
Moths on the Mirror
(Dean/OMC and Dean/Sam, 18978 words, nc-17, extremely dubious consent but not between Sam and Dean)
There's something wrong in Red Haven Hospital for the Criminally Insane, but no one's going to listen to a psychopath like Dean Winchester.
pairing:sam/dean  fandom:SPN  sub-genre:case!fic  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  character:omc(s)  pairing:dean/omc  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  warnings:non-con  warnings:incest  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
Turning in to the Wind
Warnings: Un-beta'd. Demon!Dean and Antichrist!Sam. Mentions of nasty torture. Mentions of the Dreaded Het (Sam/Ruby). No spoilers for S5.

Notes: This is set directly after the season-4 finale. I actually recommend watching the last scene again. Because this directly references the last scene, and also because that scene is AWESOME and worth watching a million times. *coughs* There are no outright spoilers for season 5, and does not refer to the S5 mytharc, but there are some elements of characterisation (you'll see) which I can't claim are totally un-influenced by S5. I'm very excited about this and hope people enjoy! (Un-beta'd, so feel free to point out any mistakes, and I welcome concrit, should you feel the urge.)
fandom:SPN  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  pairing:sam/dean  genres:au  sub-genre:evil!sam  sub-genre:evil!dean  rating:pretty_damn_good  length:15-20k  warnings:incest  sub-genre:apocalypse!fic  rating:4/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
omphalos: Fic: Heart of Glass - post the first
Summary: He's the one who was punished, severely, for his feelings for Dean, but who still gave up everything for him in the end. Surely there should exist between them a better level of comprehension than this. He wants -- no, he needs -- to understand Dean.
fandom:SPN  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  character:castiel  character:crowley(spn)  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  pairing:dean/castiel  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
jlupinfic: FIC: Second Childhood, Dean/Castiel, Part Two
Summary: "Dude, I can't do this whole thing by myself," Dean said with far more desperation leaking into his tone than he liked. It would just be too much to make it through hell and death and Lucifer only to have Castiel bail on him because of a frigging baby.
fandom:SPN  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  character:ensemble  character:bobby_singer  pairing:dean/castiel  genre:gen  genre:kid!fic  rating:well_worth_reading  genre:fluff  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
and you expected miracles. - fic: sing me sweet (j2, adult.)
Summary: So, not only is Jared forced to move in the middle of senior year, he has to join choir too? Maybe it won’t be so bad, not if the hot boy who sings all the solos has anything to say about it.
genre:rpf  character:jared_padaleki  character:jensen_ackles  pairing:jensen/jared  genres:au  genre:highschool!au  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
ctheb_fic: [SPN] Gotta Catch 'Em All
Summary: Uh. A Supernatural/Pokémon crossover. No, I'm totally serious, I freaking wrote one. Sam and Dean discover their very first Pokémon, and then Sam fights a Mewtwo, and it's probably some of the lightest Wincest ever.
fandom:SPN  fandom:pokemon  genre:crossover  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  pairing:sam/dean  warnings:incest  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
deancastiel: [FIC] Only Fools Rush In (for kitty_alex)
Notes/Prompt(s): Dean does something and in angelic tradition that means he's become Castiel's fiancé. Dean doesn't know if he wants to get married, but he doesn't want to let Castiel down either. Betaed by the glorious [redacted] and my buddy [redacted]. Thanks guys! You are infinitely made of teh awesome.

Summary: Cas lets his feelings run away with him, Gabe is a total dick, Sam is concerned, and Dean has to make a choice.
fandom:SPN  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  character:castiel  character:gabriel  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  pairing:dean/castiel  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
hd_holidays: Happy H/D Holidays, dragonfly_lily! 1/2
Summary: A traumatised war hero and a convicted criminal under the roof of an eccentric journalist make for a rather odd ensemble, but Luna has never had a problem with oddities as long as they make sense.
pairing:harry/draco  fandom:harry_potter  character:harry_potter  character:draco_malfoy  character:luna_lovegood  character:ensemble  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  genres:au  sub-genre:after_the_war  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
Images of Broken Light - amaresu - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Dean may have been brought back from Hell, but Hell followed after him. Faced with losing Sam to Ruby and surrounded by lies, Dean finds the only one telling him the truth is the demon that destroyed him. Slowly Dean finds himself being sucked back into Alistair's embrace.
fandom:SPN  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  character:ruby  character:alastair  pairing:dean/alastiar  pairing:sam/ruby  rating:well_worth_reading  genres:au  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
longsufferingly: Jensen's grandfather dies on a rainy aft
Summary: After his grandfather, the baronet, dies, Jensen goes to the exclusive Mycroft Academy to learn how to be a good nobleman. He does his best to avoid the politics and backstabbing, but it turns out he's got something bigger in store for him.
genre:rpf  character:jensen_ackles  character:jared_padaleki  pairing:jensen/jared  rating:well_worth_reading  genre:fusion  genres:au  character:ensemble  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
Scarlet Chapter 1, a Supernatural fanfic - FanFiction.Net
It's a new kidnap with a new kind of plan. Sam wants an accomplice of his own and is unwilling to trust finding the right kind of demon. So with 'human' as a prerequisite, the boys are forced to get creative. Serial killer AU, sequel to Angelface.
pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:sam/ruby  genres:au  fandom:startrek  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  character:castiel  character:ruby  rating:well_worth_reading  sub-genre:evil!sam  sub-genre:evil!dean  sub-genre:evil!castiel  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
Clameron - for your Cameron/Clegg shipping needs - Fic: A Principled Affair (Regency AU) [1/2]
Summary: Regency AU. It's 1811, and Mr Nick Clegg is determined to fight for the abolition of slavery and Parliamentary reform; he takes it upon himself persuade Lord David Cameron, noted Tory, Corinthian and leader of fashion, to support his various causes. Their unlikely alliance draws comment from friend and foe alike. But Lord Cameron may have plans of his own...
fandom:uk_politics  character:david_cameron  character:nick_clegg  character:ensemble  rating:pretty_damn_good  genres:au  genre:regency_setting  pairing:clegg/cameron  length:15-20k  rating:4/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
sherlockbbc: Fic: 'A Mile in His Shoes', 1/2, Sherlock/John, NC17
Written for this prompt at [info]sherlockbbc_fic: Okay, so the bit in 1x02 where John is mistaken for Sherlock made me long for a John/Sherlock bodyswap. Unanon, because I'm lazy, mostly.
fandom:sherlock(bbc)  character:ensemble  character:sherlock_holmes  character:watson  pairing:holmes/watson  rating:well_worth_reading  genre:bodyswap  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
Inception; even if this hall collapses
Some time after the inception, Eames finds out that Browning has taken a dream hit out on Robert to prevent the dismantling of his corporate empire--to basically get an extractor to extract so much that all of the company's secrets are revealed, and in the process Robert is left brain dead. Eames informs Cobb, who freaks out. Cue an extractor vs. extractor war in Robert's head, with Cobb as Robert's white knight.
fandom:inception  character:dom_cobb  character:robert_fischer  pairing:cobb/fischer  character:eames  character:arthur  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
The Distance of the Setting Sun
Summary: With the apocalypse off the table and Sam returned from the pit, Team Free Will finds themselves at loose ends. When Sam suggests they take a holiday, Dean expects many things. Wearing flip-flops isn’t one of them.
AU: Set after 5.22, taking a different bend in the road than season six.
fandom:spn  pairing:dean/castiel  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  character:castiel  rating:well_worth_reading  genres:au  length:15-20k  has:character  has:fandom  has:genres  has:length  has:pairing  has:rating  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
The Pendragon Job
Description: This began when someone said, "I wish there were more heist fics in the Inception fandom." It started as a jewelry heist and turned, instead, into The One Where the Team Incepts King Arthur.
genre:crossover  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  character:merlin  character:arthur  character:arthur_pendragon  character:eames  character:ensemble  genres:au  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
Dark Side Cookies - Fic: Sour Cherry Pie Life Masterpost
Summary:Dean has retired to the civilian life. Too bad no one told the serial killer currently stalking teenagers in Indiana.
fandom:spn  fandom:criminal_minds  character:ensemble  genre:crossover  genre:gen  character:dean_winchester  rating:pretty_decent  length:15-20k 
september 2011 by bernards_books
Any Measure of Peace
Summary: Written for the prompt: "AU in which there was no beach divorce. Charles has been throwing himself at Erik, but Erik refuses to give in to his desires. Something about not wanting to sully Charles' happy life with his darkness. He's done some things, you see. Some very bad things. Charles, however, is nothing if not persistent. So he seduces Erik with everything he's got. Erik suffers an epic case of blue balls."

A/N: Or: an AU where USA and Russia do not suddenly have a collective case of stupid by firing missiles at people who can lift submarines out of the water. People who know my work would also know that I ramble like hell in advance before I actually get to the prompt proper, so I hope OP likes this anyway.
fandom:x-men:first_class  character:ensemble  character:erik(magneto)  character:charles_xavier  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  fandom:wolverine(film)  character:wolverine  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
What You See Is what You Get
Summary: “Mark’s vaguely amused as he watches Eduardo nest. That’s what it has to be. Mark’s seen bears less maternal than this guy.” Mark and Eduardo adopt a litter of orphaned kittens. Angst and pseudo domestication ensues.
pairing:mark/eduardo  fandom:the_social_network  character:mark_zuckerberg  character:eduardo  rating:pretty_damn_good  length:15-20k  genre:fluff  rating:4/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
Good Men

After the return of Superman, he and Gotham's new vigilante get to know one another. Written as if I lived in the moviefusion-verse and were writing superhero RPF. Because I so would.
fandom:batman  fandom:superman  genre:crossover  genre:meta  genres:au  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
Don't Turn Me Home Again
Summary: After a rough day of island living, Danny wakes up in New Jersey and learns the hard way to be careful what he wishes for.
pairing:steve/danny  fandom:hawaii_5-0  character:steve_mcgarrett  character:danny_williams  length:15-20k  rating:well_worth_reading  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
"Intemperance," a story from the secret journals of Doctor John H. Watson, intimate friend and long-time companion of the infamous Sherlock Holmes: A most curious and instructive report of the great man's improbable fecundation, gestation, and parturition.
fandom:sherlock_holmes  genres:au  genre:trans_issues  sub-genre:mpreg  character:sherlock_holmes  character:watson  character:mary_morstan  rating:pretty_damn_good  length:15-20k  rating:4/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
The Gay Is On - FIC: Monster (1/2, Sherlock BBC, 18,726 words)
Summary: “And just what is the plan, Sherlock?” John shouted. “Go to prison? You assaulted a police officer – no court won’t convict you.” He ran a hand over his face. “What could possibly be worth risking your freedom?”
fandom:sherlock(bbc)  character:lestrade  character:ensemble  character:sherlock_holmes  character:watson  pairing:holmes/watson  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
syllic wæs se sigebeam - je ne veux pas travailler 1/2
Arthur figures if Eames just finally gets what he wants--Arthur's undivided attention--he'll get bored and go away. He's proven spectacularly wrong.
fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  character:ensemble  character:arthur  character:eames  rating:well_worth_reading  length:15-20k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
wordstrings - The Death and Resurrection of the English Language, Part One
SUMMARY: Sherlock realizes that he and John speak different versions of English, and decides to solve the problem scientifically, with minimal success. Sherlock POV.
WARNINGS: aforementioned smut and language, sociopath!Sherlock (which means dark themes in this case), mild bloodplay (kissing a minor cut and mention of needles), war- and case-related violence (primarily offscreen).
fandom:sherlock(bbc)  rating:amazing  character:ensemble  character:sherlock_holmes  character:watson  pairing:holmes/watson  length:15-20k  rating:5/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books

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